Activity Instructions

Game: Solitaire (One Person Game)

Type of Game: Card Game


1. Use a standard 52 card deck.

2. Deal seven cards onto a table. Place the cards horizontally and turn the card farthest on the left up.

3. Continue dealing the cards until 28 cards have been placed on the table. Deal the cards left to right, starting with the row second from the left. Place the first card face-up and the next five cards face-down. Deal the next row, starting with the first pile that doesn't have a face-up card and deal the next four cards face-down. Continue dealing from the first pile without a turned-up card until you come to the last card, which you place face-up on the last pile.

4. Place the unused portion of the deck on the table, facing down.

5. Move all visible aces above the row of cards. Place the cards in a row, one for each suit.

6. Transfer cards from one column to the another in descending, opposite order. For example, one column shows a black king and another has a red queen facing-up. Move the queen onto the king's pile, placing it slightly below the king, so you can still see what card is there. The cards must go in alternating color order. If you have a red three on a black four, and a red five is showing, you can move the black four and red three on to the red five.

7. Take three cards from the unused pile and turn them over when you can't make any more moves. If the first of these cards can be used, place it on the relevant pile. You must start with the first card facing up. If that card can't be used, you can't use one of the cards underneath it, even if it will fit on a card in your columns. For example, if you have a two, place it on a three of the opposite color or on top of the ace that has the same suit. If the two can't be used, turn over another three cards. Repeat this step whenever you run out of moves, after checking to see if you can transfer any cards to another column.

8. Turn the next card in the column face-up whenever you have moved all the face-up cards from it. If you come across an ace, move it to the row with your other aces.

9. Move cards to the top row of aces in ascending order by suit whenever it is possible. This means the card that goes on top of the ace is a two, followed by a three, then four, until you have placed a king on the pile. Place hearts on the ace of hearts, spades on the ace of spades, clubs on the ace of clubs and diamonds on the ace of diamonds.

10. Empty columns can be filled with either a single king or a pile that begins with a king. That allows you to turn the next face-down card over that was under the king.

11. Turn your unused pile back to face-down when you have used all of it. Turn another three cards over when you can't make any moves and place the cards on the appropriate pile. Keep doing this until you have placed all the cards from the unused pile onto the relevant row.

12. Move the cards until you have used the entire deck or cannot move any more cards. When you have finished you will either have all the cards in ascending order on top of the ace, so you will have four kings showing, or you won't have any moves left. If you have all the cards placed on the ace, you have won. If you haven't put all the cards on the ace and run out of moves, you have lost.