Please refer to the attached list of public services and list down which ones are connected to this life event: / 1. Application for a Nautical Licence
2. Application for an Instructor Nautical Licence
Describe the life event showing an overview of the process, any requirements or interactions with other entities and in case of more than one service how these services onnect together: / 1. What does it entail to get a nautical licence?
Para 29 (1) of the Small Ships Regulations state that no person shall drive any mechanically driven small ship equipped with an engine or engines of a combined power of, or exceeding 30 H.P., or tow any person for the purpose of water-skiing, in the internal and territorial waters of Malta unless he/she is in possession of a Nautical Licence.
In order to apply for a nautical licence one must:
 Be over 18 years old;
 Competent to drive a mechanically driven small ship;
 have a Maltese residential address
Steps to get a Nautical licence:
It is required to attend a Basic Seamanship & Safe Boathandling Course at any of the 5 Training Facilities recognised by Transport Malta.
The Authority may consider other certificates/qualifications of equivalent or higher competency levels in order to issue a Nautical licence.
On completion of the above-mentioned Course, one must apply for the Nautical Licence examination at MCAST. Once the applicant has sat successfully for his/her examination and obtained proof of such from MCAST, one is to call personally at the Small Ships Office, Port & Yachting Directorate Transport Malta, Marsa and on submission of the under mentioned documents together with the presentation of his/her I.D. card or passport he/she may apply for the licence:
 Certificate from Mcast;
 two recent coloured passport size photos
A fee of Eur 23.29 is applicable for the issuance of a Nautical licence.
A nautical licence is valid for a period of 10 years. Prior to the expiry of the validity of such Nautical licence, the Authority will inform and instruct client regarding renewal accordingly.

Reprint of a Nautical Licence

Client may apply for a reprint of his/her nautical licence as shown hereunder: -

Lost/Stolen Licence

Client is to submit: -
 Police report or Affidavit wherein there would be stated that the Nautical licence had been lost/stolen;
 I.D. Card; and
 two recent coloured passport size photos.

Change of address

Client is to submit:-
 current nautical licence;
 I.D. card showing the new address;
 two coloured passport size photos
Applicant is to call personally at the Small Ships Office, Ports & Yachting Directorate Transport Malta, Marsa and on submission of the above documentation, a re-print is issued against an applicable fee or Euro 10.

2. In order to obtain an Instructor’s Nautical Licence

A person may act as an instructor in the driving of a mechanically driven small ship or in water skiing only if he/she is in possession of an instructor’s nautical licence issued by the Authority.
Applicant must:
 be holder of a nautical licence for the past two (2) years; or
 in possession of equivalent or higher recognized certification; and
 provide evidence of at least five (5) years experience in water sports operations.
The applicant is to call personally at the Small Ships Office, Ports & Yachting Directorate, Transport Malta, Marsa with the following documents to apply for the instructor’s licence:
 I.D. Card or passport;
 two coloured passport size photos;
 Reference letter from a Transport Malta recognized water skiing school specifying the teaching competence in this respect.
A fee of Eur 69.88 is applicable.
The Malta Transport Authority website
Annex 1 – Training Facilities to deliver the Nautical licence course