Application for Graduate Study Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, SFSU

Application for Graduate Study in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

To the Applicant: Completion of the Departmental Application is mandatory in order to receive consideration for admission. Please type or print neatly all information. Attach additional sheets as necessary. A current and valid email address should be included, if available.

Date: Applying for Fall / Spring (circle one) Semester: (year)

I. Contact Information



City: State:

Postal Code: Country:

Telephone, Residence: Other:

Email Address:

Citizenship or Visa Status:


A. List all Universities or Colleges attended, including dates, major, and degree earned, if any, starting from the most recent institution. Attach additional pages as necessary. (use reverse side of form if necessary)

Institution/Degree/Major / Dates Attended / GPA in Major / Overall GPA

B. GRE Scores#

Quantitative: Verbal: Writing*: Subject*:

#Please have official scores by ETS sent directly to the Dept. of Chemistry. *Not required.

C. TOEFL Score#

#For international applicants only.

D. Please list below courses in progress, which may not appear on official transcripts, but will be completed prior to starting graduate work at SFSU.

Institution / Course Title and Number / Units

III. Applicant’s Interests

A. The research interests of the Faculty in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry are diverse and offer ample opportunity for matching a student’s interests with a research advisor. In addition to the traditional sub-disciplines of chemistry, faculty research interests include interdisciplinary focus areas such as biochemistry, environmental chemistry, and materials chemistry. Please number three or more areas that are of interest to you, with ‘1’ indicating highest interest, ‘2’ next highest, and so on.

Analytical / Materials Chemistry
Biochemistry / Organic
Biophysical Chemistry / Physical Chemistry
Environmental / Science Education
Geo/Marine Chemistry / Synthesis
Inorganic/Organometallic / Theoretical/Computational

B. Please visit the website of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at SFSU, and list 3-6 faculty members whose research is of interest to you.

C.Are you interested in being considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship?


List below your current position and two employment experiences relevant to your career goals.

Employer / Job Title / Dates of employment


Please name at least three (3) persons who are qualified to evaluate your potential for research and study in Chemistry and/or Biochemistry at the Graduate (M.S.) level. Please have these individuals send letters of recommendation directly to the Graduate Coordinator (address at bottom of page).

Name, Title, and email address (if available) / Relationship to Applicant / Years Known


Please attach a separate page to address the following questions and discussion topics. Please limit your reply to 1-2 pages.

  1. Describe your reasons, personal and professional, for pursuing graduate work in chemistry or biochemistry.
  1. What do you expect to gain from your experience as a graduate student at SFSU?
  1. If you carried out research in chemistry and/or biochemistry as an undergraduate, in industry, or other setting, or if you have work experience in industry or government laboratories, briefly describe the project goals, your responsibilities, techniques in which you gained the most familiarity, and outcomes. Please list any publications or presentations that have resulted from your work.


The applicant must apply to the University and the Department of Chemistry by following the steps below.

1. Apply online for admission to SFSU, . For more information, go to . Send official transcripts to the Division of Graduate Studies. International students also send TOEFL scores and submit the SEVIS form () to the Division of Graduate Studies.

2. Send the Department application, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation by March 1st (Fall Admission) or November 1st (Spring Admission) to the Graduate Coordinator.

Graduate Coordinator
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132-4163
/ Division of Graduate Studies, ADM 254
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco CA, 94132

Thank you for your application and interest in our Graduate Program!