Packet from Terrier Tussle 9

Tossups by MIT Romulus and MIT Ismail

Round 13 TOSSUPS

1. Roughly a decade after its founding, this group of authors split into two smaller groups: the aesthetes, who were fascinated by contemporary {*) French culture, and the regionalists, who favored local subject matter and language. FTP, name the Canadian school Jean Charbonneau founded in 1895, which included Emile Nelligan.


2. Born in Dvinsk Russia in 1903, he moved to Portland at age ten. He wanted people viewing his art to have religious experiences, and a non-denominational church in (*) Houston bears his name. By the end of his career, his paintings consisted of two or three soft-edged rectangles, stacked on top of one another. FTP name this abstract expressionist, known for inventing the style of color-field painting.

answer: Mark _ ROTHKO _

3. This novel opens with an editor's notice that the book was ready for publication prior to the Revolution of 1830, followed by quotations from (*) Danton and Hobbes. Its story is that of the small town of Verrieres, and the fortunes of a young schoolteacher and the family for whom he works. FTP, name this Stendhal novel whose central character is Julien Sorel.

answer: The _Red and the Black.

(accept .Rouge et Noir. or equivalents)

4. Guilds flourished in this medieval city of 400,000 people, which consisted of two separate cities until the larger overran and conquered its neighbor. The city was subdivided into neighborhoods known as calpulli. An extensive religious complex with (*) ball courts, pyramids, and calmecacs could also be found in, FTP, what capital city of the Aztecs?

answer: _Technotitlan_

5. It begins "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again." In it, a young woman marries a wealthy old Englishman — only to discover that she is overshadowed by the (*) memory of his recently deceased wife. FTP name this Daphne du Maurier novel, which has also been adapted as a Hitchcock movie and a miniseries on Masterpiece Theatre starring Diana Rigg, Emilia Fox, and Charles Dance.

Answer: _ REBECCA _


6. Forming Element 108 in the online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, these numbers appear as the solution of many (*) combinatoric problems. FTP, name the family of numbers that counts the number of ways to divide a regular polygon into triangles along diagonals and shares its name with a European language.


(also accept _SEGNER NUMBERS.)

7. In Vergil's Aeneid, he is the murderer of Sychaeus and brother to (*) Dido. Another bearing this name was described by Philostephanus as a king who led a cult centered around an ivory statue. Ovid later changed the story so the king was instead a sculptor who created the statue as the image of the ideal woman. FTP, who was the creator of Galatea and the namesake of a George Bernard Shaw play.

Answer: _ PYGMALION _

8. The final outcome is considered to be the Lutheran response to Charles V's Edict of Worms and the anti-secularization policies of the Imperial Court of Appeals. Among its (*) parties were the Dukes of Saxony and Brunswick. FTP, name this largely protestant German mutual defense organization, founded in 1531 to defend against possible attacks by Charles V.

answer: The _LEAGUE OF SCHMALKALD_EN (shh-MALL-kawl-din)

9. Raised in East Meadows, NY, he played for University of Massachusetts before leaving school to play professionally for the ABA'S Virginia Squires in (*) 1971. As a member of the Nets, he led the team to championships in 1974 and 1976. FTP, name this Hall of Famer who, along with Moses Malone, led the 76ers to the NBA crown in 1983.

answer: Julius _ERVING _ (prompt on "Doctor J")

10. The call of the bird is not mentioned in this work as part of the "trinity" ushered in by spring, although the author does link song to thought at various points in the poem's {*) sixteen sections, the most famous of which is the fourteenth, which includes the "Death Carol." Set to music by Roger Sessions, name FTP this longest of poems from Walt Whitman's Memories of President Lincoln.

answer: _When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd_

11. This year it will occur in mid-March, but it gets eleven days earlier each year. Its central event occurs at the plain of (*) Arafat, and is commemorated in the rest of the world by the Eid ul-Adha [EED ool-UD-hah], or Feast of the Sacrifice. FTP, identify this event, the world's largest annual religious gathering, the fulfillment of every Muslim's duty of pilgrimage to Mecca.

answer: _Haj j_

12. The female lead has been excommunicated for adultery. Her ex-soldier lover, however, has abandoned her for an affair with the wife of a local (*) teamster. When the husband finds out about the affair, he challenges Turridu to duel, in which the latter dies. FTP, this is the plot of what-opera about Sicily by Pietro Mascagni.


13. This alkaloid is a powerful insecticide, which is why some plants manufacture it. It kills insects by disrupting their nervous systems; in (*) humans it can act as either stimulant or relaxant, depending on dosage. Natives in the New World used it extensively for medicinal purposes. FTP, name this addictive drug obtained from cigarettes.

answer: _NICOTINE_

14. In October 1999, a $27 million lawsuit was filed against him by a Canadian hockey fan, accusing him of interference in the contractual relationship between his team and their fans. With (*) forty-four goals and fifty points in the 1998-1999 season, he was by far his team's leading scorer last season. FTP, name this Ottawa Senator who may have run afoul of the law in his contract negotiation holdout.

answer: Alexei _YASHIN_

15. Created during the 1200's, it has two parts: the first is the only extant source of medieval Passion plays, and the second consists of songs, mainly in rhymed (*) Latin verse with some in German. FTP, name this manuscript, whose name is derived from the Benediktbeuren [BEH neh deekt BOY ren] monastery in which it was discovered, which gave its name to a famous 1937 Carl Orff work.


16. Ion microprobe oxygen isotopic analysis can be used to "fingerprint" them. Recent tests, on the (*) crown of an Indian ruler and a Roman_earring, have indicated that mines for them in Pakistan and Colombia, thought to have been discovered in the twentieth century, were actually known in antiquity. FTP, name these oxygen-rich green gems.

answer: _EMERALDS_

17. He ruled Si-Fan with an iron hand for 45 years, although as time wore on, he was gradually transformed from a self-serving criminal (*) mastermind to a dedicated anti-communist, as the sentiments of his author, Sax Rohmer changed. Thanks to dozens of radio shows and movie serials, he is remembered today for his long fingernails and drooping black mustache. FTP name this Mandarin master of crime.

answer: _FU MANCHU

18. He defined morality as those qualities which are approved by almost everyone and by whomever possesses them. Moreover, he proposed that morality is based on feelings, not {*) knowledge. Keeper of the Advocates' Library in Edinburgh, his entire works were placed on the Roman Catholic Index in 1761. A protector of Rousseau, name, FTP, this author of An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals and History of England.

answer: David _HUME_

19. Although this man became president of the Rothschild bank in Paris only four years after entering the business, he is better known for his (*) political achievements, which include negotiating a cease-fire with Algerian guerillas in 1961. FTP, name the man who served as premier of France from April 1962 to July 1968 and gave his name to an "inside-out" art museum.

answer: Georges-Jean-Raymond _POMPIDOU _

20. "Doctor Invincible" may sound like a character from Marvel Comics, but it was the nickname of this medieval theologian. He was excommunicated after fighting with (*) Pope John the Twenty-Second over whether Christ and the apostles owned property, but is best remembered for advocating the principle that entities are not to be multiplied beyond necessity. FTP, this man who was not a barber.

answer: _William of Ockham_ (prompt on either name)

21. This compound is a precursor to the kynurenine pathway, which is responsible for inflammation of tissues around the nervous system following severe trauma. It can also be used by the body to {*) synthesize serotonin and niacin. One of the essential amino acids, it was first isolated from casein in 1901 by Frederick G. Hopkins. FTP, name this amino acid, which has the one-letter abbreviation W.

answer: _TRYPTOPHAN_

22. According to their manufacturer, they can be used to make lasagna, eclairs, and shortcakes. Other preparation techniques include Ohio-Style, delMar, malt, and (*) puree. Most people, however, will prefer to make fun of this often maligned snack, especially when dealing with murdered San Francisco politicians. FTP, name this yellow cake with cream filling produced by Hostess.

answer: _TWINKIES_

23. This psychologist's earliest research used word association to discover people had emotionally charged clusters of associated words, which he called {*) complexes. He later suggested classifying people as extroverted or

introverted. FTP name this man, best known for his theory of archetypes and the collective unconscious.

answer: Carl Gustav _JUNG_

24. The house used for the show burned down in 1991. When shown in Spain, an inept Italian waiter was dubbed over the bumbling Catalan of the original. In all, only 13 episodes were made, before its creator ran out of anagrams to stick on the opening sign. FTP name this BBC staple set in Torquay about a hotel run by John Cleese.

answer: _ FAWLTYTOWERS _

25.Founded in 1710, this city is or was home to Brookley Air Force Base,
SpringHillCollege, and the annual Azalea Trail Festival. Located at the
mouth of its namesake river, it is the seat of its namesake county, and forts
(*) Morgan and Gaines are situated at the entrance to its namesake bay. For
10 points—name this southern port city, the birthplace of Hank Aaron where
the torpedos were damned.

answer: _Mobile_, Alabama

26.Manufacturers Transmeta Corporation say it will find its way into
laptops and portable internet devices, because it uses a fraction of the
power of today's (*) microchips and can lengthen battery life. It can adjust
its operating speed depending on the application, as opposed to Intel chips
which always run top speed. FTP, name this creation of Linus Torvalds.

answer: _ CRUSOE _


1.Given the ancient African city, name the civilization by which it was

[5] Timbuktu ANSWER: _MALI_ [do not accept Songhai]

[10] Gao

ANSWER: _SONGHAI_ [accept Sonrhai; do not accept Mali]

[15] Kumbi Saleh ANSWER: _GHANA_

2.Identify the following saints FTPE.

A.He is the patron saint of England and has a hall at WindsorCastle named
for him.

answer: Saint _GE0RGE_

B.The bishop of Myra is the patron saint of Russia, children, brides, and
pawn brokers.

answer: Saint _NICH0LAS_

C.This saint was the penultimate Saxon king of England before he died in
1066. He laid the foundation for Westminster Abbey.


3.According to the NFL Rules Digest, what are the appropriate penalties for
the following rules violations? FTPE.

[a]Kicking a loose ball— ANSWER: _TEN YARDS_

[b]Team's late arrival on the field prior to scheduled kickoff ANSWER: .FIFTEEN YARDS AND LOSS OF COIN TOSS_ option

[c]Fair catch interference ANSWER: _FIFTEEN YARDS_

4.First, identify the meters of the following quotations.
[5] "Forth reaching to the Fruit, she pluck'd, she eat:

Earth felt the wound, and Nature from her seat."


[10] "That, like a wounded snake, drags its slow length along."


[15] Five points for one, fifteen for both, name the poems from which those quotations are taken?


5.30-20-10, identify the year.

30: Cyrus P. Dalkin of Concord, Massachusetts invents carbon copies.

20: The Honduras achieve independance from Mexico and join the United Provinces of Central America.

10: Monroe introduces his doctrine.

answer: _1823_ <CE)

6.Give the impedance for each fragment of a circuit with frequency omega,
in terms of omega and i FTPE.

A: An inductor with inductance L and no resistance.

answer: _i*OMEGA*L _

(The product of i, omega, and L. Accept simplified mathematical equivalents.)

B: A capacitor with capacitance C.

answer: .1/(i*0MEGA*C) _ or _-i/ (OMEGA*C) _

C: Now assume omega is very small. What is the impedance, approximately, of a capacitor in parallel with an inductor that also has a resistance R.

answer: _i*OMEGA*L+R _-

7.Now it's time for everyone's favorite kind of question: the linked-
answers bonus. For instance, "A Margaret Mitchell romance and a Herman Wouk
drama" would be "Gone with the Winds of War." Try these pairs FTPE.

A: A Swedish coming-of-age drama set in the 1950s and a classic Al Pacino movie.


B: A Shaw play whose title comes from Vergil and a 1972 musical based on Cervantes.


C: A novel by Charles Dickens and an American song covered by the Beatles. answer: .OLIVER TWIST AND SHOUT_

8.Give the term for a mathematical system that has each of the following
properties FTPE.

A: Every Cauchy sequence converges.

answer: _COMPLETE _

B: Every polynomial has a root.

answer: .ALGEBRAICALLY CLOSED _ (Prompt on "closed")

C: Every non-empty subset has a least element.

answer: _WELL-ORDERED _

9.Answer the following questions about Sherlock Holmes FTPE.

A: In what story is Sherlock asked to uncover the origins of a pair of human ears received in the mail?


B: In "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter" we are first introduced to Sherlock's brother. Name him.

answer: _ MYCROFT _

C: In "The Sign of Four" Dr. Watson meets a woman he is going to marry. Name her.

answer: _MARY MORSTAN _

10.Identify the following types of opera FTPE.

A: It developed from the interludes of serious operas. The earliest example of it still performed is Pergolesi's "La Serva Padrona."

answer: .xOPERA BUFFA _

B: It is an opera written in German, containing spoken dialogue. Mozart's "The Magic Flute" is an example.

answer: _SINGSPIEL _

C: When Monteverdi wrote L'Orfeo the term opera did not exist. Instead L'Orfeo was classified as this meaning "story in music."


11. Identify these rivers of East Asia FTSP.

10: Formed from the confluence of the Argun and Shilka, it forms much of China's northeastern border with Russia until it breaks off to flow to the Sea of Okhotsk (O-HOTSK).

answer: _AMUR _

5: It forms in the Dalai Lama range, comprises much of Thailand's border with Laos, and flows into the South China Sea near Ho Chi Minh City.

answer: _MEKONG _

15: This river flows through Hanoi to the Gulf of Tonkin.

answer: _RED _ River or _ROUGE _ River

12.Name the following characters FTSP.
10: The only woman Jay Gatsby ever loved.

answer: _DAISY BUCHANAN_ (also accept _DAISY FAY_)

15: The title character of an award-winning Alfred Uhry play about an old Jewish woman and her black chauffeur.


5: The short-lived title character of an 1878 Henry James novella.

answer: _DAISY MILLER_

13.Up to 1800, the monarch of Great Britain claimed sovereignty over 5
realms in his title. FFPE, name those 5 realms, aside from Wales with a 5
point bonus for all.


14.Given the name of a Dutch Baroque painting, identify the painter, FTSP.
5: "The Night Watch"

answer: _REMBRANDT _ van Rijn 10: "The View of Delft" answer: Jan _VERMEER _ 15: "The Jolly Toper" answer: Frans _HALS _

15. 4. Identify the following ill-fated dinner hosts, FTPE.

[a]This Biblical king at gave a feast for a thousand lords at which a
disembodied hand began writing on the wall, in words that only Daniel could


[b]This fictitious Roman went beyond the "cold shoulder" treatment: he fed
his guests their children's shoulders, precipitating a vicious bloodbath.

ANSWER: _TITUS ANDRONICUS_ [prompt on either name]

[c]Confronted with a talking statue, this legendary figure has it invited to
dinner, and receives a one-way express ticket to Hell.


16. Identify the pharaohs FTPE.

A: He was the first pharaoh to preside over a unified Egypt

answer: _NARMER _ (accept _MENES _)

B: He actually lost the Battle of Kadesh to the Hittites, but went home and told everyone he'd won it.

answer: _RAMSES II _

C: This Old Kingdom Pharoah took the throne at age six and reigned for more than 90 years, presumed to be the world record.

answer: _PEPI II

17. Answer the following questions from microeconomic theory, FTPE.

[a]This term describes models which exclude production; only trading and
consumption are allowed.

ANSWER: pure _EXCHANGE_ economy

[b]In this model, in which preference is always given to the cheaper of two
competing goods, the Nash equilibrium price of the goods is equal to the
production cost.

ANSWER: _BERTRAND_ model of price competition

[c]In mathematical economics, the existence of equilibrium frequently relies
on this theorem that for any function f which maps a set into itself, there
exists x such that x = f(x).

ANSWER: _BROUWER'S_ fixed point theorem

18.Identify the following parts of the brain FSNOP.

15: Give the names of the three meninges for five points each.


15: Give the name of the division between the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain.


19.Identify the man who has won the most Gold Gloves at each of the
following positions. Five points each and a bonus five for all correct.

A.First base

answer: Keith _HERNANDEZ_

B.Third base

answer: Brooks _ROBINSON_


answer: Ozzie _SMITH_


answer: Johnny _BENCH_


answer: Jim _KAAT_

20.Identify these authors of autobiographies, FTPE.

[a]Her autobiography, Eighty Years and More 1815-1897, described her
struggle for women's rights, including the Seneca Falls convention.

ANSWER: Elizabeth Cady _STANT0N_