DRAFT Minutes, September 6, 2012

UNH 105, 8:30 am – 10:00 AM

Members present: Adrian Masters (Chair), Janelle Adsit, Deborah Bernnard, Sue Faerman, Ilka Kressner, Greg Nowell, Sean Rafferty, Joan Savitt, Brian Stephenson, Bruce Szelest. Staff present: Joel Bloom, Steven Doellefeld

Members absent: Kevin Williams

1.  Call to order.

2.  New member Joan Savitt was introduced to the Council.

3.  The minutes of the May 9th meeting were reviewed and approved.

4.  Chairs’ Report (Adrian Masters). The Chair discussed the work of the Council’s two committees and reviewed the summary document of last year’s Council votes and this year’s agenda items. It was pointed out that the Council and its committees will also need to work with the Undergraduate Academic Strategic Planning working group to develop new ways of assessing general education categories like oral discourse, information literacy and upper-level writing, that are now going to be carried out within the major rather than attached to a specific course.

5.  Director’s Report (Joel Bloom). The Director introduced the new Associate Director of Academic Assessment, Steven Doellefeld; reviewed the program reviews and general education category assessments that will be on the APRC and GEAC agendas for the year, and discussed the wiki page where documents are stored. The matter of implementing the new policy of having departments place their student learning objectives on their web page was also raised, as was the new policy of having the APRC conduct mid-cycle reviews of program learning outcomes assessment.

6.  New Business: Nomination and election of Committee Chairs.

·  The Chair nominated Deborah Bernnard as GEAC Chair, and the Council unanimously elected her to that position.

·  The Chair nominated Sean Rafferty as APRC Chair, and the Council unanimously elected him to that position.

7.  Scheduling of CAA meetings for 2011-2012. Meetings were set for October 11th, November 8th and December 6th from 9:00-10:30 am.

8.  Adjournment