A formal request for the resignation of Jackie Ford.
Jackie Ford has conspired without authorization by the Board, to move the West Coast Swing Dance Club from its current venue where the Board of Directors can function as designed, to a venue where the powers of several Directors would be usurped. This violates thebylaws of this organization and the codes of incorporation which prohibit giving away our fiduciary responsibility and financial obligationto a made for profit organization and render the Club helpless to hold it’s own dance governed by it’s Board of Directors.
Two years ago, Jackie conspired and tried to rally support to another venue, KC’s. The result was a divided Club and a divided dance community. The community has just healed and become united again but we as a club still have not recouped the financial loss of that time. The Club is doing better now than it has in the last two years. Membership is up. Attendance is up. The Club is making money.

The results of Jackie’s current efforts to move the Club can have no other effect than to undermine the stability of this Club again. This time she has gone even further and organized a “non-meeting” where conspired ideas were to be presented to the Board, outside of a regular scheduled Board meeting and without prior notice which again is in violation of the bylaws. Over half of the proposal addresses the detailed handling of contests, which further confirms Jackie's conspiratory involvement in planning the proposal. Even after this “non-meeting,” and after several Board members had stated they were not in favor of pursuing the proposal, Jackie continued negotiations outside of the board, forwarding her own agenda. This is evident by the fact that the promoter sent out a “revised proposal” with even more contest-related addendums. Further still, when Board members cited the existence of a contract that prohibited such a move, Jackie tried todevise ways- again without Board consent- to illegally break that contract. She won’t stop, no matter what the board votes on.
Jackie has consistently and persistently brought legislation in front of this Board that promotes her own agenda, wasting board meeting time and taking away from quality time to promote things for the membership as a whole.
She shows minimal tono support for the Club unless it is contest related. She refuses to even sit at the Club’s table at conventions or events. She does not attend the Sunday dances unless there is a contest. Yet she consistently supports other venues.

The Club has Director positions that make decisions on behalf of its members, not for the Director itself. The Club adheres to the motions voted on by the Board and supports the Board. To suggest that anyone single Director can make decisions based on their own agenda is in direct violation of the bylaws and this Director should be held accountable.
So, before bringing charges and trying to forcefully remove Jackie, I am formally asking Jackie to resign.

If you truly believe that the insurance issue is enough of a problem to leave, then go.
If you truly believe that the air conditioning is enough of a problem to leave, then go.
If you truly believe that having the same deejay every week is the best thing for Club members, then go.
If you truly believe that working for Jack Smith is the better way to go, then go.
And if you truly believe that somewhere other than Memories is a better place to holddances, then go.

You have a great opportunity to start something new, how you envision it, and without conflict from this Board. So, for whatever reason you choose, please, just go.