Dyson Dual Cyclone™ DCO1

Launched in 1993, DCO1 is the original Dual Cyclone™ vacuum cleaner. The DCO1 became the best selling vacuum cleaner in the UK after 23 months.

James Dyson developed the Dual Cyclone™ system after realising that there was a fundamental problem with other cleaners. He noticed that as soon as a traditional cleaner is switched on fine particles of dust quickly clog the pores of the bag. Airflow through the machine decreases and therefore suction rapidly begins to drop.

James Dyson made his discovery in 1978 and then spent 15 years making 5,127 prototypes before he was ready to manufacture the DCO1, the first cleaner to have no loss of suction.

Dyson Dual Cyclone™ DCO2

The Dyson Dual Cyclone™ DCO2, Dyson’s first cylinder vacuum cleaner, was launched in March 1995.

The DCO2 uses centrifugal force to spin the dirt out of the air stream in two cyclones. In a bag vacuum cleaner the dust clogs the pores, thus impeding the airflow and reducing the suction, in some cases after just one room. Because it has no bag to clog, the DCO2 maintains 100% suction, 100% of the time.

The unique stair-hugging shape, on-board tool storage and large rear wheels, makes the DCO2 easy to use and manoeuvrable.

The DCO2 has received many design awards including the 1995 Minerva Design Award, the European Design Prize (1997) and the Design Centrum Award for Design Prestige, Czech Republic (1997). The DCO2 is on display in the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum amongst other museums across Europe, Japan and the USA.

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