Wimbledon Park Residents’ Association

Minutes of Committee Meeting

Tuesday 13th October 2009

at St Austin’s Hall

7.30 pm

Committee PresentApologies

Iain Simpson (Chair & Minutes)

Michael Moore Ivan Scott

Helena Christy-ParkerBracey Parish

Nigel IsraelElaine Sandon

Cécile BridgensJudith Centofanti

Beate EberhardtCllr Tariq Ahmad

Ken BallCllr Oonagh Moulton

Paresh Modasia

Bernadette Hoste Mackowski

Antoni Mackowski

DeNica Fairman

Also present

Kathy Blackburn

Julie walker

Peter West (Cromwell Road)

  1. Minutes

The Minutes of the 8th September were subject to revision and will be tabled at the next meeting.

  1. Matters arising


  1. South London Waste Plan Consultation

Meeting on the 1st October attended by Emma Smyth, Project Manager (Kingston) and Tara Butler, Planning officer(Merton). In addition Nicolas Bricht from Havelock Road. Meeting considered useful by all who attended ( small attendance). Enabled those present to better understand the issues and thinking behind the consultation before submitting their comments.

  1. Merton’s Draft Core Strategy

There was not time or capacity to respond to this consultation. However Iain advised that the Wimbledon Society had given it close consideration and had submitted their response. Unfortunately their overall view was that the consultation documents had failed to meet the criteria which would be expected by the inspector.

  1. Wimbledon Park Hall

A constructive meeting with the Council took place on the 28th September, arranged by Tariq and Oonagh. Notes of the meeting were circulated to the committee and the Council on the 5th October and are attached to this minute. Cllr Diane Neil Mills indicated her agreement to the notes and that she would try to reply with answers to the queries raised by the 16th October.

  1. Christmas lights

Douglas Dallimer had indicated that the cost of replacing the street lights would be in the region of £3000 (10 x £300). He was going to go round the local businesses and see what monies he could raise from them.

  1. Veronica Sarkhel

Veronica had indicated he wish to act as Social Secretary for the WPRA. Everyone agreed this would be a good development and she was co-opted onto the committee. In addition she had indicated that she was going to organise some neighbourhood dinner evenings at Dalchini for residents living in the WPRA area. She would organise a fixed price meal and contribute £1 from each bill towards the lights.

  1. AGM 2009

Sir John Wheeler had apologised that he would not after all be able to join us at the AGM owing to a formal function he was required to attend.

  1. Newsletter

Iain indicated that the copy date for the next Newsletter was the 25th November. Any offers of contributed articles welcome. Kathy was proceeding with the advertising but in the current environment she was not hopeful of raising a substantial amount. The size of the newsletter would be geared to the advertising revenue and cost of printing.

  1. Website

Nothing to report. Judith was in touch with Clive.

  1. Wimbledon Park Village Business Group

Nothing further to report at present

  1. Wimbledon Park Club

Concerns were expressed about the application for a new license. Iain emphasised that it was up to those in the immediate surrounding area to write and object. The more the better to have the desired effect. The Police were also aware and concerned.

  1. The Fair 2010

No decision about the Fair next year has been made.

  1. Treasurer’s report

Andrew had indicated there was nothing unusual to report.

  1. Chairman’s Report

The Chairman had nothing additional to report

  1. AOB

No other business

Next meeting Tuesday 10th November