Curriculum Vita

Mary Leslie Mohan

Department of Communication - Blake B

State University of New York College at Geneseo

I College Circle

Geneseo, NY 14454

Office Phone: (585) 245-5233


Ph.D. Kent State University -- Research Focus: Organizational Communication

Dissertation Research: Developed Triangulated Methodology to Assess Organizational Culture, Leadership and Commitment in Public Universities

M.A. The University of Akron -- Research Focus: Public Relations

Thesis Research: Conducted a National Survey to Assess Marketing Practices in Fine Arts Organizations

A.B. Ursuline College - Kappa Gamma Pi Honor Society

Area of Concentration: English (literature and writing)

Minor: Journalism - Secondary Education Certification


1987 - present -- Associate Professor, Department of Communication

State University of New York College at Geneseo

v Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Minor in Integrated Marketing Communications

v Internship Faculty Director

My past experience has been in the areas of Secondary Education English instruction/curriculum, and in public relations consultation for a wide range of organizations.

College Teaching

v Theory and Practice of Public Relations

v Public Relations Case Problems

v Organizational Communication (introductory and advanced levels)

v Interpersonal Conflict and Mediation

v Media Advertising

v Radio and Television Writing

v Business and Professional Speaking/Presentational Speaking in Organizations

v Coping with Speech Anxiety

v Research Methods

Teaching Philosophy Statement:

My teaching philosophy is grounded in the integration of theory and practice as a foundation for the learning process. In organizational communication courses, students need to have a firm grasp of the historical development of the field, diverse theoretical approaches, and also prove their ability to translate knowledge of concepts into action.

I have successfully integrated a consulting component into organizational and public relations courses that enables students to work with actual clients, in order to develop strategic communication plans that solve institutional problems. These Service Learning projects allow students to utilize critical and analytical abilities, while assisting the larger community beyond the classroom. This model also entails considerable time spent outside of classroom instruction in the role of a mentor and guide in the process of discovery to foster the growth of each individual student.

Another key theme that characterizes my teaching philosophy is the centrality of my personal research in course development. My own organizational research involves extensive contact with public, private, and nonprofit institutions, therefore, I am able to bring to classes a realistic picture of contemporary institutions. This first-hand contact is highly useful in continual revision of syllabi and in the types of examples and cases that can be brought into class lecture and discussion.

Integrated Marketing Communications Minor/Internship Director:

v Initiated curricular design based on national guidelines of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) & Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)

v Increased substantially, the range of opportunities available to majors, minors, and other qualified candidates

v Supervise on average, 25 – 35 interns during the Fall, Spring and Summer sessions.


Selective list of Refereed Publications and Conference Presentations

Mohan, M. L. (1993). Organizational communication and cultural vision: Approaches for analysis. State University of New York Press.

Makay, J. J., & Mohan, M. L. (1991). An intradisciplinary perspective: Multiple methods of inquiry and faculty development. Association for Communication Bulletin, 76: 25-31.

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Book review of W. Lazer's Handbook of Demographics for Marketing and Advertising: New Trends in the American Marketplace (2 Ed.) in Public Relations Review 22:2 Summer, 1996.

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Organizational Culture Transformation: How Change Agents Use Technology to Bridge Culture Gaps. Eastern Communication Association regional meeting, Pittsburgh, PA. (1995, May).

The Diversity Rebellion: Voices from the Organizational Center and the Edge. Speech Communication Association national meeting, San Antonio, TX. (1995, November).

Is Management Dead...or Born Again as Coach, Partner, Mentor, or Team Player? New York State Speech Communication Association annual meeting, Monticello, NY. (1996, October).

Downsizing and the Emerging Corporate Culture: Fostering or Destroying Diversity? National Communication Association annual meeting, New York, NY (1998, November).

Pedagogy in the Organizational Classroom: Student Consulting Projects that Tackle Real World Problems. Eastern Communication Association regional conference, Pittsburgh. PA (April, 2000).

Bridging Theory and Practice With Service Learning Projects in Public Relations and Media Production. Eastern Communication Association regional conference, Portland, Maine (April, 2001).

Radicalizing Communication Experiences in the Classroom: Discovery through Service Learning Panel. National Communication Association annual meeting. Atlanta, GA (November, 2001).

Building Community: Emerging Strategies for Dispute Resolution in Contemporary Corporate Settings. Eastern Communication Association regional conference. New York, NY (Spring 2002).

A Multi-Campus Classroom Intervention to Increase Organ and Tissue Donation – Meeting of the New York Alliance for Donation and HRSA Research Partners Albany, NY (Spring 2004).

Mentored Student Research Projects:

v Trends in Workforce Diversity Initiatives - Student Researcher: Maxime Francis

v Assessment of Corporate Human Resource Departments - Student Research: Kerry Gillam

v Evolution of Public Relations in the Age of The Internet - Student Research: Amy Babiarz

Debut Paper Presented at the Eastern Communication Association Conference, Portland, Maine, Spring 2001 - The Internet: Changing the Face of Corporate Public Relations

v Activating America: Advertisers Respond to Terror – Student Research: Kathryn Navarra

Paper was competitively selected as one of the Top Three student papers and Top Three Poster presentations at the Eastern Communication Association Conference, New York, NY. Spring, 2002.

v Activating America (Part Two): Advertisements Post 9/11- Exploitation or Public Good?

Paper was competitively selected for presentation at the Eastern Communication Association Conference, Spring, 2003.

v Transforming the Image of a Campus Health Center - Student Research: Elizabeth Gorman, Amy Penrose, Lauren Werle

Awarded Top Poster Presentation at Rochester Institute of Technology Undergraduate Research Conference, Spring 2004

v Creating a Public Information Campaign on Organ Donation: Persuasive Strategies for College Audiences – Student Research: Laura Taczak, Kara Sweeney, Rebecca Sutherland

Grant Funding:

January 2003: Received $6,000 Grant from the New York Alliance for Donation

v Coordinated Research Project on Creation of Instructional Model for College Public Relations Courses (partnered with Rochester Eye and Human Tissue Bank

v Supervised survey research using focus groups and quantitative instruments to assess campus perceptions regarding organ donation

v Instructed/advised students in production of public information campaigns to increase level of organ donors on campus

v Geneseo Student Research and Campaign Templates used in national HRSA-funded research studies exploring interpersonal dimensions of informing family of personal decision to become a donor

September 2004 – May 2006: Awarded $10,000 Grant from HRSA funded NYAD

New York Alliance for Donation to mentor student public information campaigns promoting organ and tissue donation

Service Learning Initiatives:

Re-visioning Geneseo -- Main Street Merchants/Uptown Image

v Worked with Public Relations students to survey campus publics' opinions of individual uptown merchants and overall image of Geneseo's Main Street

v Resulted in creation of Geneseo Merchants' Association and Weekend of Welcome Special Event

Sister City Project for Novgorod, Russia

v Coordinated student-run focus groups to research public opinion of native Russians regarding concepts of foster care and adoption

v Materials produced by students used in a successful grant proposal written by Rochester's Social Services to fund the production of print and electronic materials persuading Russian citizens to consider foster care as a viable option to orphanages

v Project templates sent to University class in Russia for revision and implementation

Revitalization of Village of Mount Morris - Chamber of Commerce

v Coordinated student research of public perception of the Village

v Assisted students in conducting focus groups and guided interviews of key publics

v Supervised design of strategic marketing plan presented to Chamber of Commerce officials

Geneseo Development -- Gateway Project

v Mentored students in designing a mail survey sent to a random sample of Geneseo Town and Village Residents

v Analyzed and presented research report to Town Supervisor and Board

Genesee Valley Greenway

v Supervised research and strategic marketing communications plan of print, electronic and internet promotional materials to alter public opinion regarding the Greenway

Livingston County Center for Alcohol and Substance Abuse

v Student research resulted in change of organization's name/logo

Lauderdale Health and Counseling Center - Educational Initiative

v Guided students through stages of creation and analysis of public opinion surveys to assess campus perceptions of emerging health issues in areas such as internet addiction, sleep deprivation, increasing levels of alcohol abuse and stress

v Facilitated research and creative pieces to change image of organization

President’s Commission on Diversity and Community

v Develop Plan for clarification of image and raising awareness of campus diversity initiatives

Interdisciplinary Partnership with Small Business Development Center at SUNY Geneseo

Development of marketing plans for small businesses including:

C.Y Concepts, Inc. (OSHA Consultant) – supervised re-design of print materials

South Wedge Restaurant District:

v Supervised student teams in creation of extensive long and short-term marketing plan targeting a variety of publics

v Coordinated designs for electronic, print, and interpersonal channels to reach publics and target audiences identified in strategic plan

Additional Service Learning Community Clients Include:

o Livingston County Dog Control

o Geneseo's International Programs - Office of the Dean

o Center for Community - Dean of Students (Inter-Greek Council and Alcohol Concerns)

o Livingston County ARC

o 1941 Historic Aircraft Group

o H.O.R.S.E. Rescue/Sanctuary

o Rochester Design Center - Architectural Consulting firm



Adviser to Student Organizations:

v PRSSA Public Relations Student Society of America (Fall 1987-Spring 2004)

v PR Visions and First Knight Productions , student-run public relations firms

v Mentor for Bateman Case Problem National Competitions

v Liaison between Rochester Professional PRSA members to create funding opportunities for student travel to conferences and internship opportunities –

v PRSA awarded Geneseo’s Student Chapter over $4,000.00 in Grant monies for travel to national conferences

Noteworthy Achievements:

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), 1994-95.

Chapter won PRSSA President's Citation, Newsletter Excellence, and Outstanding Chapter Awards at the Regional Meeting, Spring, 1995


Chair, Personnel Committee (1991-92 and 1994-present).

Served Department as Theory Assessment Reader/Rater for college

Chair, Search Committee (1994-95).

Supervised intern editing Departmental Print Newsletter (1987-95)

Course Coordinator for Business Speaking Course (1987-91).

Curriculum Revision:

v Public Relations Minor Revision as Integrated Marketing Communications Minor - Innovative curriculum design reflects current integration of public relations, advertising, marketing functions

v Course Design for Comn 201 – Coping with Speech Anxiety

Individualized instructional design addresses problems with anxiety in public communication contexts; open to broad range of majors, ranging from natural sciences. professional programs and social sciences

Provides training in modification of cognitive, physiological, and behavioral manifestations of communication apprehension


Senior Oration Competition Committee, 2005

Presentation to college faculty and staff in Teaching Learning Center on: Fostering Analytical Skills through Service Learning Projects, January, 2004

College Senate Treasurer and member of Executive Committee '99-2000

College Planning Council (1995-98) - service on four subcommittees: small grants, college vision statement, foreign language requirement, summer curriculum fellowships

Senator at Large, College Senate (elected to two terms 1989-1993)

Faculty Affairs Committee (1991-93) - Chaired subcommittee on Student Opinion of Faculty Instruction (SOFI form redesign)

Academic Standards Committee (member from 1991-1993)

Research Council (member 1993-94 and 1998-2001)

General Education Committee (member 1991-93; 1997-98)

Served on depth in the core curriculum, language requirement subcommittees

Nonwestern Traditions Core Committee (member from 1992-1997)

Faculty Development Committee (member 1991-94)

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Service Committee (1997)

Career Services Advisory Board

Search Committee for Resident Director - Student/Campus Life (Spring-Summer 1996)

Reader for Commencement Ceremony (1989-1996); Marshall (2001)

Certified New York State: Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Completed college-sponsored training program to serve in the Campus Mediation Center

Asheville Institute on General Education: American Association of Colleges and Universities

(June 1994) - Member of the five-person Geneseo team that participated in a week-long workshop on interdisciplinary approaches to general education

Professional/Disciplinary Service:

New York State Speech Communication Association NYSSCA - Executive Secretary (1989-92)

v Coordinated Student Research Debut Paper program

v Designed Logo and all print material for organization

v Increased and maintained membership rosters and conference registration by substantial margins

Eastern Communication Association, Newsletter Editor (1989-92)

Mass Communication Academic Advisory Committee of The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. Washington, D.C.

Editorial Boards/Scholarly Reviews:

v Speech Communication Annual Editorial Board - 1987 – 96

v Communication Research Reports Editorial Board - 1996 – present

( review 8-10 manuscripts in Organizational Communication/Public Relations yearly)

v Textbook Reviewer: Allyn & Bacon, A Pearson Education Company, Prentice Hall, Houghton Mifflin: (selected examples of recent reviews)

O'Hair, D., Friedrich, G. W., & Dixon, L. D. (2002). Strategic communication in business and the professions (4E). Houghton Mifflin. (also reviewed 2, 3 Eds)

Dodd, Carley (in publication) Managing Communication in Business and Professional Settings.

German, Gronbeck, Ehninger and Monroe, 14th Ed. Principles of Public Speaking.

Luloffs, R. S. & Cahn, D.D. 3 Ed. Conflict from Theory to Action. Allyn & Bacon.

Community Service Presentations and Affiliations:

"Creating More Challenging Internships." Rochester Region Association of Directors of Volunteer Services. Tompkins Hospital, Ithaca, NY, Jan., 1993

"Public Relations -- The Key Questions." Livingston County Chamber of Commerce, Fall,1994.

"Designing a Public Relations Program to Fit Your Organization's Needs and Reach Key Publics." Chances and Changes Inc., Advisory Board, Spring, 1994.

Member of BOCES Geneseo Migrant Center's Advisory Committee on Student Community Service

Conducted Advertising class for 13-15 year old students as a part of the "Take your Daughter to Work Day" Program on campus.

Faculty Advisor – Interfaith Center (2001-02)


Carol and Michael Harter Faculty Mentoring Award 2001

Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society – Honorary Faculty Inductee

Geneseo Organization for Leadership Development (GOLD) Award for Outstanding Faculty Adviser in a Co-curricular Activity