Course: Integrated Math IIBlock: 3rd

Teacher: Ms. EthridgePlanning: 1st block

Tutoring Hours: Wednesday/Friday 7:45-8:30 am

Afternoon tutoring available upon request

Introduction: Welcome to Integrated Math II! This is likely the most difficult math class you will take but we will make it through as a team! It will take full dedication on your part. As long as you participate, do your best, and ask for help, I have full confidence you will excel in Integrated Math II. With the new standards and state testing, attendance and completing your assignments will be even more important. With my help and your dedication, I expect an incredible year for us!

Course Outline:The units we will study include the following:

  1. Real and Complex Numbers
  2. Systems of Equations
  3. Polynomials
  4. Functions
  5. Probability/Stats
  6. Trigonometry

Classroom Rules:

  1. Positive language only
  2. Respect yourself, me, and your classmates
  3. Come to class prepared
  4. Cellphones must be turned in at the beginning of class


  1. 1st offense: Warning
  2. 2nd offense: Phone call home
  3. 3rd offense: Documentation and administration involvement


  • I will be available for tutoring at 7:45 on Wednesday and Friday and in the afternoons upon request. Ms. Malone and Ms. Goldsmith will also have tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45.
  • Saturday Study Parties:
  • Once a semester, we will offer opportunities to earn extra credit AND have fun!
  • These study parties will be from 10 am to 2 pm
  • 10 points per hour that you stay
  • Pizza, drinks, and snacks provided
  • Games that will help you study for your high stakes exams!

Assignments: Each unit will be made up of the following types of assignments:

  1. Classwork: (20 points)Every day you will be required to work hard and participate in class activities and discussions. Classwork could come in the form of: teacher made activities, Carnegie Learning assignments, and/or online activities. Each of these activities will be graded per the rubric attached to this syllabus. Note: Activities are graded on amount of effort given. There is no valid reason for not trying your best every day.
  2. Homework (25 points)This year, we’ll be doing homework a little differently! Homework will be assigned each Monday and be due the following Monday. There will be 25 problems on each assignment (so you can do 5 a day to stay caught up!). NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. Instead, you will be required to complete an alternative assignment in tutoring to make up the credit.
  3. Bellwork (5 points) MUST be completed each day. Bellwork will be collected each Friday. This is a great way to review important skills for the day’s lessons and assess your knowledge of previous standards.
  4. Quizzes: (50 points)All quizzes will be done with paper and pencil. You will have a quiz after each section. It is very important to be present on test and quiz days. If you miss a test or a quiz, you will have to complete it during before or after school tutoring. You will have a weekly quiz EVERY Wednesday. Please be present for quizzes or schedule a time with me to make it up.
  5. Test: (100 points) Each unit will end in a test. All tests will be done on paper and pencil this year. You will have several questions types on the exams, including, but not limited to: multiple choice, multiple select, graphical, and short answer. You will also be given a calculator portion and non-calculator portion. Again, our new state test will have these portions. When reviewing, I will make it clear to you which type of questions you can use a calculator on and which ones you will not.


  1. 2 in. binder
  2. Dividers (One for Bellwork, Notes, and Tests/Quizzes)
  3. Pencil
  4. Paper
  5. Calculator (TI-84) (Calculators will be provided or you can bring your own)

** You are required to keep a notebook. This WILL be a test grade. You will be required to keep notes, keep your quizzes and tests, bellwork, and homework. If you need supplies, please notify me after class and I will get them for you.


Classwork: 20% / Tests: 40%
Homework: 20% / Final (Midterm and State Test ): 25%
Quizzes: 20%

A (93-100) Students who receive an A complete all homework assignments, completes Bellwork when it is due, makes a B or higher on each test and quiz, and makes an A or a B on the final. This student also has high attendance, participates in all activities and has a deep understanding of the material.

B (85-92)Students who receive a B complete all homework assignments, completes Bellwork when it is due, makes a C or higher on each test and quiz and makes an A or a B on the final. This student also has fairly high attendance, participates actively in all activities, and works hard to understand the material.

C (78-84)Students who receive a C complete little homework, completes some of the bellwork, performs mediocre on tests and quizzes, and makes a B or C on the final. This student typically has poor attendance, sometimes participates in activities, has little to offer in group discussions and understands the basics of the material.

D (70-77)Students who receive a D completes few of the homework assignments, does not complete bellwork, performs poorly on tests and quizzes, and performs poorly on the final. This student typically has poor attendance, does not participate in activities, and does not have an understanding of the material.

F (Below 69) Students who receive an F shows little effort in the class. They do not complete daily assignments, homework, or bellwork. This student does not have an understanding of the material.


  1. Beginning: You must be SITTING in a seat by the time the bell rings. You will complete your bellwork on your own SILENTLY. Get all materials you need before class starts (pencil, paper, folder, etc). If you have a homework assignment due, you must place it on your desk. If your homework is not on your desk when I take a grade on it, it is late.
  2. End: You will not pack up until I dismiss you. You need to make sure you have your homework assignment before you leave. Clean up your area before you leave the classroom. PLEASE throw away all trash (or recycle) on your way out.
  3. Bathroom: Do not ask to use the restroom the first and last 10 minutes of class. Only ask to use the restroom if it is an emergency. You will now be given a key to use the upstairs restroom. THERE IS NO REASON TO GO TO THE VENDING MACHING DURING CLASS. Do that before or after class.
  4. Materials: There are supply baskets with all materials you may need during class. You do not need to ask my permission to get up and get materials. If you do get materials during class, please do not distract other students and get back to your seat quickly. Put all borrowed materials back at the end of class.
  5. Calculators: If you bring your own calculator, all programs must be cleared to use on the tests. If you need to rent one to complete homework you must come at the END of the day (I do have other math classes that need to use these calculators) and sign it out. You must return the calculator at the beginning of the day (before 8:30) or you will not allowed to rent for a week.


  1. Homework:Homework is completion AND correction based. You must show EFFORT on the assignments. Half of the grade will be for completion and effort, and the remaining half will be for correctness. I will select three problems to grade for correctness. Late homework is not acceptable. If you do not complete a homework assignment and you were there the day it was passed out, you will get a zero for that assignment.
  2. Absences: If you are absent, get your notes from a fellow student. You can also get copies of the activities and homework assignments on my webpage under “weekly schedule”.
  3. Attendance: Attendance in this class is IMPORTANT. If you miss more than two days in one week, I will contact parents. Follow the attendance policy in the student handbook.
  4. Cell Phone Use:Cellphones MUST be turned in at the beginning of class in your assigned pocket. If you do not turn it in to the assigned pocket, a phone call home will be made and then administration involvement. There will be a five minute tech break in the middle of class so that you can have some free time. There will also be times when we will allow you to have them for games.
  5. Midterm Exemption Policy: It does not matter if you absences are excused or unexcused. It still counts!
  • A- 4 absences or less
  • B- 3 absences or less
  • C- 2 absences or less
  • D- required to take midterm
  • F- required to take midterm

Webpage: You can get to my webpage by clicking on “faculty/staff” on the Holloway website. If you click on my name, you will be led to my page. On my webpage, you can find the following:

  1. Digital copy of the syllabus
  2. State standards
  3. Weekly list of assignments
  4. Various homework help resources
  5. Updates in the class
  6. Online resources to assist you with homework

State Standards: You will be able to access the new state standards by locating my webpage on Holloway’s website.

State Test: The state of Tennessee has adopted a new set of state standards as of 2015. With the new standards, they had to adopt a test that would match that. This year, you will not be given an EOC. You will be given a new state test. You will have two parts to this test. On the first test, you will be allowed to use a calculator. On the second test, you will have a calculator portion and a non-calculator portion. Each test will also be timed. It will no longer be limited to multiple-choice questions. The tests will be made up of the following question types: Equations, Graphic, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, and Technology Enhanced questions. In order to pass these tests, you must truly understand the mathematics behind the material covered.

Field Trip:

  • We will be attending Education in Motion at Kentucky Kingdom
  • You must meet the following requirements in order to attend:
  • A ‘B’ or higher in your current math class
  • Less than 5 unexcused absences
  • No ISS or OSS
  • Details on dates and cost will be given later in the semester.

I, ______, have read and understand the contents of the syllabus. I agree to follow all class rules and to do what is expected of me. I understand that if I do not follow the rules and guidelines there may be disciplinary action taken.


Student signature


Parent signature



Holloway High School

619 South Highland Avenue

Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Parents and/or Guardians,

I am Ms. Ethridge and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to have your son or daughter in my Integrated Math II class! I am confident that we will have a wonderful year. Algebra II is one of the most difficult math classes your child will take and it does have a state test that they will complete. I truly believe your child can not only pass this state test, but also excel in Algebra II. However, this will take a group effort. We will need to work together as a team to ensure that your child succeeds in the classroom. I will do my best for the time that I have your child in class, but I need your help to make sure they are doing what they need to do outside of class! This includes making sure they are doing their homework, encouraging them to participate in after school tutoring, and ensuring that they get to school every day. Having good attendance is the single most important thing you and your child can do to succeed in Integrated Math II. With your help, we will have a wonderful and successful year.

Tennessee has moved to a new set of standards, which can be found on my webpage. With these new standards, we will be moving to a new state test. This test will include the following types of questions: Equations, Graphics, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, and Technology Enhanced questions. It is more important than ever to make sure your child attends school. This test will also be given with a calculator portion and non-calculator portion. During class, we will practice these types of questions so attendance is vital.

I will keep you informed on your child’s progress and I look forward to working with you. If there is anything more I can do to help, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Thank you,

Jill Greenfield Ethridge

Math Department


1. Neatness. Presentation is neat and professional. / Sloppy
+0 / Room for improvement
+2 / Good
2. Completeness. All questions, graphs, answer blanks, etc have been completed (unless the teacher specifically said you may skip one). / Many questions are left blank.
+0 / Some questions are left blank.
+2 / Almost no questions are left blank. If one or two questions have been left blank, they are hard questions.
3. Explanations.
Effort has been made to explain your thought process wherever you’re asked to explain it. / Many explanations are not written.
Sentences are written, but they do not explain how you found your answer.
+0 / Several explanations are unclear. If someone else tried to follow your explanation, they wouldn’t know what you meant.
+2 +3 / All your explanations show effort in describing your thought process. Someone reading them could follow along and understand what you were thinking.
4. Complete sentences.
Complete sentences are written describing your thought process when required. / Many answers are not written in complete sentences.
+0 / Some explanations are in incomplete sentences.
+3 / All explanations are written in complete sentences
5. Accuracy. / Many answers are incorrect, including answers for questions that should have been easy to figure out.
+0 / Some answers are incorrect, especially:
+ 3 + 4 / Almost all answers are correct.
6. Graphs have are correctly labeled and titled, and have been neatly and accurately drawn. / Graphs are sloppy and/or inaccurate.
+0 / Graphs are accurate, but should be drawn more neatly (lines are not drawn with a straightedge, etc).
+1 +2 / Graphs are neat and accurate.