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Title / Early UL Synchronization for 802.16mHandover Process
Date Submitted / 2008-7-7
Source(s) / Chun-YenWang, ITRI
Chun-YuanChiu, ITRI
Chie-Ming Chou, ITRI
Fang-Ching (Frank) Ren, ITRI
Richard Li, ITRI
Wern-Ho sheen, NCTU/ITRI / Voice:

Re: / IEEE 802.16m-08/024 - Call for Contributions on Project 802.16m System Description Document (SDD)
Topic:Upper MAC concepts and methods (mobility)
Abstract / Thiscontribution proposes anearly UL synchronization methodin order to further save the handover interruption time for 802.16m system.
Purpose / For discussion and approval by TGm
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Early UL Synchronization for 802.16m Handover Process

Chun-YenWang, Chun-Yuan Chiu, Chie-Ming Chou, Fang-Ching (Frank) Ren, Richard Li


Wern-Ho sheen



Fig. 1.The primitive handover procedure in IEEE 802.16e system

2.Proposed Early UL Synchronization Method

Fig. 2.Early UL Synchronization Procedure


In this document, we propose that aBS may reserve a few signatures for its neighbour BSs in advance. On one hand, these reserved signatures allow MSs performing non-contention based rangingprocess to avoid collision, and on the other hand the UE can send its CDMA ranging code to target BS and return to its serving BS immediately without waiting for the response from the target BS. Applying this mechanism into the mobility procedure, we find that the overall handover interruption time can be further reduced. Thus, we propose to capture the following proposed text into the IEEE 802.16m system description document (SDD) [2].


[1]IEEE 802.16m-07/002r4, “802.16m System Requirements”

[2]802.16m-08/003r3, “The Draft IEEE 802.16m System Description Document”

Proposed Text

The following text is proposed to be captured in the IEEE 802.16m system description document (SDD).

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10.x.xEarly UL Synchronization

Fig. X.Early UL Synchronization Procedure

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