Needles USD

Administrative Regulation

Education Of Children Residing On Native American Lands

AR 6170.2


All applications for supplemental funding, together with the respective educational program plans and the appropriate evaluation of such, shall be accomplished in collaboration with the Native American parents/guardians according to federal regulations with Inter-Tribal Parent Committees.

The Superintendent in consultation with the Native American Education Committee shall appoint an administrator as coordinator of Native American education. The coordinator shall ensure that all applicable district, state and/or federal policies, procedures and/or regulations are implemented and annually reviewed or updated.

A Native American Education Committee shall be comprised of two representatives from each federally recognized tribe including respective Tribal Education Department Director.. This committee shall meet at least four times annually or as needed.

1. Prepare an annual report delivered each January to the district Governing Board concerning equal participation by Native American students and overall effectiveness of all programs funded with PL 81-874 monies.

2. In accord with this annual report, recommend changes to assure equal participation and to more effectively meet the needs of Native American children.

3. Discuss ways by which Native American parents/guardians can assist their children to maximize the individual benefits derived from district programs, for example newsletters and workshops.

4. Assess the impact of any educational program enhancements or reductions formulated by the district.

5. Accept input from interested parents/guardians, teachers, other staff members and/or tribal representatives.

6. Interface with district and tribal officials to assure maximum accuracy in PL 81-874 reporting.

7. Disseminate to tribal officials copies of the annual January Board Report, PL 81-874 application, and data gathered from program evaluations filed by the district with agencies at the county, district and federal level.

The Coordinator of Native American Education Committee shall interface with the district administration and the Native American Education Committee to assure the following:

1. Necessary data is available for the committee to complete its annual report.

2. Program evaluations filed by the district with county, state and federal agencies are discussed in general meetings.

3. PL 81-874 data is collected accurately and copies of the application are made available to Native American Education committee members who shall report back to their respective tribal councils.

4. Native American Education committee members are kept informed on annual development of the district budget and have relevant data to comment on budget impact on Native American students.

5. A current, up-to-date listing (including addresses and telephone numbers) of Native American students, those individuals serving as tribal leaders for each tribe, as well as those members of the Native American Education Committee. These lists will be provided annually by the Tribal Education Centers by the September meeting.

6. Accurate minutes of each meeting of the Native American Education Committee to include date, time, location of the meeting, names of those present, agenda items and any action taken.

All business of the Native American Education Committee will be reported to tribal officials and parents/guardians by Native American Education Committee members at each general meeting of Tribal Council and by reports in the tribal newsletter. These reports will include PL 81-874 application information, evaluations of programs assisted with 874 funds, and program plans for educational programs the district plans to initiate/eliminate.

Sufficient time and opportunity will be provided on council agendas for input from tribal officials and parents/guardians in response to these reports. Tribal representatives will report input to Native American Education Committee meetings. Summaries of these reports will be included in reports at regular meetings of Needles Unified School District Board.


approved: July 20, 2004Needles, California

revised: October 14, 2008

revised: September 14, 2010

revised:October 12, 2011

revised: October 22, 2013

revised: October 14, 2014

revised: October 13, 2015