Instructions for Processing of Lab Tests Beyond OraQuick HCV

Rapid Antibody Testing


When the OraQuick HCV Rapid Antibody Test is Reactive, the presence of HCV antibodies is detected and must be followed up with lab test (35645 HCV RNA QN PCR) which stands for Hepatitis C RNA Quantitive Real Time PCR. This test will allow the tester to confirm, through Quest Laboratory, the amount of antibodies present in the blood, or in some cases that the patient/consumer has cleared the virus.

Procedure for Obtaining and Preparing the Specimen for Transport to Quest

The blood specimen should be drawn using an Serum Separator Tube (SST) sent by Quest. Typically, the tube will be a “tiger top (red and black) tube” with a separator solution in the bottom.

Special Note: Try to fill the SST as full as possible without causing the patient/consumer undue pain/duresss. The rationale for filling the tube is to have at a minimum of 3 ml of serum once the blood is spun and serum poured off. Insufficient serum will result in a failed test.

Once the blood has been drawn, place the tube in the certrifuge and spin according to the directions provided by Quest when the certrifuge was delivered.

Next, put on protective eye wear then pour off the serum (liquid, or clear part of the spun specimen) and place it in the small, clear tube with a removable blue top sent by Quest.

Recap the tube and label the tube with the patient/consumer’s name and birthdate.

Dispose of the SST in the biohazard waste receptable.

Place the serum tube (clear tube with blue top) in the cold pack specimen container for delivery to Quest. Place a cold pack on each side of the specimen in the appropriate pouches inside the container.

Call Quest at 866-MYQUEST (1-866-697-8378) and request Quest to pick-up the specimen. The option to select for specimen pick-up and the number above is option # 6.

Tell the lab you have a specimen(s) that will need to be kept cold until it reaches the lab.

Place the specimen container with cold packs in place in the Quest lock box attached to a door at your facility.

Finally, place a lab requisition for the specimen(s) in Care 360.

TEST NUMBER 8472 (Hepatitis C Antibody with Reflex to HCV RNA QN PCR)

Your site may be cleared by Imagine Hope to by pass the OraQuick HCV Rapid Antibody Test and go straight to a blood test (accomplished through venipuncture) which will detect antibodies and then reflex directly to RNA testing to confirm the amount of antibodies in the blood. Test number 8472 (Hepatitis C Antibody with Reflex to HCV RNA QN PCR) is the code for such a test. This test is not done when doing test number 35645. Test number 35645 is done after a reactive OraQuick HCV Rapid Antibody Test.

The instructions for drawing this sample are the same as those noted above EXCEPT for two steps.

Four (4) ml of serum are needed and the specimen may be sent to the lab at room temperature, for example, it does not have to remain cold.