What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is the next best thing to attending a conference live in person. CIMH has partnered with Precision Videoconferencing Solutions to provide ISDN bridging services. Attending a video conference is like watching a video on television, only you are able to actively participate. It allows you to interact with the presenter and other participants without having to travel long distances.

What is Video Conferencing equipment?

TV with camera mounted on top, telephone with speakerphone/microphone

What is a Video Conference Site Host?

A Site Host is anyone who volunteers to be the primary contact for the Video Conference in your area. It is the Site Host’s responsibility to reserve the viewing location. We want to stress the importance of coordinating within your county so there are not several people trying to reserve the same location for the same group. The CSAC Route 58 list provided is just a list of the viewing locations we are aware of and is not a complete list of locations in your area. There are many locations that could be options for your county or agency. Resources to try include your local college or university, medical center, Kinko’s. Precision Video Conferencing can also provide a list of possible sites.

In addition to reserving the viewing location, the Site Host’s responsibilities include: registering online through a link CIMH provides for each video conference, contacting the technical assistant at the viewing location, receiving handouts (when available) and providing enough copies for your attendees, monitoring CE credits (if applicable), and taking care that each attendee completes the sign-in sheet and evaluation form. After the video conference, the Site Host will mail the sign-in sheet, evaluation forms, and CE forms and payments (if applicable) to:


Attn: Darcy Johnson

2125 19th Street, 2nd Floor

Sacramento, CA 95818