CrossBridge Prayer List


Continue to pray for the CrossBridge friends expecting little ones: Laura Cullen (girl), Zack and Brandi Kellis (boy), Michael and Melissa Dempsey (boy) and Jason and Tricia Johnson (boy). Praise God!

We praise God for the baptism of Molly Lovell on Wednesday!

Daniel Bramblett was with us on Sunday after recovering from double hernia surgery. We praise God!

Teresa McFarland was with us on Sunday after her medical procedure over the weekend. We praise God for watching over her!

Zach Brantley has returned from his mission trip to Australia. Praise God!

Joyce Ehl’s brother Joe has been able to return to work after some medical difficulties with his eyes. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests

Lisa Long continues to need our prayers for healing and good health. Thank you for lifting her up to the Lord.

Suzanne Heffington writes, “Would you please add our sister-in-law, Georgia Heffington, to the prayer list. She is in the final stages of Parkinson’s. Ned’s brother, Doug, also has Parkinson’s and is getting worse as deals with his wife’s loss of consciousness and slow devastation of this disease.” Thank you for your prayers.

Mike Jones has his 6 month CT scan today. Please pray for good results.

Randy Greene’s Mother and Brooks Greene’s Grandmother Sue Greene is recovering from surgery. A tumor was removed from her brain. Please cover this with prayer.

Andrew Birch, nephew of Evan Bates, is struggling with sickness. Please pray for immediate diagnosis and healing.

Sue Sabens writes, “We would like to ask that our church family to pray for our granddaughter Sarah’s baby, Alexis Grace Simmons, and also for her parents Sarah and Kevin. Alexis is scheduled to have open heart surgery on the 26th of July in Atlanta. She will be almost six months old at that time, and she has always been fed through a tube and also receives oxygen the same way. They are hoping that after the surgery she will be able to take a bottle and breathe on her own. Please pray that God will strengthen Sarah and Kevin to face all this and that Alexis will be a much healthier baby after the surgery. May God pour out special blessings on all who take the time to pray for them.” The surgery for Alexis Grace was postponed until August 9th. Pre-op work is being done today with the hope that she can have the surgery sooner. Please pray a door will open so this surgery can take place as quickly as possible.

Please pray for Michael Schroeder- Duane and Sue Sabens’ grandson- who lives in Jackson Hole, WY. He is not gaining weight and eating like he should. Tests continue. Please pray that he will gain his appetite back and he will gain weight.

Lora Vifquain’s sister Erin is a wonderful young lady. She and her husband David have visited with us at CrossBridge in the past. They live in Franklin, TN. David’s mother Gerri Grimmett has had a difficult week. Doctors have found cancerous growths on her spleen and pancreas. She will be having surgery soon at Vanderbilt and when this takes place, she’ll be in the hospital for 10 days while surgeons seek to remove the cancerous growths. Please pray for healing for Gerri.

Starla Castle writes, “My brother-in-law (Jimmy Leopard) has a sister who was just diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia. Prayers would be appreciated. Her name is Brenda Fears.”

Jessica Balentine writes, “My brother in law, Michael Humber, lost his brother, Alan Humber, at age 49 to esophageal cancer. Prayers on his and his family's behalf would be appreciated. He was married and had 1 daughter who is in her 20's.” The funeral for Mr. Humber takes place today. Please cover the Humber family- especially Michael- with prayer.

Lee Kauper writes, “My friend Lynellen's mother was just diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor on Monday and she is going to have surgery in Jackson, Mississippi. They are praying that it is not cancerous, but the doctors are not optimistic. Her father was in the hospital because he was having severe back pain from a previous surgery and they were doing tests. The doctor discharged him, so he could be with his wife.”

Bob Gerchow (Mandee’s Dad) has begun radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Please cover him in prayer.

Karen Miles continues to recover from her medical procedure. Please pray for complete healing.

Amanda Lewis (formerly Smith) writes, “Could you please add Scott's family to the prayer list? Scott's mother, Brandi Murphy is scheduled to have gall bladder surgery next Thursday and has been in a great deal of pain. Also, Brandi's husband Charles Murphy was diagnosed with lung cancer and while he's been undergoing chemo & radiation. The doctor says he'll only live another 6 months.”

Cheryl Hollingsworth writes, “Please add my Mother Betty Chapman to the prayer list again. As you know, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in November. She developed pneumonia about 6 weeks ago which has never really gone away. She had a bronchoscopy yesterday and a tumor was seen in her lung, which was biopsied. She will get the results Friday.” Thank you for your prayers.

Please continue to lift up those grieving over loss from the storms. Also pray for our Disaster Relief Team as they lead our efforts to help the hurting. God will bring good out of this terrible tragedy.

Sean Boogard asks for prayers to be freed from his Asperger’s symptoms.

Deb Wilhelm’s mother fell and broke bones in her leg. Please pray for healing.

Keep praying for Dewayne Cabaniss’ mother, Gay Cabaniss. She started chemotherapy but fell and broke her hip. Please keep praying.

Joey Murray needs our prayers. Please pray for healing for Joey and cover the entire family in prayer.

Steve Lawrence writes, “An update on my dad, Curtis Lawrence, is as follows: He is having another blood test. The medication is finally working with a 40% drop in his PSA level last month. He has had no complications from the medication in the last 30 days and the blood clots in his chest and leg have gone away! Thanks be to God and we really appreciate everyone’s prayers. It has been a very long 5 months for my mom and dad. He has another 30 days to go on the medication when they will re-evaluate everything, but his treatment is finally showing positive results! We know it is because of everyone’s prayers! In Jesus name, Steve Lawrence”

Please lift up Randy Falls, Lindsay Walker’s Dad as he recovers from health complications.

Chris Mundy’s aunt Orlean Bruce continues to struggle with colon cancer. Please keep lifting her up to the Lord.

Ky Gregory writes, “An ad for the prayer list... A friend of Leslie and mine, Danielle Strunk, 21 years old was diagnosed with cervical cancer this week. She has no insurance and in the past 6 months has lost her father and her grandfather. She needs the prayers of everyone.” Please cover Danielle in prayer.

Emma Jamison is having some health complications from a back injury that occurred a while ago. Please pray for complete healing.

Maria Morrison, cousin of Charles Crotwell is 44 years old and has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please cover her in prayer.

Paul Allen continues to need our prayers as he fights cancer. Surgery will not be an option in the immediate future. Please pray for God to heal him completely.

Ronna Fulton, family friend of the Kauper’s, needs our prayers for health and strength as she fights cancer. Please lift her up to the Lord.

Susan Rogers is recovering from an injured leg. Please pray for her.

Daniel Cooley will be scheduling a consultation for surgery to repair the effects of carpel tunnel. Please pray all goes well.

Sandi Dill continues to need our prayers for health. Please lift up her and Wayne to the Lord.

Clark Ogle has asked for prayer for macular degeneration. Please lift him and his family up to God this week and ask for healing and help.

Please edit or add to these requests. They will be distributed by e-mail on Monday.