Minutes of the Meeting

Monday 20th June 2016

People who were there today: no list

Apologies: Sharon Outhwaite, Heather Waterton, Health, Soo Finnemore, Peter Bromley

Mistakes/corrections/updates from the last minutes:

Matters arising:

LIG Finances as April 2016: £1369.13

PA’s: Jenny said that HCC has appointed someone to develop the social care side.

18th July conference cancelled (Alison Froude). Will rebook

SHIP which is the health side of the housing project should be working with HCC as one said Jenny.

There is a Facebook page for the Hampshire disability voice.

NHS England: Skills for Care tender out. Training and development work

Connect to Support is the new HCC website but would be good to be connected to the health one.

DBS checks: very difficult to get through to HCC currently. It is supposed to go through care managers now. Sam will check.

Hampshire LD Partnership Board website – James

James, Sharron, Flo and Andrea had a meeting about the website.

We need to write a new short statement for the Purple LIG. James/Flo/Sharron will do this.

We can also link the Connect to Support website.

Emma is working with a small group about the Connect to Support website.

Internal day services transformation and Safer Place scheme – Tracey Carus

Small community groups received about £5000 from grants to set up the Safer Place scheme. Tracey said that there was no more money but she will check again. In September, she will work with groups of people to (re)set the scheme as some parts of the County have none (ie: Bordon, Alton, Havant, Hayling Island), some others are working well and some others are not working so well.

Day service transformation: community based support would be a good idea to have a scheme. She met with Bernadette (scoping). Bernadette has also plenty of stickers and leaflets.

Dan Stoneman was the last project officer who worked on this.

Dementia friendly – safer practices: we need to pull this all together so there is one scheme that does the same thing and make it sustainable.

Transformation at the day service:

Fareham is at the beginning of it with Person centred reviews.

There is no community link.

Gosport will be in October/November with transformation set after Christmas.

Bernadette mentioned that Mr S Woodward (chief exec from Fareham) is keen to work with communities and has offered in the past free rent for community groups. There are plenty of buildings to be let in Fareham.

the Bobby scheme – Steve

(Part of the Blue Lamp trust)

Steve is a retired police officer who now fits equipment as per this scheme.

The scheme is there to protect vulnerable people and people over the age of 60 or people affected by burglaries. The service is free of charge for people who are eligible.

Reminder: please check once a week your fire alarm and you need a carbon monoxide detector if you have a gas fire or a wood burner. You should keep it 3 metres away from your boiler.

Please email Emma at

For further information

Partnership Board matters

Group 1:

Clear communication to parents/carers

Family and carers are key

Group 2:

More work needs to be done on annual health checks. Reminders to GPs via the CCG health bulletin.

Carers strategy and carers Partnership Board – Flo/Andrea to feed back to group

Group 3:

Our promises - Adult services and health will make sure (page 5/6)

We think this is happening. There is an agreement about times for parents with children at school. Some staff can be flexible with their hours.

Staff share information when it is OK to share. Connect2Support will help with this. Making sure the information is accessible could be better – there is not funding often to do this.

We don’t think teams are always as good at this as they could be. My Life My way gives everyone the chance to be involved in support planning so this will help.

Teams share information about what is available but some things aren’t available in some areas and this is getting better when teams tell commissioning about the gaps. It can be difficult finding information Sometimes groups have loads of information but we have not found the best way to share it. Connect2Support might help with this. GP’s don’t always know what is available.

Yes and No. sometimes they are. Teams have to work with carers. Teams get more compliments about good work than complaints. My Life My way will make this happen more.

We think we might miss out finding out what young carers think sometimes but we are getting better at checking if they are young carers supporting people.

We have got a LIG/Hants LD PB und the LD plan. People have visited Parliament, they have “meet the team” days and there are events for people to find out more and have a say. Cllr Fairhurst is our LDPB chair and can listen to carers and make things change.

Some people with LD are now looking after parents. They are not known to Adult services. It needs to be flagged up with surgeries too. there is more pressure now than ever before.

·  LD framework did not reflect personalisation (from 200 providers to 40). People have been offered direct payment instead. Family members are spending time to support people with learning disabilities.

·  We need clear information in particular assessment support, how to appeal and complain (flowchart of some sort please)

·  Carers and families should be put on a mailing list so that they know what is going on in their locality. Note: AIS does not allow to send emails out to everyone. Libraries and group can pass on information. Each LIG could set up their own email account and get feedback this way.

·  Carers need meaningful information

·  Charging policies and paying for care consultation: has everyone had a letter yet? consultations should be in easy read. Equal ops.

·  Lobby

·  Supportive communities: come to the LIG?

Information sharing

Singing for fun 9.30 am t o11.45 am – posters given

British Red Cross came to the Hub in Waterlooville. TV Solent was there.

Really good.

Summer programme is on line for GO-ld.

Ros will go on holiday and she said the play at Winchester Theatre was really good.

Sam mentioned the contact centre but it is not applying to this area yet.

Andrea will be leaving Hampshire on 25th August.

Jenny S. mentioned SHIP. Wickham is not suitable. Why?

In touch with Jenny Dixon. List of people in transition?. Sam will talk to Jenny D

Jenny said that the national director for people with ld was keen to talk about Claire’s story.

Sally reminded us to vote in the referendum.

She also said that she went to the carer’s strategy writing group. They did not know about the ld plan which was surprising (they do, said Flo).

Police roadshow coming in September in Netley. Watch the space!

Olympics GO-ld – Paralympics on 24th August in Winchester.

6 different events. £5 per head (T shirt and medal). See GO-ld for further information.

Next meeting: 18.7.2016 (none in August)

- 12.30 to 2.30 pm

We usually meet on the 3rd Monday of the month except in August.