Name: ______


Assignment: In a minimum of400 words (500 words level 1), create a dominant atmospheric impression of one specific place.


  • The title should include your place and atmospheric word in some form (At Home in Nana’s Kitchen). Do not use the atmospheric word or its synonyms in the description.
  • First or third person perspective is fine.
  • Use a consistent tense; I suggest present tense.
  • Place descriptions are described spatially. UsePlace Transitions to make description unified and coherent (above, alongside, beneath, beyond, farther along, in back, in front, nearby, on top of, to the left, to the right, under, upon…)
  • Feel free to describe or includethe people in the place, but emphasize, above all, the PLACE

Grading Criteria

--Focus and Content

  • Use imagery (sensory details) and vivid diction to recreate your place and its atmosphere. Be CONCRETE and SPECIFIC
  • Show don’t tell. The room smelled foul The room reeked of the dingy, unwashed socks and sweat-stained jerseys that were abandoned and forgotten in the rusty lockers.

---Strong, active verbs

  • You may use only TWO being verbs, and no more (am is are was were be been). Use action verbs:

The paint was dingyThe dingy paint peeled from the wall.

--Precise and creative word choice that reflects atmosphere

---Figurative language

Use five of types of figurative language (refer to your list). Remember that your figurative language should be original(not a cliché or common saying) and help create your atmospheric impression.

Level 1:Try to use figurative language thematically, extending what you have rather than devising new comparisons.


We will address specific mechanical issues that arise in descriptive pieces (fragments, tense switching, adjective punctuation)

(Staple order, top to bottom: Final draft, rough draft, peer review, brainstorm 1, brainstorm 2, rubric)

Name:______Place Description

Criteria: / Exceeds (A) / Meets (B) / Approaches (C) / Lacks (D)
Focus and Content
-One place, one clear atmospheric impression
-Concrete imagery and specific multisensory details.
-Sufficient length / Use of multiple specific details and multisensory imagery.
A single dominant atmospheric impression is strongly conveyed and the place is vivid and clear
20-19 / Clear picture of place and its atmospheric impression are conveyed through sufficient detail and imagery
18-16 / Atmospheric impression is not fully clear or place is not fully described. Ideas are general and not fully elaborated
15-13 / Description focuses on multiple places or conflicting atmospheric impressions.
-Word choice (especially strong verbs)
-Figurative language / Impressive word choice that is especially, vivid and precise; figurative language (3) is creative and appropriate and enhances the quality of your description.
20-19 / Many vivid and precise words and use of creative and appropriate figurative language.
18-16 / Some well chosen words and pieces of figurative language used, with room for improvement in originality or vividness.
15-13 / Word choice is bland or contradicts atmospheric impression; figurative language is missing or does not convey the atmosphere.
-punctuating adjectives
-consistent tense
-no fragments
-other basics / Clear writing with no errors in mechanics
10 / Generally clear writing with only one or two errors in mechanics:
9-8 / Awkward sentences or three or four errors:
7 / Unclear writing with many distracting errors

Final Draft Total:______/ 50 Writing Process Grade:______/ 20 (4 pts each)

____ Brainstorm 1 (list of places, 2 sentences each)

____ Brainstorm 2 (final brainstorm for chosen place)

____ Draft

____ Peer review

____ Reflection (below)

Explain how your description has changed since its original draft. What specifically did you work on or improve?

Which skills or techniques from this assignment do you want to keep in mind for future use: