1. Wiccans emphasize

A) correct belief

B) conducting rituals “by the book”

C) pleasure

D) all of these

  1. The word “Thetan” in Scientology is closest in meaning to

A) God

B) redemptive grace

C) soul

D) near-death experience

  1. The pentagram or five-pointed star is a symbol of

A) Shinto

B) Baha’I

C) Scientology

D) Wicca

  1. Before being influenced by white Americans, the Seneca

A) worshipped only one god

B) based their religion on ancient scriptures

C) practiced polygamy with as many as ten wives

D)had a ritual based on people’s dreams

  1. Ahura Mazda is a god in

A) Zoroastrianism

B) Wicca

C) Shinto

D) Baha’I

  1. The religion Scientology was started by a

A) physicist

B) surgeon

C) fiction writer

D) television producer

  1. Today most Zoroastrians are called ______and live in ______.

A)Shi’ites /Iran

B)Bantu /Nigeria

C)C) Uigurs /China

D)D) Parsees /India

  1. In Shinto the kami are

A) gods and spirits

B) priests who heal people

C) the oldest scriptures

D) relics of the ancestors

  1. Many Zoroastrian rituals center around

A) animal sacrifice

B) fire

C) ecstatic music

D) snakes

  1. The religious tradition that includes a False Face Society is

A) Scientology

B) Baha’I

C) the Seneca

D) Zoroastrianism

  1. At a Wiccan handfasting (wedding)

A) the groom’s parents “give him away”

B) no food or drink is permitted

C) the couple choose how long to promise to stay together

D) all of these

  1. The religion whose headquarters is called the Universal House of Justice and teaches the unity of God, the unity of religion, and the unity of the human race—is

A) Scientology

B) Baha’i

C) Shinto

D) Zoroastrianism

  1. “An it harm none, do what you will” is a central moral principle of

A) Shinto

B) Zoroastrianism

C) Wicca

D) Baha’i

  1. In response to the Christian missionaries who were trying to convert the Seneca, Chief Red Jacket argued that

A) God had given different groups of people different religions

B) the Indians who had been Christianized were living miserable lives

C) many missionaries were ignorant and dishonest

D) all of these

  1. In Zoroastrianism, corpses are

A) buried at sea

B) cremated in a bamboo fire

C) preserved with oils and mercury

D) exposed to the weather

  1. At a Shinto shrine, the torii are the

A) priests

B) windows

C) gates

D) sacred books

  1. “The earth is but one country , and humankind its citizens,” wrote

A) L. Ron Hubbard

B) the Dalai Lama

C) Zoroaster

D) Baha Allah

  1. A major goal of Scientology is to

A) clear people of harmful traces of past experiences

B) teach people to forgive each other

C) bring people to full service of God

D) help people become one with ultimate reality through meditation

  1. Which of these is NOT a common belief of Wiccans?

A) The divine is both male and female.

B) After death, people are resurrected

C) Nature is a system of forces that balance each other

D) The divine is imminent in the world rather than outside it

  1. The tradition that venerates the sun goddess Amaterasu is

A) Zoroastrianism

B) the Seneca

C) Baha’I

D) Shinto