Minutes of the EES VEPR Pilot Working Group Meeting 200815

Action needed / Responsibility
Attending: Pam Oliver (chair); Derek Poate; Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner; Dione Hills; Claudine Voyadzis
Apologies: Kari Hadjivassiliou; Aida El-Khoury de Paula;Weronika Felcis
  • Use and management of Dropbox
  • Update on progress on the various systems
  • Aligning the systems - collaboration and sub-groups
  • What still needs to be developed
  • The 'pre-pilot stage' - what will it involve?
  • Schedule
  • Time for next Skype meeting

Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting
  • Nil

  • The DropBox system needs adjusting for better use
  • Derek will draw up an improved system with clear rules for us by WG members
  • Each WG member with key responsibility for particular documents will name those documents and we will all use those names consistently
  • Only good versions for WG input will be put into DropBox
  • Each folder will have a subfolder for earlier drafts
  • Every new version will have the date (dd/mm/yy) and the person’s initials
/ Derek to revise DropBoxsystems and rulesand circulate / 28 Aug
Allocation of systems developmenttasks
  • Good progress being made on systems and processes
  • Confirmedthe adjusted allocation as set out in Table 1 below
  • Good drafts to be completed by 7 Sept and sent to Pam for initial screening to ensure that each system component aligns with the others
/ All Working Group members to send gooddraft documents to Pam by 7 September for an alignment check
Pam to circulate all good drafts to whole WG by 15 Sept / 7 Sept
15 Sept
Testing the applications systems
  • Recommended that WG members trial the applications systems once they are in a ‘rough but ready’ form, for fine-tuning before the pre-pilot
/ Maria, Derek and Dione to collaborate to produce a usable application form and portfolio for pre-test / 7 Sept
Planning for the pre-pilot
  • Agreed that UKES and EES subgroups should collaborate on a pre-pilot workshop, to be held in the UK, probably in early October
  • EES subgroup members may be able to attend that
  • Pam is willing to attend by Skype for part of the workshop if considered necessary (but happy not to)
  • Some funds needed for the pre-pilot, e.g. to cover travel, venue, catering
  • A draft workshop plan needs to be developed
/ Claudineand Derek to liaise with Weronika re potential for a pre-pilot planning meeting in Poland
Derek to liaise with Dione and Kari re date, venue and facilitation plans for a pre-pilot workshop in the UK (location TBD) / 31 Aug
31 Aug
Pilot funding
  • Some funds needed for the pre-pilot, e.g. to cover travel, venue, catering
/ Claudine to liaise with Bob P and Maria to seek funding from Eval Partners or elsewhere / 31 Aug
Pilot communications
  • Noted that these do not need to be finalised until early October, after the pre-pilot
/ Claudine to develop draft pilot communications / 7 Oct
Next meeting/s
Time:Thursday 7 Septemberat 09.00 CET
  • Use of Dropbox
  • Review all systems docs
  • What still needs to be developed
  • The 'pre-pilot’ planning
  • Schedule
  • Funding for the pilot
  • Pilot communications and promotion
  • Time for next Skype meeting
  • Planning for language issues
  • Evaluation of the pilot
  • Other business
/ Derekto call in others by teleconference
Table 1: Task allocation (adjusted 220815) – systems development
System component
Documents to be developed
VEPR systems and roles / VEPR systems and roles matrix / PO
Job descriptions – all roles /
  • JDs
  • Systems for keeping administrative records
/ PO
Review application systems /
  • Application information for applicants
  • Application form
  • Template for applicant portfolio
  • Guidelines for applying
/ DP, AdeP & DH
Reviewer application and selection systems /
  • Application information for reviewer applicants
  • Reviewer application form
  • Template for reviewer applicant portfolio
  • Guidelines for applying
  • Guidelines for selectors (VEPR Committee)
  • Approval or decline communications
  • Written instructions for selecting reviewers, including (1) draft communications for each step and (2) Conflict of Interest statement
/ MGG & WF (collaborating with DP)
Reviewer training /
  • Training information for reviewers
/ DH
Review process – from initial set-up to reporting, including guidelines and complaints system /
  • Set of instructions for: setting the review schedule; compiling and finalising the portfolio, in negotiation with the reviewers; setting a time for the review meeting; undertaking the review meeting
  • Guidelines for the review meeting, e.g. ‘hosting’ Skype call-in; who chairs the meeting; time-keeping; debriefing; audio-recording; closing the meeting; checking all meeting requirements completed [e.g. next steps agreed]; disseminating the MP3; notifying the Administrator/Coordinator; etc.)
  • Set of instructions for submitting and finalising the report and advising the Administrator/Coordinator, including timeline
  • Review completion checklist
  • Guidelines for reporting
  • Reporting template
/ DP, DH + PO
Review outcomes –listing and report referral to VEPR Committee /
  • Listing process and guidelines for Administrator/Coordinator
  • Protocol for obtaining applicant agreement to make Index listing and upload CV and review report
  • Index structure (headings etc)
/ PO
VEPR Committee - ToR /
  • Draft ToR
/ PO
Pilot funding /
  • Calculation of:
Costs of pre-pilot and pilot activities
Stipend for reviewers
Likely Administrator/Coordinator workload and pay rate
Committee costs
  • Funding plan
/ CV & KV
Pilot promotion /
  • Plan for promoting the pilot and seeking volunteers
  • Volunteer communications
/ CV, KV & MGG