Due Date: Thursday, April 3 (in class). Assignments will be accepted until Thursday,

April 10 with a penalty of 2%/school day.

Value: 25% of Winter term grade


This essay can be completed either by yourself or as a group project with up to four co-authors. If you are writing the essay by yourself, the following instructions apply: Write an 8-10 page essay (typed, double-spaced, 12 point font) on either one of the two questions provided below. This is a research project and so you must engage in research material from beyond your textbooks. Specifically, you must have at least eight secondary sources and half of them must be fairly recent (i.e., within the past decade). Newspaper and popular magazine articles may be used but they can count for no more than four of your requisite eight secondary sources (even if you end up using far more). For a group project, both the length of the assignment and the number of secondary sources need to be increased. The assignment should be approximately 13-14 pages long (typed, double-spaced, 12 point font) and the secondary sources increases to 12.

I am not particular about which style of citation you use so long as you follow two general principles: (1) you consistently use whatever style you choose (so don’t switch back and forth between, e.g., the MLA and APA); and, most importantly, you cite in such a way to make it maximally easy for me as a reader to look up the source quickly and efficiently. Finally, you must submit with your essay a copy of the first page of every secondary source you cite. Two sources to keep in mind when researching your essay are the following: (1) The Philosopher’s Index and (2) Jstor. The Library has both of these electronic resources and they are invaluable for writing philosophy papers. The Philosopher=s Index is a searchable database that provides titles and abstracts to articles and books written in philosophy. There are no full-text articles here, however: you can use this source to find articles that you might want, but then you have to search our Library and/or use interlibrary loan to get the material. Jstor does have full-texts on-line although it is not nearly as comprehensive as The Philosopher’s Index. Drop by my office (or the Library) for help with these resources if you have trouble figuring them out on your own. You should also feel free to drop by to discuss all aspects of your paper with me.

1.Investigate the case of Terri Schiavo. What was the proper course of action to take in the case? Was this achieved? Could it have been achieved better or differently? Defend your position with arguments.

2.Research the “global obesity epidemic.” What is it, and what do researchers say is its resolution.? Do you agree with them? Defend your position with arguments.