Updated 11/17/16

Scholarship Application

In order to receive full consideration, applications must be submitted to the Theatre & Dance Office (Gordon Wilson Hall, room 300) by 4:30 pm, Friday, Feb. 17th, 2017.

Eligibility: This application is for current WKU Department of Theatre & Dance majors applying for the following scholarships: The Mrs. T.C. Cherry Scholarship, The O.V. Clark Scholarship, The Colonel Oscar Payne Cleaver Scholarship, The James Brown Scholarship, The D. Whitney Combs Scholarship, The Jackson Kesler Costuming Scholarship, The William Leonard Scholarship, The Russell H. Miller Scholarship, The Dance Educators Scholarship, The Joseph Levinoff Dance Scholarship, The Jeffrey Mildenstein Dance Scholarship, The Doris Owens Dance Scholarship, The Beverly Veenker Dance Scholarship.

Theatre & Dance majors applying for these scholarships must not be on any form of academic probation or warning. Theatre & Dance majors who are currently enrolled as full time students are eligible to apply. Please note, students who receive a scholarship will be expected to send a letter of thanks to the benefactor.

This is NOT the application form for the Potter College Creative Arts Scholarship. (The Potter College Creative Arts Scholarship is intended for incoming freshmen and requires a separate application as well as an audition and/or interview prior to beginning WKU.)

Name: ______Date: ______

Current semester in school: 1st ______Advisor: ______

2nd ____ 3rd _____ 4th _____ 5th ______Concentration: ______

6th ____ 7th _____ 8th _____ 9+______Degree you are pursuing: ______

Email: ______Phone: ______

Student #: ______

Reason you are applying for a Theatre & Dance Department Scholarship:

Financial Need ______Merit ______Both ______

Have you ever previously received a departmental scholarship? Yes _____ No _____

If so, when and in what amount? ______

Are you a GSA Alum? Yes _____No ____ / If yes: Full _____Partial ______

Are you currently receiving any additional scholarship(s)? Yes_____ No ______If so, please list: ______

Are you currently enrolled full time? Yes_____ No ______

Do you plan to enroll full time next fall? Yes_____ No ______/ Spring? Yes_____ No ______

Do you have a part-time job? Yes_____ No ______

How many hours on average do you work per week? ______

Please answer the following questions on a separate page. Also attach a current Theatre & Dance Student Production Resume. These may be found at: http://www.wku.edu/theatre-and-dance/departmental-forms.php. Please type your answers.

1. Please describe why you believe you should receive a scholarship based on merit:

2. Please describe why you believe you should receive a scholarship based on need:

3. Please describe any additional information that we should be aware of when considering your application: