Mr. Hugh McBride started McBride Financial Services with the thought in mind of specializing in one stop shopping for first-time buyers and problem credit clients. McBride Financial Services decided to open its home office in Boise Idaho which is a first for that region; the offices will also have kiosk where the client will be able to serves themselves. This approach is a first of its kind in this region, which gives Mr. McBride a great head start on anyone else thinking of branching into this area. McBride Financial Services is a start-up regional mortgage lender headquartered in Boise, Idaho. The requester is Hugh McBride who is also the founder/owner of the company. The firm will specialize in conventional, FHA, and VA loans for purchasing and refinancing. There is no Sponsor yet Hugh McBride is the only stakeholders because McBride is a privately owned company. The Main office will be placed in Boise Idaho, due to where the other six offices will be placed. The other to be opened after the first two are opened in Idaho are as follows; one in Montana, two in Wyoming, two in North Dakota, and one in South Dakota (Rapid City) which happens to be the capitol of South Dakota(South Each office will have two to three brokers, brokers will work on commission and provide own laptop computers.

Company will provide networks, internet access, printers, fax and telephones for each office. Each location will have experienced receptionist working eight to five Monday thru Friday to assisted clients that may have questions or problems with one of the kiosk that are placed in the office. The other office’s once they are up and running will have three brokers and two administration assistance to handle office duties. The loan decisions will be made at the home office by the lending committee. The committee members do not have to be at the Boise office to view an application or to vote on an application. The database that will be used will be fast and powerful yet safe due to the fact that McBride will be dealing with personal information of the clients they serve. The hardware will be as follows yet not limited to, Fax machines, printers, and telephones. Mr. McBride biggest concern is the security of the client’s information. We decided to begin our project on 04-26-08. This would have given us the edge on our competition. With this extra edge we would continue to serve our customers with the same expectable service they had become accustomed. This date was important to us; we don’t want to lose our customers to our competitors. Not providing services is a good way to make that happen. At the same time we also needed to save on cost, which meant we needed to find a deal. We began by accepting bids for our job.

Accepting bids begot other problems, time. It was a lot more time to considered different companies job offers than we had earlier anticipated. To consider all the different offers, set the project back six months, before its beginning. Once the new time lines had been established, we needed our new time lines approved. The new approval dates was 10-5-08. The agreement we entered with the construction company for our special price, had conditions. Number one, we only had a window of 60 days to begin after we had our company’s approval. Number two, payment must be made as required by the construction company.

This new payment requirement called for another in house approval, and so began another delay, 30 days. We had only 30 days left for our window of opportunity to complete our agreement, and make our project commence. The approval was granted, and the date was re-set for 11-30-08 for our startup date. The completion date was estimated to end on 12-30-09. Even this could be subject for change, with a new problem, which came with our late start date, disposal cost. The company we originally contracted could not postpone its other projects and continue our agreement, they had a time table for other jobs to begin at certain dates, and this could not be deviated. This meant a new waste disposal company must be contracted. More delays in completion, more bids, and more in house approvals. This set us back, 60 days for our completion date. The new completion date is 2-30-10. S.W.O.T.TThe new system will work to the advantage of McBride Financial Services if implemented correctly. Strength is being the preeminent provider of low cost mortgage services in its region and putting security first to protect the client’s information. W-Technical security- with all of the client’s personal information in the database the system must be free of hackers or information getting sent into cyberspace.

O- Being first in the region with low cost mortgages and allowing the clients the freedom of submitting loan application online, doing it for such a low cost. T-Not getting enough office space to hold the hardware and the kiosk that are to assist the clients when they come in to see someone. Also not opening offices in a timely manner before other mortgage companies realize the region is ripe for other companies to move in. T-The current trend in mortgage service is to make it convent for the client, outsourcing technical support to Smith Consulting. McBride has made a good business decision moving into the region that it has chosen, yet it is important that they get all offices up and running within twelve to fifteen months tops or the completion will move in.


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