There is ample free parking in the Frensham Little Pond car park shown on map 145. The Pond is signposted on the A287 just south of The Bridge hotel and just north of Frensham Great Pond. After the turn off, bear left at the corner car park and continue along the lane to reach the Frensham Little Pond car park.

Little Pond Walk

1. Walk up, into the woodland, past the National Trust Information Board. Frensham Little Pond soon comes into view over to the left. Continue along this path as it bears right, then take the first turning on the right at the orange marker. Follow the next marker post as you bear left and then go over a crossing track before you turn right on the wide sandy path, still following the orange signs.

2. Turn off at the low barrier on the left (Fire Access Keep Clear No 6) and keep ahead at the No Horses, No Cycles sign. Keep left at the next fork and pass behind a bench seat. Both Ponds now come into view, Great Pond to the right and Little Pond to the left. Take the next turning left, down the sandy slope and at the bottom bear left for a few metres in order to cross the main path and then turn right and immediately left along the National Trust Path. You are now going anti-clockwise round the Pond.

3. Stay close to the Pond in line with the NT marker posts. Cross the bridge on the plank walk and then bear left. Turn left at the fence and bear left again alongside the beach wall. Go past the ancient archway and take a final look back at the pond before arriving back at the car park.

Pub: The Fox, Lower Bourne (01252-716395) is highly recommended.

Picnic: a fisherman's seat by the Pond makes an excellent spot.

Frensham Ponds

Frensham Little Pond and Great Pond were originally created in the 13th century, to supply fish to the Bishop of Winchester and his court, whilst visiting Farnham Castle. Today the pond and surrounding area is a sanctuary for wildlife with always something new to see.


Parking at Frensham Great Pond is free except on weekends in Summer and on public holidays. The Pond is signposted on the A287 south of The Bridge Hotel along Bacon Lane.

Postcode: GU10 2QA

There's a visitor centre where you can also get something to eat or go to the toilet. There are self-guided trails but some of the marker posts are missing, so beware!

Great Pond Walk

1.Follow the boardwalk from the rear of the Visitor Centre. At the end turn left and then right on a wide sandy path. At a fork, bear hard left uphill (N) on a narrow path which bears round to the right with a wide heather border to your left. At the sandy BW turn left and at a fork bear right.

2.Cross over the A287 to the BW directly opposite (SE). At the T-junction turn left along the woodland path and then turn right at the BW sign, otherwise you'll come back to the road; almost at once, come to a junction and bear right past BW marker No 44 going gently uphill (S).

3.Maintain direction on BW No 44 along Snowball Ridge with Great and Little Ponds visible on either side. Ignore the BW sign just before the seat with "Happy Memories of this Spot" and go past a chestnut paling enclosure around a 4000 year old burial mound then, immediately before the second enclosure, turn right down the path; if you come to the seat "In memory of Roger Caryl" then you've gone just too far. At the bottom of the track you come to the bus stop where you cross over the A287 to the bus stop on the opposite side of the road.

4. At the wire enclosure, turn left and then immediately right between the wire fences. Follow the signs as directed for your dog, if you have one, and arrive back at the Visitor Centre.

Picnic: At the Visitor Centre where there are picnic tables or on a bench seat overlooking The Great Pond. Snacks are available most days at the Visitor Centre.

Pub: The Fox Inn, A287 Frensham Road, Lower Bourne is highly recommended.