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Nuance EMEA Rewards Program
Guide for Partner Sales People
It pays to sell Nuance!

It’s great that you are interested in the Nuance’s EMEA Rewards Program! By following this simple guide you will ensure that Nuance safely receives your deal registrations and that you get your points allocated in a timely manner.

There are 3 components to the Nuance EMEA Rewards Program:

1.The Deal Registration page: this is where you go to register your opportunities with Nuance

2.The Rewards Portal registration page: this is where you go to register for the Rewards Portal and accept the Terms and Condition of the program

3.The Rewards Portal: this is where you go to exchange your hard earned points for fantastic prizes!

How do I get started?

The Rewards Portal registration page:

Your first port of call should be the Rewards Portal registration page – here you can create your account for the Rewards Portal – you need to do this only once!

1.Go to

2.Fill in your personal details, including the default address where you would like your prizes delivered

3.Choose a user name and password

4.Accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Register.

The Deal Registration page

Next, should start registering all Nuance solutions deals with us so we can include them in the program – remember, no registration means that you cannot claim any points – see the associated FAQ for more information on this.

1.Go to the following website:

2.Fill in your own details and also those of the SE/TC involved

3.Fill in the deal information, including customer

details and estimated opportunity value

4.Hit Submit.

The Rewards Portal

The Rewards Portal is where you go once you have registered a deal with Nuance, it has then closed, and Nuance has assigned your rewards points, so that you can exchange them for prizes.

1.Go to

2.Type in your user name and password, click Submit

3.You will now be logged in to the Rewards Portal that functions just like any other web store – e.g. Amazon or

4.Simply select the prize/s that you would like to have, add them to your basket, and as long as you have adequate points balance, you will be able to check them out and have them delivered just like any other web based order.

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