International Trade Fair for Machine Tools, Manufacturing and Automation Technology

(March 7 to 10, 2017)


International Subcontracting Fair for Parts, Components, Modules and Technologies

(March 7 to 10, 2017)

Leipzig, March 16, 2017

Exhibitor comments relating to Intec 2017

Record sales reported

“At this year’s Intec we managed to post a record sales. We sold three machines with a total value of EUR 2.6 million. Even the number of visitors at our stand had doubled compared to 2015. We registered outstanding new inquiries of very high quality. We are extremely satisfied with our participation and will definitely be back in two years.”

Andreas Lindner, Managing Partner, BIMATEC SORALUCE

Positively surprised by the number of visitors

“We were on hand for the first time with our own stand. We are very satisfied, especially due to the fact that we were positively surprised by the number of visitors. Visitors came to us with specific inquiries, which make us optimistic about good follow-up business.”

Jaeho Cho, Manager, HWACHEON Machinery Europe GmbH

Ideal dates to kick-off industry business

“We were participating for the first time as an exhibitor of the Intec – and it was definitely worth it. On the one hand, because we received lots of attention thanks to our receipt of the Intec Award in the ‘Companies with less than 100 employees’ category with our NCSIMUL 4CAM solution. On the other hand, because we were able to conduct very high quality meetings and present our software solutions from the beginning of the trade fair. At the Intec we were able to easily meet our target groups. Even the dates selected for kicking off the industry’s inaugural event of the year were ideal for us. We were also positively impressed by the varied layout of the exhibition halls, where machine manufacturers were located directly next to software vendors. That shows: machines and software belong together in the digital era.”

Herbert Schönle, General Manager DACH, SPRING Technologies GmbH

Expectations on initial contacts were exceeded

“We were very satisfied with the Intec 2017. Visitor turnout and the percentage of highly qualified discussions were extraordinarily high. We have a constant flow of visitors at our stand, which made us very happy. The number of initial contacts that we made far exceeded our expectations. We also met a large number of customers from the region, which was very important for us. During the trade fair, we were able to discuss in detail and conclude many business transactions. For us one thing is clear: The Intec is definitely worth visiting.”

Stefan Grahle, Head of Sales Office East, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH

Successfully established trade fair

“I have visited the Intec many times and I must say that the trade fair has developed very well over the years. Everything fits together perfectly here in Leipzig. The trade fair may a good decision when scheduling the Intec to run over four days. Compared to the last iteration which took place in 2015, we have noted an increase in the number of visitors. And it is necessary note that the discussions and meetings we managed to conduct during the Intec deserve special mention. Visitors with very specific requirements stopped at our trade fair stand. The caliber of the trade visitors was also very good. For instance, we were also able welcome guests from Russia, Ukraine and Israel. For us, it is clear that the Intec is a successfully established trade fair.”

Peter Hermanns, Head of Sales for Universal Machines Central Europe, GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG

Catchment area considerably larger

“We were very impressed by the Intec 2017. We noted a very high number of visitors at our trade fair stand – a significant increase compared to the last iteration of the Intec. Besides, the Intec’s catchment area has become larger in our opinion. The trade fair is getting better with each iteration. It would be a mistake not to participate in the Intec.”

Andreas Vollmer, Member of Executive Board, Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn GmbH

International cooperation forums

“After the successes attained in the past years, we were happy to use this year’s Intec and Z as platform for our cooperation forums with company representatives from Russia, the CIS and Turkey. The pending modernizations of the industries in these countries played a key role here. On both days of the forums attention was placed on presenting current technologies and strategies, developing project concepts and drawing attention to potential cooperation partners from Saxony. Our Tristate Meeting with Saxony-Poland-Czech Republic followed a very similar concept. We also presented our new EU project ‘InnoCoopPolSax’, which focuses on leveraging the innovative potential in the Polish-Saxon border region.”

Peter Nothnagel, Managing Director, Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH

Important home field advantage in Leipzig

“We were able to meet with many existing customers and establish a wide variety of new business contacts. Different segments are represented at the Intec, the mix is just right. In addition, we noted the synergy effects of the parallel Z - Subcontracting, since many of our customers are suppliers of the automobile industry. Thus, I can already say: As a Chemnitz-based company, we are already planning to leverage our home field advantage and participate as an exhibitor in the next iteration in Leipzig.”

Heiko Stange, Sales Engineer, FMT Flexible Montagetechnik GmbH

Number of contacts increased

“The Intec is an important trade fair for us. Compared to our participation in the 2015 event, we managed to increase the number of contacts made – and that does not only include Central Germany. Most international visitors who visited our stand came from Czech Republic and Russia. During this year’s Intec, we were able to cultivate many very good contacts. And the interest in our new Focus machining center was very great. I am convinced that Heckert GmbH as part of the Starrag Group will be on hand again to participate in the next iteration of the Intec.”

Dr.-Ing. Michael Fiedler, Head of Sales at Heckert GmbH

Central communications platform for important customers

“This is the seventh time we have participated in the Intec to present our range of products here. For our company, the Intec is a central communications platform for reaching important customers from Eastern Germany. The trade fair has developed very well over the past few years and has become increasingly important. At this year's trade fair, we were able to conduct high-quality meetings and anticipate good follow-up business. That is why we are planning to participate again in 2019.”

Dr.-Ing. Dirk Prust, Managing Director of Technology / Chairman of Management Board, INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG Hahn & Tessky

Anticipating many orders

“We are very satisfied with our participation in the trade fair. After all, our stand at the Intec has experienced an increase in visitors with every iteration. That is why we increased the size of our stand as well as the number of employees on site this year. And that was a good decision. We were able to develop very good customer contacts, to some extent even in Bavaria. We also anticipate many contracts after the trade fair. The logistics of the event and the Leipziger Messe itself are well established, which is why we will happily participate in the next Intec.”

Henry Miersch, Stand Manager / Technical Consulting and Sales, HAINBUCH GMBH SPANNENDE TECHNIK

Trade fair stand expanded

“Due to the industry that is present here, Saxony is a very important region for us. As a long-standing exhibitor, we believe in Leipzig as a trade fair venue and have once again expanded our stand for this year’s trade fair. We are already planning on participating again. Both the quantity and the quality of the visitors, who came from North Rhine Westphalia, Bavaria and other areas, is very good.”

Günter Szerencsés, Head of Sales Germany / Member of Executive Board, ISCAR Germany GmbH

Cultivating long-standing business contacts

“Our stand was always very crowded during the entire trade fair. In Leipzig we met our regular customers and even acquired new customers as well. Since current operations are crucial for us, the Intec has been the ideal location for cultivating our long-standing business contacts for many years. The trade fair is a permanent fixture on our calendar, even with regard to the future, since we aim to get a better foothold in the machine construction industry.”

Lutz Schaller, Sales Manager, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

Sales territory completely covered

“The trade fair this year was very interesting. It goes without saying that we once again anticipate good follow-up business after the trade fair. We were very satisfied with the location of our stand, with the visitors and the discussions and meetings we had. At the Intec we make sure that our sales personnel get to meet with customers directly. The trade fair in Leipzig ensures that we are able to take care of our entire sales territory in Eastern Germany. We will definitely be participating in 2019.”

Jörg Modregger, Sales Manager for German Speaking Territories, BOMAR spol. s r.o.

Gaining in appeal

“We are one of the very first exhibitors of the Intec. Close proximity to our customers in Central Germany is very important for us at the Intec. The appeal of the event is always growing and has evolved into a real magnet with the increase in exhibitors representing the machine construction segment. Our overall assessment of our presence is very positive. The quality of the visitors was very high with about 50% representing existing customers and new potential customers.”

Jörg Wildner, Sales Manager Germany Northeast, SCHUNK GmbH und Co. KG

Improving relations to existing customers, new clients

“With our eye-catching race car and presentation of our portfolio, we created an ambiance at our stand that clearly showed: Haas Automation Europe is able to make full use of its strengths and is well positioned when it comes to Industry 4.0. This approach works very well. We had many good discussions at our stand. For instance, we were able to further improve relations with our long-standing customers and gain new clients as well. We are very satisfied and will come again in 2019.”

Jens Thing, Managing Director, Haas Automation Europe

Intec has undergone incredible development

“We have been coming to the Intec for a long time now and will happily return again in the future. The trade fair has undergone incredible development over the past few years. Here we are able to meet our target groups, i.e. trade visitors which we hope to meet in advance. We were able to conduct very technical discussions and talked with visitors about specific orders. The Intec is one of the most important trade fairs for us.”

Jörg Baumann, Head of Sales / Authorized Officer, Zimmer GmbH

Consulting far beyond the hectic pace of daily business

“The Intec represents a wonderful opportunity for looking after our customers and providing intensive consulting far beyond the hectic pace of daily business. That is why we have been regularly participating since the first event. Here in Leipzig we present our products for our sales territory in Eastern Germany. Many existing customers asked specifically about new joint projects this year, which will certainly result in good follow-up business to the trade fair. We will be back in two years to take part again.”

Dr. Andreas Ulbricht, Sales Management Germany East, FESTO Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

Definitely planning on participating again

“As one of the first exhibitors of the Intec, we can say: The Intec has undergone very good development. Here we meet our customers from Eastern Germany and Lower Saxony and even from Czech Republic. Trade fair goers in Leipzig are professionals and specialists who have very specific inquiries. The Intec is thus a very important trade fair for us. Our overall assessment is very positive. We are definitely planning on participating again.”

Andreas Drescher, Technical Consulting / Sales, CHIRON-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG

Cultivating business contacts

“The Leipziger Messe possesses an excellent infrastructure and is very important for us when it comes to canvassing new customers. From the very first day of the Intec, we had very interesting discussions with interested parties from Poland, Czech Republic, Lower Saxony, Brandenburg and North Rhine Westphalia. And the caliber of the visitors deserves special mention. Cultivating business contacts works extraordinarily well here. We were very satisfied with the trade fair.”

Mike Wagner, Office Manager at Technology Center Chemnitz, EMCO GmbH & Co. KG

About Leipziger Messe

Leipziger Messe is one of the ten leading trade fair companies in Germany and numbers among the Top 50 worldwide. It stages events in Leipzig and in various locations elsewhere in Germany and abroad. With five subsidiaries and the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) the Leipziger Messe corporate group offers integrated event expertise that is exemplary for the organisation of state-of-the-art trade fairs, conventions and events. Thanks to this range of services, in 2016 clients and visitors voted Leipziger Messe the Service Champion of the trade fair industry in Germany’s biggest service ranking for the third time in a row. The Leipzig trade fair centre takes in an exhibition area of 111,900 m² and has open-air grounds of 70,000 m². Around 280 events take place here every year – trade fairs, exhibitions, conventions and functions – attended by up to 12,000 exhibitors and over 1.2 million visitors from all over the world. Leipziger Messe was the first German trade fair company to be certified to Green Globe Standard. Sustainability is one of the guiding principles for Leipziger Messe’s business activities. In 2017 Leipziger Messe celebrated its trademark’s centenary. The double-M is one of the world’s oldest trade fair brands and recalls the sample fairs that were developed in Leipzig and which still form the basis of today’s trade fair industry.

About Intec and Z

The trade fair combination Intec and Z will take place in 2017 from March 7 to 10 at Leipzig's Exhibition Center. In the odd-numbered years the Intec is the first important industry venue for Germany's and Europe's metal processing industry. Its core areas include machine tools, systems for automated manufacturing as well as the entire production technologies for metal processing. The Z is one of the leading international supplier trade fairs in Europe. Its product range – e.g., semi-finished products, parts, components and industrial services – is geared primarily to customers from the machinery and plant construction, tool construction and vehicle industry.

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