September 17, 2015

6:30 PM

Board Members:

Troy Colley-absent

Teneille Carpenter- present

Nicole Skeem- present

Lonnie Zeller-present

Sarah Kinney- present

Staff Members:

Mindy Geer

Dan Casler- Principal

Karl Ostheller – Secretary to the Board

Julie Rupe – Recording Secretary


Lonnie Zeller called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.


Nicole Skeem moved and Teneille Carpenterseconded a motion to approve the meeting minutes for the August 20, 2015 regular board meeting.

Motion carried unanimously.


Superintendent, Karl Ostheller, noted one additional item to the agenda- under tab 3 a resignation of classified staff.


No public comment noted


Superintendent Karl Ostheller updated the board on current topics and activities.

Start of School – The start of school has been a very positive experience for students and staff. Karl is working with staff to have a customer service approach to serving the students, other staff members and community.

Superintendent WALKS – Karl is involved in the ESD113 Professional Development for Superintendents. Several Superintendents from around the area are getting together to walk through different districts and provide feedback on their observations. This is a great opportunity to see what other districts are doing and help determine best practices for our district. McCleary will be one of the Districts that the Superintendents will be analyzing.

ESD113 Board Elections – Mr. Ostheller informed the board that there will be three open positions on the ESD113 board of directors. Our board will have the opportunity to vote on the positions.

WSSDA Conference- Karl wanted to check in with the board to make sure everyone had the opportunity to sign up to attend the WSSDA conference in November.



Nicole Skeem moved and Teneille Carpenterseconded a motion to adopt the revisions to the policy as noted below. Motion passed unanimously.

Old 6800 – Equipment/Fixed Assests – Recommend deleting this policy, it is included in Policy 6570.

New 6801 – Capital Assets/Theft Sensitive Assets – New Policy, Recommend adoption.

New 6810 – Energy Management and Conservation – Recommend revising old Policy 6810 Energy Management/Education to reflect changes in new policy.

New 6881 – Disposal of Surplus Equipment and/or Materials – Recommend revising old Policy 6881 to reflect changes in new policy.

Old 7251 – Disposal of Surplus Equipment and/or Materials – Recommend deleting policy, new Policy 6881 replaces it.

New 6882 – Sale of Real Property – Recommend revising old Policy 6882 to reflect the changes in new Policy 6882.

Old 6883 – Closure of Facilities – Recommend deleting this policy. At this point we only have one facility so the policy is not needed.

New 6890 – State Environmental Policy Act Compliance – Recommend revising old Policy 6890 to reflect the changes in the new policy.

New 6895 – Pesticide Notification, Posting and Record Keeping – This is a new policy for the Board’s consideration. We recommend adopting this policy to stay in compliance with State RCW’s.

Old 6515 – Integrated Pest Management – Recommend deleting this policy, it is replaced by 6895 in the WSSDA policy manual.


Certificated staffing

No items noted.

Classified Staffing

Teneille Carpenter moved and Sarah Kinney seconded a motion to accept the resignations of Heidi Olson- Educational Assistant, and the hiring of the following staff- Lacey Kendall- Head Cook, Wendy Doney- Assistant Cook, Sarah Shumate- Educational Assistant, Joan Odle- Head Volleyball coach, Jim Dunn- JV volleyball coach, Steve Patterson- Head Football Coach. The board also approved several guest classified employees. Motion passed unanimously


Principals Report

Principal Dan Casler updated the board on school programs and events.

  • August Inservice- We met as a full staff to discuss the ABC- Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments in regards to both our students and staff. This was a great opportunity for us to get together before school started to focus our work this year.
  • State Testing update- Mr. Casler provided the board with a summary of the SBAC and MSP testing scores from the spring tests.
  • Priority status update- We are working to implement steps in our action plan. Key areas of work are with ELA wonders implementation, Reading room, common math assessment using front row, increased distributed leadership without classified staffing, dedicated PBIS staffing and an increased emphasis on student and staff safety.
  • PBIS Family Night- the PBIS team is planning a family night- to help the parents connect the PBIS program at home as well. This is one way we are working to partner with families in a positive way.
  • Current enrollment is at 305 FTE.


The LDC is planning a service project on Septemeber 18th and 19th. They will be doing some landscaping the planning trees.


Our lead Driver, Iva Madison, was able to reduce our routes from 4 to 3 this year. We expect this to improve our efficiency rating with the state and reduce transportation costs. Karl will be doing some ride alongs to monitor the ride time for students.


No items noted


No items noted


Approval of Payroll and Bills

Nicole Skeem moved and Sarah Kinney seconded a motion to approve the following payroll and bills. Motion passed unanimously

Payroll warrants 56041-56044 for $5543.38 and 56045-56064 for $223,859.46

General fund – warrant numbers 56065-56116totaling $82,833.90

Financial Report- Business Manager, Julie Rupe provided the board with budget status reports and cash analysis forAugust 2015. The projected ending fund balance is above the board policy of 8% of expenditures. We planned for additional expenditures in August that will not take place for a few months. Julie will be working on the 2014-2015 year end financial statements and will provide them to the Board at the November meeting.


No executive session was needed.


There being no further business Nicole Skeem moved and Sarah Kinney seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 p.m. The motion carried unanimously.


Board Chairman Date


Board Secretary Date