Now... you've completed all the forms/documents, etc., your Security Agreement is done and the all the documents were placed on the UCC-1 and the UCC-1 filed and your Charge Back process was shipped off to Mr. Paulson (Secretary of the Treasury). Fine, you're now secured party creditor. The private banker! You're on the path and the commercial world is now before you. And in some cases, you're just going to have to step out there in faith! No one is saying it's going to be easy. There will be challenges as usual. And your 'education' must continue in respect to the commercial scheme. Some people in the past are presently have done some dumb and stupid things, have screwed up and have gotten into trouble and some have gone to jail for a few hours or maybe a few days. But we now have all the past experiences to learn from and not to do those things that might get us in trouble. You will come to understand that this is just business. You have to accept for value, you can only discharge, and if the other side is going to mis-apply their statute, your going have to exercise your exclusive remedy and file a Tort! It's just business!

And yes, you can retreat and go back into the program (plantation), as in the MATRIX, but understand this; if you do, you'll be that debtor/slave on the Plantation. You'll own/control nothing, own no property, your life blood/energy will be harvested and you will subject your children to same grueling servitude and their private code/statutes wherein they will never be free!

Since you are now the Secured Party Creditor and a 'private banker,' you have much to read, learn, study and apply! It's a lot of responsibility and not everyone will become or should become a 'secured party creditor!'

As you start on this path, keep a couple things in mind at all times; 1) EVERYTHING OPERATES ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS and 2) THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES! Scary... not really. There's no guarantee when youhire an attorney, when you go into court that you will prevail is there? Or on the operating table when the doctor say's "we're going in to explore and find the problem and cut it out - wish me luck!" Or when you, hear that knock at the door and it's some government agent and he say's "Hello, I'm from the government. I'm here to help you!" There are no guarantees...other than 1) your debtor will be taxed until you die and 2) you can't take anything with you when you (cross over) leave this planet. That, you can take to the bank!

You have now been exposed to the commercial scheme as it has been operated against you. You may now realize that there are no constitution(s), that they do not operate upon you, that so-called governments are mere de-facto corporations, theirso-called oaths of office are meaningless or frivolous formalities to deceive you, that politicians lie, that the so-called American way of life today is a society built upon the creation of DEBT. From the debt established from hospital giving birth, to the new home, the new car, putting your son in college, the credit cards, everything in between. Everywhere and that so-called government is not here to 'serve the people,' but to control them and harvest their energy (taxes), convert them into 'customers,' take their 'exemptions' and produce the credit (money) for the survival of the corporation(s). Sounds really more like MATRIX now doesn't?

It's now been 6 years since Redemption came on the scene. There was great success in the beginning as people began to understand the so-called government scheme and Redemption and apply the new found technology and terminology to the economic servitude imposed upon them. Certainly, Redemption found itself within the so-called 'Freedom Movement' as those in the movement were already fed up and exposed to the antics, corruption and mindset of government and the police state!'

In the past, it was the norm to protest, to fight the so-called agents, to go into theircourts and defend your non-existing rights. It was taught to sever all ties with so-called agencies of government (driver licenses, social security, etc.), become free and as applied to IRS and taxes, quit filing, study the IRS Code book to argue that the code and its various statutes did not apply to you. But all that was 'protesting' and as many have come to understand, "’re going to war... not going to peace!"

And as we now look back... we're in agreement. We can see that protesting and arguing did not get us anywhere but into more trouble or deeper in-the quagmire of more FIGHTING, STRESS, TIME WASTE, FINES and what is called GOING TO WAR ... and the resulting injuries and wounds are quite severe!

But along came Redemption and the commercial-economic-scheme 'lights' came on and now we could and can see and understand the whole enchilada! The bankruptcy, National Emergency, HJR-192, the creation of the corporate debtors (straw-men), the pledging of our property to the corporate State, the creation of the CORPORATIONS (the machines as in MATRIX 3) including your debtor/Straw-man/Ens legis/corporate fiction, and all the credit generated from your actions in commerce or in their courts whereby the judges create 'money judgments' to create millions and billions in so-called dollars to feed the so-called military corporate commercial government system, the monster that was given life in long before 1933!

As the 'authorized representative and attorney-in-fact' of the Debtor, it is your function, duty, and obligation to handle (discharge) the so-called commercial affairs of the debtor, including but not limited to fines, fees, taxes, judgments and such other debts which may or may not arise from time to time. But today, that's not an easy thing to do. It does take some time, and a computer. The process can be a little extensive. A record (copies) has to be maintained, certified mailings done. There may be continued communications within a matter and there could very well be a DISHONOR (non-acceptance) of your instrument! The 'other side' may file a court action to compel 'payment!' Remember, there is no guarantee. As you will come to learn herein, there is NO PROTECTION EITHER! If you want that, then continue on and keep an open mind as learn more about the Sovereign Earth Alliance.

Everything inside your front door of your home... is private. You can do anything thing you want (well you understand - within reason i.e., can't disturb the neighbors, bury bodies in the basement, etc.) However, when you step outside your front door, you step out into the world of commerce. In that world of commerce, your STRAW-MAN, (Debtor) goes before you and all commerce is done in its name, in behalf of your Debtor!

Due to the so-called military social construct known as the United States, with everything in bankruptcy, everything is bonded, insured and licensed since 'corporations' are 'fictions' though they can sue and be sued, they exist under 'privilege' and therefore under the Martial Law/Police State/Bankruptcy 'they' are licensed to perform in commerce, for regulation of these entities for the purpose for taxation and raising of revenue/profit. If there were no U.S. Bankruptcy and the 'their' so-called government operated under a strict social compact of a 'Constitutional' form of government, the agencies established for the benefit of the signatories or their posterity thereto, under 'due course in law,' and as 'their' so-called 'rights' were guaranteed via the social compact contract known as the Constitutions as such operates upon their 'agents' of agency government via their officer's 'Oath of Office,' MOST ALL LICENSES WOULD NOT APPLY TO THE PRIVATE MAN!License is defined as to do that which otherwise is illegal! When did the Supreme Creator direct that His Children live under license? Did their so-called 'fore-fathers' establish within their 'Declaration of Independence' that theirright to LIFE. LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESSwas subject to license? When was it ever illegal to marry, to go (travel by any mode of conveyance) to work, to pursue happiness (would not a Certificate of Competence be better than a license)? Point is, all commerce in done in the 'corporate activity/name/entity' and once you understand that, the rest of the commercial puzzle will begin to fall into place.

Obviously, in the past, you entered into contracts with companies, corporations, and various government agencies, etc., via in the name of youralleged Debtor controlled by the corporation'sconstructs. Now you'rethe secured party. You now received a 'Bill,' of accounting in the mail (a 'Presentment') and it's a request/demand to pay a sum certain money of account. For ease of understanding, let's use the presumption of an assumed assessment alleged in an IRS/Tax issue as an example.

But first, within this book and other information available elsewhere, in books, internet, etc., you must understand the so-called money issue. If you do not understand what the terms used in respect to money means or any issue related thereto, then One cannot accept the facts in relation thereto!, don't go any farther. Either understand the money issue, because it is key to everything or otherwise, Redemption is not for you! Return to the Plantation and perform under commercial servitude!

Per theiroriginal social compact party contract (U.S.Constitution) "no state shall make any thing but Gold or Silver coin a tender in payment of debt." And per 'Bouvier's Dictionary of Law' (1839); 'Title' as defined in #5, states; "THE LAWFUL COIN OF THE UNITED STATES WILL PASS THE PROPERTY ALONG WITH THE POSSESSION." The 'property' and the 'possession'are called the DROIT-DROIT and/or DUPLICATUM JUS, and is defined as the double right! You have to understand that back then, goldand silverwas the money of exchangeas the accepted medium and was the substance of money or what was to back the money of accountin the form of any 'Notes' or such 'IOU' came into existence by and through custom and usages of commercial affairs. As to that point of contractual (U.S. Constitution) obligation, as from the standpoint that every 'public servant/officer' takes an 'Oath of Office' to support and defend the said social compact contract known as the Constitution(s), theycontracted to uphold any specific point in reference to uses as to 'pay' any lawful and/or legal debts (at law!) arising within or in relationship to such nexus with such jurisdictions established by such social compact contract known as the United States Constitutions appertaining to the Several Compact Party States thereof. Since the bankruptcy, the goldwas ordered to be removed as a basis of value/substance backing the money of account and later the silverwas removed as well. Therefore, there is nothing of value backing the so-called money of account except your'full faith and credit* in their fraud today, which is no more than 'Bankruptcy Script of a Private Corporation*(Federal Reserve Bank System) having no value of substance, as stated by the Federal Reserve System. Therein, when you maybe bought your home or your car, the 'property* (RES) and the 'possession* (title) did not pass to you!You do not possess the double right, the Droit-Droit and/or Duplicatum Jus.

So the question is... "What do you have access to in the form of money of exchange to pay your debts in law today that has value?" And most importantly, if some so-called government agency/entity sends yourdebtor a 'presentment' for payment, is the payment sought in compliance with Article I, Section X of their contract known as the U.S. Constitution... per their Oath of Office?

If all value has been removed then what is left to pay your debts? All that remains is 'paper!' However, with 'paper* one cannot 'pay* the debt... you can only 'discharge*the liability of the assumed debt until some time in future when the bankruptcy is terminated and 'substance*is restored as backing what is called 'money* in paper form, saving the hassle of carrying heavy gold and silverin your pockets as that would be a bit impractical with some 200 million people in allegedly theirU.S. today! So obviously, in the past, paper money was created for convenience.

HOWEVER, In 1965, then so-called President, Mr. Lyndon B. Johnsonsigned a public law (more aptly put 'public policy' due to the current military social construct caused by the Civil War) altering the COINAGE ACT OF 1792 and said as he was signing it, "we have no idea of ever returning to it." This is all that One needs to see that the social compact under the so-called Constitution is dead and the new military social construct operating under the copyright trademark of the "United States" for "The United States of America** as it applied to the contractual Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1, referencing the obligations arising in relationship to payment in gold and silveras lawful Tender in payment of debt within the Compact Party States of the Union, styled "The United States of America."

And pursuant to the NEGOTIABLE INSTRUMENTS LAW, commercial paper as designed, IS THE CURRENCY!

And the wealth (credit) of the Sovereign (Secured Party Creditor) is in his signature, we now have the best of the situation today... so long as YOU understand it and apply it properly... and that is:

Since the implementation of the U.S. Bankruptcy, through the Negotiable Instruments Law, and as all transactions are regulated through the Uniform Commercial Code, the Secured Party Creditor can only DISCHARGE fines, fees, taxes, judgments, and such other debts pursuant to the remedy provided by Military Social Construct's Congress, via HJR-192 as there is no access to nor lawful money of account to pay debts at law pursuant to the contract (U.S. Constitution) as it operates upon the State governments. Therein, the remedy the Secured Party has in behalf of his Debtor, in commerce, is the DISCHARGE OF DEBT with the commercial paper/credit created under his power to do so as the Sovereign/Private Banker, under the same law of necessity*for which the same law of necessityis derived as to the same authority from which the military social construct operates to assist their so-called government to adjust the accounts, in light of the declared bankruptcy, for the benefit of the Military Social Construct for which it stands.


With the above being covered, it now necessaryto get into the CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE FOR VALUE.... To GET THE AGREEMENT.

Conditional Acceptance for Value

for Proof of Claim (CAFV)

Within the Redemption Process is the concept/process known as CAFV. Within CAFV, as a Private-to-Private-Process, the premise is ALWAYS AGREE WITH THY ADVERSARY. Since, everything operates under contract or agreement, understand that pursuant to a contractual nexus between you and the social compact party States known as the State of "Whatever" of the United States and/or The United States of America, you have no rights as clearly stated within their so-called judicial case law per Padelford, Fay & Co. vs. The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah.14 Ga. 438, 520 (1854), a 'private' person (man) IS NOT A PARTY TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION,which is the compact/contract for the public servant, bound by their Oath of Office.

So, if you are not a party to the social compact contract known as the Constitution, how do YOU become liable to some so-called federal agency (or State) and their rules and regulations? If not due to the fact one may be a federal employee, then maybe you consented! The same applies to the State! If their forefathers created theiragency government (in valid contractual concept & principle) would you think they were so ignorant that they would place themselves within the contract designed only for their 'servants?'

However, take notice that YOU have no 'contract' with any social compact or construct otherwise called 'government' to bargain for your rights, let lone to secure your rights in the second place. Is that why you are raped, pillaged and plundered by theirso-called government and theircorporations theycreate?

Therefore, since you are not a party to theirsocial contract, then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that it makes sense to get an agreementfrom any particular agency, party, attorney general, government, IRS, agent, etc., to DISCHARGE THE DEBT.

Since the corporate fiction cannot tax you, the 'charge/Bill/Presentment' comes via an agent representing the 'fiction,' and sent to yourdebtor...but where's the agreement?