World History Honors Rules and Grading Guidelines

Mr. Exline

Rm 311

476-4973 ext3110


  1. Follow all rules in the student agenda.
  2. NO GUM.
  3. Be in your seat when the bell rings.
  4. Music devices are allowed only if no class activity is taking place (like when you have finished a test), and only if while listening you are doing other work or reading.
  5. Offer common courtesy and respect to everyone in the room.
  6. Any detention issued in this class is to be served according to school rules. If you can’t serve the detention (sports, job, etc.), don’t earn the detention.
  7. You must sign out properly when leaving the room. Failure to do so may result in loss of the privilege of leaving.

Grading Guidelines

  1. All grades will be figured on a point basis. At the end of each quarter I will divide points earned by the total points possible. This will provide a percent grade that will be converted to the standard MHS 4 point scale.
  2. Tests will be a combination of T/F, multiple choice, matching, and essay type questions. Tests will usually be worth 100 points. Any student who scores less than 70% on a test will be required to complete an extra credit assignment that will reinforce learning from the chapter. Acceptable completion of the assignment will be used to help offset the low test grade. This will be an optional assignment for everyone else in the class, and will be assignedprior to the test so it could be used as a review activity for the test.
  3. Quizzes will be unannounced and frequent. Each quiz will cover only any material assigned for that class period, and any class activity the previous class period. The purpose of this is to ensure completion of reading assignments and the review of recent class activity before each class. Quizzes will usually be worth 5 points.
  4. Most homework will consist of reading assignments. Students will be responsible for any material assigned, whether it is covered in class or not. I am available to help any student who would like help on reading strategies that will help them to succeed in this class. Occasionally there will be short written assignments or worksheets to be completed outside class time as well.
  5. In class assignments will be given as well. These will vary in format. Some will involve group work, some will be individual. They may be scored or unscored.
  6. During each semester each student will complete a research based project. Students may choose any appropriate topic related to World History, excluding those topics that are primarily US History, from the time period we will cover during the semester. For the 1st semester the topic must be primarily from the period before 1400 AD, for the second semester primarily after 1400 AD. Details on the project will be included in a separate handout. The project will be due at the end of the second week of the 2nd and 4th quarter. There will also be an earlier due date for this project, 2 weeks before the final due date. Papers turned in by this date will earn 5 bonus points for being turned in early, and students who meet the early deadline will have the opportunity to resubmit their project on the regular due date if they are unhappy with their grade. I will accept projects at any time before the due dates.
  7. Extra credit is available throughout the class on a regular basis. Each test and quiz has extra points built in. The chapter review assignment is available for each test. There is also a major extra credit assignment that can be done once each quarter. This assignment will be a research based paper. Successful completion of this assignment will result in a 5% increase in the quarter grade. It is the student’s responsibility to seek out this opportunity, and I reserve the right to not accept these assignments during the last week of the quarter.
  8. The semester exam will be worth 10% of the final grade.

Missed Class and Make-up Work

  1. If you missed class, you did miss something. See me during the next resource period to find out what you missed.
  2. Missed quizzes must be made up within 2 classes of the class missed.
  3. Missed tests must be made up at the earliest opportunty. Make-up tests will be entirely free response (no T/F or multiple choice questions). Be in class on test days.
  4. Missed tests and quizzes must be made up outside of class time.
  5. Missed assignments (due to absence) must be made up within a week of when they were due to earn full point value. I will not take assignments more than 2 weeks after the due date.
  6. Late assignments will be taken at a percentage of their point value. Anything turned in after I collect the assignment is considered late. There will be a 20% of point value deduction for assignments turned in by the beginning of the next class period. There will be a 50% deduction for assignments more than 1 class period late.
  7. Research papers are due on the due date or earlier. There are virtually no acceptable excuses for a late paper, including absence on the due date. A late paper will receive a maximum grade of 50%.

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