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Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Lisa’s Dance Dimensions. (LDD) & Next Dimension Gymnastics (NDG) 2009-2010 school year. Welcome to our family! This handbook has been written to describe our program, goals, policies and the details that go into making each lesson as happy and successful as possible. Please study it and keep it for reference, as it will answer many of your questions. We are looking forward to another exciting year.

STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY: We here at Lisa’s, we use dance & gymnastics as a tool to give the students the opportunity to develop character, ability, knowledge of these artistic forms and promote self-esteem. We teach important life skills such as, sharing, taking turns, voicing opinions, listening, goal setting, and the willingness to try new things. Although discipline of conduct is required, the students' enjoyment of classes is paramount while still "obeying the rules." Our # 1 goal is that each student leaves class with a smile and the belief that they can do it!

Why Dance & Tumble?? Our classes are excellent for the student to learn how to be in a social environment with other children while having fun. Our classes will enable the student to improve on their self esteem, confidence, coordination, rhythm, and poise. Our classes will also help younger students improve on his or her listing skills, as well as learning how to share and take turns with others. Whether you are interested in recreational dance class or our competitive dance or cheer teams, we believe we have the class for you.

Program Objective: Our lessons are planned so that dancers & gymnasts will:
1. Feel secure.
2. Receive individual attention and encouragement.
3. Develop self-discipline.
4. Experience success in order to develop a positive self-image.
5. Develop dance /gymnastic skills.

The Importance of Ballet Training Ballet is the cornerstone of all formal dance disciplines. We recommend ballet be a priority in your schedule to enhance your child’s technique in either competitive or recreational dance.

Hands-on Parents should be aware that our classes are conducted in a”hands-on’” fashion. This will ensure that each dancer/ gymnast receives personal correction of placement and technique that will help them to improve and be as safe as possible in dance and gymnastics.

Insurance: Lisa’s Dance Dimensions & Next Dimension Gymnastics does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that all dance students be covered by their own family insurance policies and if injury occurs it is understood that the student’s own policy is your only source of reimbursement.

Parent Participation: In order to maintain class structure, discipline and your child’s accomplishment in class no visitors are allowed in the dance/ gymnastic area. We have set two weeks during the year that parents are welcome to quietly observe their child’s classes. (See calendar) We request for adults only no children please, as it may be a distraction. Please arrive on time and stay for the entire class. Our parents are invaluable. Your child needs your encouragement and support. Each class needs a room parent that will assist the teacher with performances, class parties, and notifications. We also need the all important room moms for performances and the recital. Room Mothers may distribute a contact list within classes. Please notify us immediately if you require your parent/guardian, telephone, e-mail or address information held in confidence.

Class Attendance: Regular attendance helps to build dependability and responsibility. As we have all heard, "finish what you start." Regular attendance is vital to student progress and group choreography. Absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class and the studio can not jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student. A child’s interest and progress is directly related to good attendance. Consistency helps build our relationship with one another and our love for dance. Practice at home is encouraged. In the event of illness, please keep them home from class. We do not want sickness spread throughout the studio. Make up classes can be scheduled if prior notice is given and an alternate class is available. Classes must be made up within 30 days, Make –up classes are limited to 3 a year and unexcused absences will not be made up. Missed classes cannot be made up for the end of the year “Perfect Attendance Award”. If a dancer is injured they are encouraged to observe class. There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.

Attendance Procedures: Due to insurance restrictions, children may not arrive more than 10 minutes before nor may they remain more than 10 minutes after classes. If for some reason you cannot pick your child on time OR they must come early you may set up an arrangement with the studio. Additional fees will apply. If you have arrived early, you must wait with your child until it is time to start class .Dance rooms will remain closed until the instructor opens the door to enter. Remember, teachers come in early to prepare for class. Please do not open the doors until your instructor is ready. Before class begins, please try to have the dancer's shoes on them. Once your child’s class ends I cannot be responsible for them as I am beginning another class. Students are expected to arrive for class on time. Late arrivals disrupt the class and miss the proper warm-up at the beginning of class. Students who arrive ten or more minutes late for class may be asked to sit and observe. Please pick up your child on time; we ask that the parent or designated guardian comes to the door and picks him or her up. If your child is permitted to leave the building for any reason, I need written permission so I can keep it with your child's enrollment card. If someone other than the child's parent, pick them up, please introduce or notify the teacher.

Health: You are the best judge of your child’s health and we trust you will not bring a sick child to the studio. However, if in the opinion of the teaching staff your child is sick, we will call you to come and pick-up your child. The following criteria will be considered in determining if your child must go home:
1. fever of 100 degrees or more
2. Inflammation of the eyes
3. Vomiting
4. An incidence of diarrhea
5. Communicable disease

Lost and Found

·  LDD & NDG is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

·  Articles left will be placed in the lost and found area and removed at the end of each month.

Class Descriptions


PARENT/ TOT – (Ages 18 months -4) Parent assistance- The Parent Tot class includes: stretching, small and large motor skills, mat work, mini balance beam, mini trampoline, obstacle course, and basic tumbling. We ask that a parent assist the child during the class.
(This is a non-recital class) Taught in 6-8 week sessions. Tuition is based on the total lessons in a session.

RHYTHM – Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics Pre-School – Ages 3-5 1 hour class 1 time a week. This class teaches the basic ballet and tap & gymnastic techniques. Students will learn the elementary positions, exercises, ballet terminology and rhythmic skills of elementary tap. The will learn basic tumbling skills and use elementary gymnastic equipment.This class is designed for students to explore music and dance while developing skills for continued training. We use both contemporary and traditional teaching methods, utilizing musicality, tumbling, and fun dance games so that students will gain physical coordination. Through progressive learning they develop the ability to move on to the next level of learning. Students are given the opportunity to perform 2 – 3 dances in our annual dance recital.

SUPER HERO GYMNASTICS - (Boys) – Ages 3-5: 45 minute class 1 time a week. This class will include: stretching, small and large motor skills, mat work, mini balance beam, mini trampoline, obstacle course, and basic tumbling. Students will be able to work on the following: rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, table tops, backbends, back walkovers. This class will use progressions to determine levels. Students are given the opportunity to perform 1 dance in our annual dance recital.

TUMBLE TOTS - Pre-School Gymnastics – Ages 3-5: 45- 55 minute class 1 time a week. This class will include: stretching, small and large motor skills, mat work, mini balance beam, mini trampoline, obstacle course, and basic tumbling. Students will be able to work on the following: rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, table tops, backbends, back walkovers. This class will use progressions to determine levels. Students are given the opportunity to perform 1 dance in our annual dance recital.

Ages 5 -Up

Ballet/Tap Combo 1– Ages 5-6 - 45 minute class 1 time a week. In this combination class, students develop grace, musicality, and elegant line as they learn additional ballet technique and terminology. In tap they build rhythm and improve listening skills. Basic elementary tap steps are taught in this class along with additional elementary combinations. We draw from traditional and contemporary methodologies focusing on anatomically sound principals and the joy of moving. Students are introduced to barre exercises, which will help them develop necessary skills for continued dance. This class provides a strong foundation for ballet and other forms of dance. Students are given the opportunity to perform two dances in our annual dance recital.
Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo 1 – Ages 7 - 9 – 1 hour class 1 time a week. This is a combination class that incorporates the three major dance subjects. In ballet, students continue to develop grace, musicality, and elegant line. It is a continuation of those basic ballet concepts learned at a younger age with a gradual increase in difficulty to prepare students for the more complex combinations. Jazz is taught in its contemporary form, learning isolations, flexibility stretches such as splits and holds followed by dance combinations of turns, kicks, leaps, and jumps. Students build a firm foundation of basic tap footwork and terminology. Coordination and listening skills are developed to allow for more complex tap rhythms to various types of music. Students will be given the opportunity to perform two or three dances in our annual recital

Junior Olympic Gymnastics - Recommended ages 6 and up. All gymnastic classes are USAG certified. Taught under strict regulations of United States Gymnastics. Children will be tested and placed in classes according to levels not age. Gymnastic classes will be taught in progression and students must acquire certain skills to move into another level. We offer Junior Olympic, group, team and recreational gymnastics. Your instructor will instruct you into which your child can and will be placed in. All gymnastic classes will have experience on Balance beam, Vault, Uneven bar, Mini Tramp, Tumble Trak, and Floor exercise. Students may audition for team during certain times of the year. Those on team will have additional fees.

TUMBLE / CHEER – (ages 7 and up) 45 minute class or 1 hour class 1 time a week. This class will include: stretching, small and large motor skills, mat work, mini balance beam, mini trampoline, obstacle course, and basic tumbling. Students will be able to work on the following: rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, table tops, backbends, back walkovers, back handsprings and more including cheers, sidelines and mini cheer routine. This class will use progressions to determine levels.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop /Lyrical Combo lv2 & 3 – Ages 9 - 12 or beg. older 1 ¼ or 1 ½ hour class 1 time a week. This combination class requires a background in jazz, tap and ballet at the beginner level. Students will be introduced to more intricate techniques and terminology. This is a preparatory class for ballet students considering more advanced ballet training or Pointe. Students will focus on further developing tap style and rhythms through more advanced barre exercises and center combinations. Teaching methods will be based on both classical and modern ballet as well as, Musical Comedy and Rhythm Tap. This is also an introductory hip hop and /or lyrical class for students that have had little jazz or hip hop instruction. Classic Jazz is incorporated with the latest Hip Hop styles to help students learn isolations, technique and combinations. Students who learn the necessary elements of jazz increase their ability to successfully learn hip hop. This a great class to learn hip hop moves, which require the coordination and balance learned from jazz. When students complete this class they are ready to progress to the next level, which introduces more complex moves and routines. Students will perform three numbers in our annual recital.

Pointe & Pre Pointe – Ages 11-18 - 1 hour class 1 time a week For students who demonstrate technical proficiency and knowledge of elements learned in ballet. Students are further introduced to more advanced combinations and exercises designed to improve accuracy, speed and the ability to link movements taught in class to performance choreography. Pointe is introduced to girls who show adequate strength and accurate technique. Each student is carefully evaluated before starting study on Pointe. Sufficient understanding of correct placement and alignment must be demonstrated before Pointe instruction begins thus decreasing the possible risk of injury. Students must have had five consecutive years of ballet and teacher approval before taking this class. One number will be performed in the annual recital.