INSTRUCTOR: Mike Langendorf ROOM: 550 Phone: 635-3839 ext. 5709


Seventh Grade Woods is a one semester electivecourse available at Sault AreaMiddle School. The objective of this class is to understand the necessary skills and techniques to design and produce a wood project(s).Students will learn the primary focus of any work shop is safety before they are introduced to hand tools and power tools. Classroom course work will introduce safety procedures, tools and machines, woodworking techniques, basic geometric shapes, and basic mechanical drafting. Shop activity will center on a project being completed while safely developing the skills and understanding of wood working processes. This will include the student being introduced to various tools and machines that are available for woodworking. In these processes students develop creativity, personal pride in their work, and an appreciation of fine craftsmanship. As students increase their skill level and technical knowledge they will develop habits of safety while learning what critical thinking is necessary to work in any shop environment.


Develop a lifelong personal attitude of safety when in a work shop environment.

Determine the different types of wood species and their common characteristics

Develop basic skills and techniques of wood working and how to apply to a given project

Understand importance of mathematical dimensions and measurements associated with a work shop

Evaluate the principle elements of drafting and design


Good attendance is very important; students with good attendance do better. Students with an excused absent are allowed 1 additional school day to make up in classassignments or quizzes. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for missed assignments on the day of their return. When there are no classroom assignments students will be given daily points for participating on the shop floor. A student who has an excused absence will be allowed to make up daily points. Students can make these points up with a shop related article summary, vocabulary definitions, or complete a shop related service project. There are no make up opportunities for un-excused absences. If a student is going to be on any extended absence and is requesting work assignments,

Please consult the student handbook for this procedure.


Any student that is not in the classroom and seated when the bell sounds may be marked tardy. Enforcement of this will begin following the explanation of posted classroom expectations.


  • Be respectful to others. This includes; Personal space, property and the right to listen, learn and work.
  • Respect all teacher’s and staff alike. This includes substitutes and any other guest in your presence.
  • Personal conduct to give honor and pride to not only yourself and your work, but also your school.

Safety is of the utmost importance and a primary focus within the shop. Students will learn shop safety rules and procedures requiring that they complete a safety test with 100% accuracy prior to entering the shop. Before any student will be allowed to operate a machine, they will also need satisfactory completion of an operators test and practical exercise upon that machine. If a student is seen to violating any safety rules, a warning will be given for the first offence. A second offence will result in a review of shop safety rules with the student, who will then need to retake the general safety test and may be assigned alternate work prior to re-entering the shop. A student who continues to violate safety rules will be referred to administration for consideration of removal from the course.


To help create an atmosphere of safetyand orderliness within the shop, allstudents are required to help keep the shop orderly and clean. Clean up assignments and job descriptions are given to all students on a weekly and rotating basis. These are posted for the entire marking period/semester.


Safety glasses are not an option and will be worn at all times. Failure to do so will result in immediate disciplinary action. Students that are assigned a pair of safety glasses to use for the semester are expected to

return them at the end of the course in good condition. If excessive damage occurs the student will be charged for the glasses.

a) Safety Glasses Supply Options:

Students have three supply options concerning safety glasses:

1)Students can check out a pair of glasses from the shop and check them back in at the end of the course, at no cost. If the glasses are damaged or scratched beyond safe use the student will be assessed a $3.00 fee. If the glasses are not turned back in, the student will be charged a $3.00 fee.

2)Students can buy a pair of glasses from the shop for $3.00 and then keep the glasses

3)Students can bring in a pair of their own certified safety glasses from home (clear or light tint lenses, no dark tint lenses because we are always in doors)

4)Prescription glasses options *

*Regular eyeglasses do not meet required safety standards and cannot be worn in the shop. Safety glasses in our shop will fit over most regular prescription glasses. Another option is to purchase prescription safety glasses from the eye doctor. Generally these glasses are less expensive than regular prescription glasses and are marked as acceptable certified safety glasses that can be worn in the shop room.

Grading Procedure

The following method will be used to calculate the students grades;

Assignments = 25%, Quizzes and tests =25% and achieving course objectives=50%

Only the assignments, quizzes and tests will be regularly input into Skyward as the course objectives are not weighed in until the end of the marking period.

  • Classroom Objectives: The ability to be safe on the shop floor, participate in hands on training activities, degree of focus and production on the project, and participating with the cleanup of the shop.

Electronic Devices

Not permitted under SAMS electronic policy and may be confiscated as such when visible. Please refer to Student Handbook for further information.

Shop Lockers

One shop locker and combination lock will be assigned totwo students to share. It is the responsibility of each pair of students to put their glasses and project parts in their lockers with the lock secured to the locker at the end of each class. If a lock is lost or broken, each student that has that lock assigned to them will be charged $4.00 each to replace the lock.