Student Moodle induction checklist

It is very important to spend some time with your students, showing them how to log into and use their Moodle courses. Time spent early on this will assist both you and your students.

Decide whether this induction will be a face or an online session e.g. with Adobe Connect. You may need to allocate 1-2 hours for this session depending on your students’ computer expertise.

Your induction session could include the following items.

Induction session item / Suggestions / ü
1.  How to logon to Moodle + Edit profile / Use get Moodle Help as the resource
(link at bottom of each page).
2.  Introduce yourself / Make a video or other resource which introduces you to the group.
3.  Course overview + assessments / Usually outlined in the first topic “Course information”.
4.  Course structure / Describe how your course is set up and how students navigate and participate.
5.  Terms of Use / ·  Students should formally agree to the Terms of Use through a “choice” or a conditional activity.
·  Ensure students can identify their responsibilities.
6.  Technical requirements / Ask students to check their home computer (link at bottom of each page).
7.  Other support / Links at the bottom of each page for Cybersafety, Counselling, Libraries and Student Services.
8.  Student links / See the links at top of each page
9.  Communication / ·  Outline how you will communicate with your students online e.g. Moodle messages, Moodle forums, blogs, email.
·  You may wish to add a course forum as a place for student questions and answers.
·  It is also good practice to describe how often and how quickly you will respond to questions.

Please modify this list to include other specific requirements you have for your course.

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