Tender No.SE/RPUC/T-12of 2007-2008



11 K.V. & 22 K.V.X.L.P.E./PILC CABLE

for Nagar Road Division under jurisdiction

of Rasta Peth Urban Circle, PUNE

Estimated Cost: Rs.20 Lakhs

E.M.D. Rs. 20,000/=

Tender price / Rs.1000/=
Last Date of Submission
of the Tender / 22/08/07. / 13.30 Hrs.
Date of Opening / 22/08/07. / 14.00 Hrs.

Office of the Superintending Engineer

Rasta Peth Urban Circle, 1ST Floor, Administrative Building,

Rasta Peth, PUNE 411 011

Phone: 26141365 [P]26138578[O]Fax: 020- 26138582


Rasta Peth Urban Circle, 1ST Floor, Administrative Building, Rasta Peth, PUNE 411 011

Phone: 26141365 [P]26138578[O]Fax: 020- 26138582

Tender No.SE/RPUC/T-12/2007-2008.


Tender Cost: Rs.1000/=

Estimated Cost: Rs. 20 LakhsE.M.D.Rs.20,000/=


Issued to

Tender cost of Rs.______paid vide M.R.No.______Dtd.______

Date: Divisional Accountant


1. Name ______

2. Address of the tenderer’s______

Unit/Office, Phone

Mobile No & Fax No.______


IMPORTANT1] Tenderers must submit all the tender documents duly

NOTES: filled in & signed by them before the due date and time.

2] Rates should be quoted in the prescribed schedule

attached with this tender and not in any other form

3] Name of the manufacturer should be mentioned on the

Schedule-“A”. .


Total Nos. of tenders received ______& Opened on ______





Sealed Tenders duly super scribed with Tender No. & Due date is invited for the following work.

Sr.No. / Tender No. / Description / Estimated Cost in Rs. / E.M.D. to be paid of Rs.
1 / SE/RPUC/
T-12 of

Tender documents can be obtained from the office of the Superintending Engineer: R.P.U.Circle, MSEDCL, 1ST Floor, Administrative Building, Rasta Peth, Pune 411 011 on non-refundable payment of Tender Fee of Rs. 1000/= in Cash. Earnest Money Deposit as above will have to be paid on the above address prior to the due date of tender by Demand Draft [ In the name of Superintending Engineer: R.P.U.C., M.S.E.D.C.L. Pune ] or Cash only. Tender forms will be sold from 14-08-07 to 21-08-07 up to 15.00 Hours. Due date of submission of tenders will be 22-08-07up to 13.30 Hour & the same will be opened 22-08-07 at 14.00 Hours.

The undersigned reserve the rights to order the full or partial quality tendered or reject any or all offer without assigning any reason whatsoever.




Rasta Peth Urban Circle, 1ST Floor, Administrative Building, Rasta Peth, PUNE 411011

Phone: 26141365 [P]26138578[O]Fax: 020- 26138582





Dear Tenderer,

Please quote the lowest rates for providing and fixing of jointing

Kits specified & name of the manufacturer in the Schedule-‘A’ attached

herewith. All the tender documents including cover page should be

submitted duly filled-in and signed by the tenderer. Rates should be

quoted in the attached ‘Schedule- ‘A’ only. Tenders in any other form

desire any additional information to be submitted, you may attached

separate sheets to the tender documents.


Sr / Particulars / Page No.
1 / Tender Notice / 3
2 / Instructions to Tenderer / 5-9
3 / Particulars of the Tenderer / 10
4 / Schedule of Tenderer’s experience / 11
5 / General Technical requirement / 12-14
6 / Schedule-“A” / 15
7 / General Conditions of Contract / 16-17
8 / Conditions of the works / 18-21
9 / Sample form for contract Agreement / 22
10 / Sample form for Performance Security (Bank Guarantee) / 23
11 / Letter to the Superintending Engineer / 24




1.01Sealed and super scribed items rate tenders are invited from reputed experienced licensed Electrical Contractors having experience in M.S.E.D.C.Ltd., State Electricity Board/Company, P.W.D., etc.

1.02The scope of work covered under the tender shall comprise of PROVIDING & FIXING OF CABLE JOINTING KITS SUITABLE FOR 11 KV & 22 K.V. X.L.P.E./PILC CABLE at Nagar Road Division under jurisdiction of Rasta Peth Urban Circle, Pune as per the instructions of concerned Executive Engineer / S.D.O.’s after receipt of order from the Office and completing of all formalities.

1.03The earnest money to be deposited with tender shall be

Rs. 20,000/- (Rs. Twenty Thousand Only). Tenders submitted without earnest money shall be summarily rejected.

1.04Payment of earnest money as indicated in clause 1.03 shall be

accepted in the form of cash / demand draft in favour of Supdt. Engineer, MSEDCL, RPUC, Pune payable at any Scheduled Bank, Pune. The Earnest Money Deposit will be forfeited in case successful tenderer fails to pay security deposit and execute the contract agreement within the prescribed period. Payment of Earnest Money by “Cheque” shall be not been accepted.

1.05The tenders must be filled in prescribed forms only for

separate manufacturer. The blank tender form will be available at the cost of Rs. 1,000/- in cash at Block No. 204, Rasta Peth Admn. Building, Rast Peth, Pune - 411 011 from 14/08/07 to 21/08/07 up to 15.00 Hrs.

1.06Tenderer must return the tender form together with the specifications and the rates with NAME OF THE MANUFACTURER duly filled in Schedule-“A” duly signed. Any tender not bearing the signature of tenderer on all the documents accompanying the tender is liable to be rejected.

1.07The Offer is to be submitted in two envelopes superscribed as 'Envelope I' and 'Envelope II ' in Tender Box in due time

a) Envelope I :

Envelope containing the qualifying documents / certificates should properly sealed and superscribed as below :

Envelope I

Tender for PROVIDING & FIXING OF CABLE JOINTING KITS SUITABLE FOR 11 KV & 22 K.V. X.L.P.E. /PILC CABLE at Nagar Road Division under jurisdiction of Rasta Peth Urban Circle, Pune

The due date & time

EMD paid / exempted

Firms name & address.

The envelope should contain following qualifying document. DD/ Photo copy of money receipt paid against EMD.

1. Copy of receipt regarding payment of EMD. If EMD is

exempted Valid registration Under SSI in Maharashtra.

  1. Sales Tax registration / VAT Registration if applicable.
  2. Name of the Manufacturer & Technical specification of the joining kits will be as per I.S.I.- 1 3 5 7 3 –1992 amended from time to time from manufacturer for Cable Jointing Kits suitable for 11 KV & 22kv X.L.P.E./PILC Cable offered and deviation from the prescribed specification. Test reports, literate, drawings etc.. also be submitted.
  1. Experience certificate regarding satisfactory completion of work for Providing & Fixing of Cable Jointing Kits suitable for 11 KV & 22kv X.L.P.E./PILC cable in at least one Indian Electricity Distribution Companies/SEB’s in any One year from April 2004 to March 07.
  2. Details of Sample KitsSubmitted. [If applicable]
  1. Also submit the attested documents as detailed below.

a)Valid Electrical contractor licenses.

b)Valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate/ PAN No/Last 3 years Income Tax paid Certificate.

c) Solvency certificate of 50% of value of tender issued by National Bank valid for the current year 2007-08.

b) Envelope II :

The envelope II should contain the tender document with price offered in Schedule-“A” duly signed with seal.

1.08The tenderer will have to submit SOLVENCY CERTIFICATE from any Nationalised Bank to the extent of 50% of value of the tender.

1.09The tenderer shall be deemed to have studied the specifications and drawings and all other documents attached to the tender papers, on his having filled in tender.

1.10The tender duly completed sealed and super scribed with the subject of tender and due date of opening on the face of cover will be received up to 13.30 hrs. on the due date and opened on the same day, if possible in the said Office in the presence of tenderer or the representatives who may choose to remain present.

1.11It shall be definitely understood that the MSEDCL does not accept any responsibility for the correctness or completeness of the Schedule “A” for given part and this schedule is liable to alterations by commissions, deductions or addition in the item or quantities at the discretion of the Supdt. Engineer or his authorised representative and contractor would be bound to execute all the quantities actually ordered / encountered during execution at the corresponding tender prices.

1.12The rates in the Schedule-“A” shall be quoted in figures. All the entries by the tenderer should be in ink erasing and over writings are not permissible. The tenderer should initiate all corrections and insertions.

1.13The contractor on award of the contract will have to pay a SECURITY DEPOSIT for work contract at the rate of 5% of the value of contract by cash or Bank Guarantee for the same value in the prescribed MSEDCL’s format.

1.14Tenders which do not fulfill any or all the conditions or are found incomplete in any respect are liable for rejection.

1.15The undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject any part or all tenders without assigning any reasons. Further the undersigned reserve the right to bifurcate the tender order and work to more than one contractor.

1.16The rates quoted shall remain open/valid upto 31-3-2008.

1.17The Sale Tax VAT on material or on transfer of property in goods involved in the execution of work contract or any other tax on raw material or on furnished any fabricated material of works shall not be separately paid. The rates for the several items of work indicated in attached schedule are deemed to include all local and general taxes excise duty etc. royalties and any other incidental charges payable by the contractors at any instant of works. Tenderer should attach a certified photocopy of sales tax registration under works contract. The work contract tax as specified by the Government will be deducted directly from contractor’s bills at appropriate rates.

1.18All taxes and dues(presentor future) payable to government and or local authorities in respect of these works shall be the responsibility of Agency and the Agency will have to indemnify MSEDCL against liabilities on account of such levies or taxes Income tax, Works Contract Tax / Service Tax at appropriate rate will be deducted from the contractors bill at the prevailing rates and applicable surcharges thereon of the gross value of the bill as per instructions laid down in Government of India Notification unless the necessary exemption certificate from the income tax department authorised for the purpose in produced will in time.

1.19The tenderer on placement of the work order enumerating the contract conditions shall within the prescribed period have to execute a written agreement on the prescribe standard form as per MSEDCL’s Rules. The regular stamp fees etc. necessary for completing the agreement shall have to be borne by the Tenderer.

1.20This instructions to tenders shall also form part of the contract.


1.Initially while opening the tenders, the envelope No. 1 i.e. Qualifying Bid will be opened first. The price bids of only those bidders who are qualified in the Qualifying Bid will be opened later. For qualification, all the documents duly attested as mentioned in Clause 1.07 above are required. The price bids of bidders who have submitted all the valid documents as per clause 1.07 above shall only be qualified for opening of price bids.

2.In envelope No. 2 i.e. Price Bid tender document with price offered in

Schedule-“A” duly signed with seal.

Signature of the TendererSUPDT. ENGINEER

Alongwith Seal RPUC, Pune


The tenderer is required to give complete details of the firm represented by him as a contractor tendering for this work. They should furnish actual and complete details about them in MSED Co. or another Departments. This will be considered for finalising the tender. Hence requested to submit attested Xerox copies of satisfactory work completion certificate in envelop No. 1.


1.Name and registered address of the Contractor.

2.Particulars of registration and class in which registered if any

a)in B & C Department :

b)In Railways:

c)In other Dept. if any:

3.Reference regarding the contractor’s past work and performance may be made to (at least 2 preferences)



4.a)Previous experience for construction works of similar nature (works carried out in the last 3 years may be mentioned).

Dept. /Owner of Name of work Value of workTime limit by which work executed

5.Work in hand / under execution:

Under which Department / Name of work and location / value / Time limit for completion / Present position of work

6.Any other information the contractor would like to furnish in favour of consideration of tender.


Tenderer shall furnish here a list of similar orders executed/under execution by him to whom a reference may be made by purchaser in case he considers such a reference if necessary.

Sr.No. / Name & Description of the material / Value of providing & fixing / Date of completion of providing & fixing / Name of the
Offices/ Division whether work is carried out
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Name of the Firm:

Name & Signature of the tenderer




1.1As cable termination kit shall be suitable for termination of the cable on indoor switchgear or outdoor installation as per requirement. The type of cable will be XLPE insulated. The cable termination jointing kits shall be as per defined in I.S.I.-13573.

1.2Proper stress control, stress grading and non-tracking arrangement in the termination and joint shall be offered by means of proven methods, details of which shall be elaborated in the offer. Detailed sectional views of the assemblies shall be submitted alongwith the offer.

In case of heat shrinkable cable accessories, stress control tubing, shall have volume resistively of minimum 1,00,00,000 Ohms- meter for both termination and straight through joints. Also relative permitivity shall be minimum 15. Tenderer shall furnish documentary evidence conforming adherence to these alongwith the offer. Further, impedance of stress control tubing shall not change over a range of temperature from O degree C to 125 Degree C.

The impedance also remains constant in spite of the difference in stress, which will exist within the sleeve due to hearting effect within the conductors and the temperature of the environment. Tenderer must submit graph-showing effect on the impedance value of stress control humbling due to temperature variations and thermal ageing, with his offer.

In case of tapex cast resin type straight through joints, encapsulation of joints is done by specially developed resin system, which is compatible with the material used for bonding. The jointing kit shall be with aluminum crimping type ferrules, semi-conductor self bonding tape, the self amalgamating tape [or EPR or equivalent] stress grading pad etc.

The straight through joints should be absolutely impervious to the entry or water. The manufacturer shall use the proven technologies and design to ensure a construction, which will prevent entry of water or any other liquid inside the straight through joint and cable. Proven technologies such as resin injection, hydrophobic sealants etc. shall be deployed in the critical areas.

In all type of kits offered, the external leakage insulation between high voltage conductor and ground as specified in I.E.E.E. –48 / 1975 amended up to time to time shall be of non-tracking erosion resistant and weather resistant flexible sleeve.

1.3For 3-core cable, the gripping tubing [termination boot] for the cable where the trifurcation takes place shall be considered as a part of the kit.

1.4The kit offered shall provide for total environmental sealing of the cable crutch and at the lug end.

1.5Termination and jointing system shall be suitable for use with standard aluminum conductor fittings [cable lugs and ferrules] of compressed crimping type.

1.6The termination of straight through jointing kit of heat shrinkable type kit, the joint shall include heat shrinkable duel wall tubing, which shall be insulating from inside and semi conductor from outside. Tenderer shall specifically give compliance to this alongwith the offer.

1.7For straight through joint the kit shall also include tubular Sleeve in line connectors for solder less crimping of cable connector. The connector shall be of aluminum alloy A 6 drop forged type or other equivalent or better material.

1.8Material used for construction of a joint/termination shall perfectly match with the dielectric, chemical and physical characteristics of the associated cable. The material and design concepts shall incorporate a high degree of operating compatibility between the cable and the joints.

1.9The kit offered shall be suitable for the following sizes of three core cables.


  1. 95 sq.mm.
  2. 120 sq.mm.
  3. 150 sq.mm.
  4. 185 sq.mm.
  5. 240 sq.mm.
  6. 300 sq.mm.
  7. 400 sq.mm.
  8. The tenderer shall quote unit rates for insulating tape, lugs, nuts and bolts of various sizes and special tools required for erection and commissioning, if any, in the offer. These prices shall be kept valid for at least of one year after placement of order/s. These rates shall not be considered for evaluation of the offer.
  9. The tenderer shall indicate the required net dimensions of the indoor cable, joints for various cable sizes, in the form of Length X Breadth X Depth in m.m.
  10. The tenderer shall specifically bring out the precautions to be observed in execution of the jointing / termination work to avoid any loss or damage to the cable, the kit, the personnel or the installation. An instruction booklet shall be supplied with each kit. Detailed instructions with suitable illustrative drawings shall be included in the instruction booklet to enable proper jointing work.

1.14The kit which requires lesser skill for the cable jointing which can be done in shorter time and guarantee a reliable and long operating life and reduced or no waiting time for erection shall be given preference.

1.15Type Test:

1.16 The jointing kits offered, shall be fully type tested at CPRI as per

the relevant standards. The tenderer shall furnish four sets of the type test reports alongwith the offer. Offers without type test reports will not be considered. For any change in the

Design/type already type tested and the design/type offered against this specification, the purchaser reserve the right to demand repetition of type tests without any extra cost in presence of purchaser’s representative.