Cheerleading FAQ

Who can tryout?

·  Any current 9th, 10th, or 11th graders

·  The tryouts are for next school year’s squad, so current 12th graders are not eligible.

When and where are tryouts?

·  November 16-18th, from 3:30-5:30 in C205 (the Dance Studio). If we don’t have enough room there, we may move to the Cafeteria or outside. You will learn kicks, jumps, cheers and dances for the first four days and be judged on the final day. It is recommended that you attend every day of tryouts, but it is not mandatory. If for some reason you must miss a day, you can learn the material from a friend. You must attend on the 18th. November 16-17 are workshop dates where you will learn the material for tryouts.

What do I need to bring to tryouts?

·  A copy of your transcripts (see your counselor)

·  A filled out emergency card

·  A completed application packet

What do I wear to tryouts?

·  Tennis shoes and exercise clothing (shorts, leggings or sweatpants and a t-shirt or tank top)

·  Current or former cheerleaders are NOT allowed to wear any cheerleading clothing

If I make the team, what are the requirements for being on the cheer squad?

·  Health Insurance (School insurance is available for purchase at a reasonable price). You do not need insurance for try-outs. Insurance can be purchased if you make the team.

·  Maintain academic eligibility (a 2.0 GPA without failing Advisory)

·  Note: If you get one bad report card you will remain on the cheer squad, but will not be able to perform until you raise your grades on the next report card

·  You must be able to attend practice Monday-Friday for the entire school year. You will practice over summer and winter breaks. You cannot participate in any other sports or activities for your first year.

What are the responsibilities of cheerleaders?

·  Daily practice afterschool until 5:30. Sometimes practice is longer if we are preparing for a performance.

·  Practice during summer and winter breaks

·  Weekly games during football and basketball season.

·  You are role models for the school, and must behave accordingly.

·  You are committed to the squad from for a year and a half. (The rest of this school year for practice and preparation, and the next school year for performing).

What is required at tryouts for girls?

·  You will learn jumps, kicks, cheers and a dance. Then you will perform these skills in front of the judges

·  Flexibility is also required, but splits are not. You must be able to do high kicks and good jumps, which require a certain amount of flexibility.

What is required at tryouts for guys who want to be a part of the cheer squad?

·  The same requirements as the girls

Do guys who just want to be lifters (and not cheerleaders) need to try-out?

·  No tryouts are required, but you need to speak to the coaches about other requirements.

What about stunts?

·  You will not be doing any stunting during tryouts.

·  If you make the squad, you will be assigned to a position. Very few girls are flyers, most are either bases or back-spots (lifting).

Is cheerleading dangerous?

·  Yes. We focus on safety to reduce the number of injuries. All cheerleaders will have bruises and probably minor sprains. We have had more serious injuries like more serious sprains, and even a couple broken bones. Like any sport, cheerleading involves risk of injury.

How many girls/guys are you looking for?

·  Varsity will probably have at least 20 and JV will have at least 12. The total number for both teams will be between 32-50. However, we do not have an exact number we are looking for. We are judging based on skill, not numbers.

What is the difference between JV and Varsity?

·  Varsity performs at Varsity games, pep rallies, and community events. Varsity may go to competition.

·  JV performs at JV games, most pep rallies, and some community events. JV may also perform at some Varsity games. JV may or may not go to competition

·  Students new to cheer at Arleta are only eligible to make JV, even if they have experience at other schools or All Star teams. This is so that they can learn all of the cheers and dances that we do at Arleta.

·  Current 11th graders will be eligible for JV.

How much does cheer cost?

·  The exact amount will depend on the uniform and equipment ordered, and how much fundraising we are able to do. It will probably be between $100-$600. This depends on what uniform is ordered, whether or not the student/parent decides to purchase the uniform (or check one out), and what optional items are ordered.

·  The money will be due in payments, spread out between January and May.