Part III: Grading Policy (Due 4/16)

10 points (10 percent) (Checklist - Credit/No Credit)

This assignment has two parts:

1)A one page statement that you will use with your syllabus/letter home, informing your students and their parents about the assessment practices and grading policy in your course

2)A clear rationale for your policy for assessment and grading that explains your decision-making (2-3 pages)

You are to prepare an assessment and grading policy that reflects your understanding of and perspective on these two important aspects of your teaching. In your assessment policy you will clearly show what you will assess and the types of assessment you will utilize. You will also explain why you chose the particular assessment strategies, what you hope to learn from them, and how you will use the results to provide feedback to students and to inform your teaching.

Your policy statement for students and parents should include:

1)what you intend to “count” toward students’ grades and how it will add up over the length of your course;

2)what kinds of assessments or work are included in each component of the grade;

3)your grading criteria for each type of assessment/work product (completion, accuracy/ correctness, quality of ideas, graded on a point system, rubric, or checklist, etc.);

4)opportunities for revision;

5)how absences or late work will be treated;

6)a grading scale (i.e., what constitutes an “A”, a “B”, etc.)

Your rationale (2-3 pages double-spaced) should:

7)include a justification and rationale for what you are valuing (i.e., which of Stiggins’ five factors are included in your grading policy), and why you have applied particular weights to each component of the grade;

8)explain how your grading policy sustains motivation for the greatest number of students possible;

9)address issues such as: assessment of and assessment for learning, formal and informal assessments, formative and summative assessments

10) consider what you know about your students’ strengths, needs, and challenges, including English learners and those with IEPs.

The reflective portion of each assignment should be at least 3 pages (12 point font, DOUBLE spaced and standard margins). Each reflection is an application of key course concepts and you should use the readings, lectures, in class activities, and your own experiences as means for supporting your explanations. All course assessments must be submitted in both hard copy and electronically by email.