HSS 11/16/2015

Banquet Recap

  • Evan – Went pretty well, people thought it was fun
  • People left close to the end before it was finished ( a lot of minor roles left)
  • We were under the impression that it would be served
  • Some people liked the buffet though

“Tapped” Screening Recap

  • Attendance was kind of low, but it was worthwhile
  • Sustainability wants to help with the initiative, but communication between Peter and sustainability hasn’t really occurred yet.

Green Cups at events

  • Need to get away from one-use cups
  • Should go out in emails about cups where drinks will be provided

Study Break Ideas

  • Ideas will be handed off to Admin soon and they will handle logistics
  • Food
  • Cookie decorating
  • Nacho bar
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Other things we might have:
  • Crafts (making snowflakes or something)
  • Cookie-making
  • Coloring books

Committee Updates


  • Going to come back with a proposal for winter decorations next week


  • Idea for next semester:
  • Running club that runs 2 or 3 times a week
  • 5K mid April
  • Heather knows how to sanction a 5K and it wouldn’t cost much at the end
  • Could invite the entire school as well
  • Need to nail down logistics for this because in the past, 5K’s have failed to occur because of administrative reasons.
  • Considering giving a shirt to anyone that finished the race
  • Cake Walk (Ruth) (Thursday the 19th)
  • Called Costco today to ensure they have enough cheesecake
  • Emailed Terry about picking up the cheesecake instead of cookies for Thursday


  • Quizzes printed out and will be put on door (ticket to get pie for the event)
  • 8 pies for the event
  • Some vanilla ice cream with that
  • Sunday the 22nd7 pm
  • If anyone wants to help distribute the pie flyers, see Kathryn, she will give you nerds (the candy not people)

Social Awareness

  • Sending out email to all the individuals and organizations (relationship building)
  • Trying to get more people on-board for the campaign


  • Looking into getting multimeters and other supplies from the chemistry department
  • Dalton will print out a basic guide to post on the wall to show how to use the machine
  • How much to put in the cup
  • Dump out grounds in trashcan and not the sink
  • Rinse after use


  • People who will be present for drafting of the new constitution:
  • If any changes need to be made to the constitution that are different than the way HSS currently runs, there will be a vote in HSS on that change
  • Will send out Doodle Poll for anyone interested in helping write it
  • Won’t hold anyone for more than an hour at a time
  • People interested:
  • Heather
  • Charles
  • Evie
  • Monica
  • John
  • Alex
  • Marissa
  • Dalton
  • Elise
  • Joe Leonard
  • Leila
  • Derek
  • Joe M-S

Treasurer Update

  • Currently we are $19,433.94
  • Still have some events haven’t been processed yet
  • RA’s need to get some receipts in


  • Hereford does trips: there will be at least trips in the spring
  • There may be two since we didn’t have one this fall
  • Any ideas for trips send them to Leila, Brett, or some other exec member