Downsizer Festive Quiz 2009

1.What is garum?

Roman, salty fish sauce

2.Who wrote, and in which books about ‘toffee shocks’, ‘pop biscuits’ and ‘google buns’?

Enid Blyton - Magic Faraway Tree

3.Who would you expect to see drinking ‘miruvor’?

Elves in Lord of The Rings

4.In which of Shakespeare’s plays will you hear the line ‘They call for dates and quinces in the pastry’?

Romeo & Juliet

5.What pH value should the best land for growing truffles have? - find out at Truffles trader site Mycorrhizal Systems Ltd

7.3 - 8.3

6.You can eat them from mid April to mid May, they have a shell, which is speckled and tinged with blue, and you have to have a licence to sell them. What are they?

Gulls eggs

7.What are chitterlings?

Pigs small intestines

8.What kind of lobster did the B52’s sing about and where in America are the band from?

Rock Lobster - Athens, Georgia

9.When chopping vegetables, which of these are the smallest dice - macedoine, brunoise, paysanne or julienne?


10.A bi-valve mollusc - coz marl ar (anag)

razor clam

11.In which of these could you find a strawberry? - strawberry flavour spread or strawberry flavoured spread

strawberry flavoured spread - the word flavoured means it has to come from a natural rather than artificial source

12What is zite and on which celebratory occasions is it usually served?

Dried pasta, from Naples served at weddings

13.My shell is called a bogue and I am commonly served with sprouts - what am I?


14.What is a cobnut?

Cultivated hazelnut

15.Which common cooking ingredient has its own festival on the Isle of Wight?


16.Who said ‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well’?

Virginia Woolf

17.What are the two main types of lathes used in woodturning- find out at Bodrighy’s trader site Bodrighy Wood.

Pole or treadle and electrically powered

18.What is the Native American ‘three sisters’ plant combination?

Beans, corn and squash

19.Who said ‘a cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with a college education’?

Mark Twain

20.Which grain is used to make semolina?


21.What are commonly seen as the 3 most important nutrients for growing vegetables?

Phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium

22.Sprouting broccoli is a perennial - true or false?


23.What does the Scoville scale measure?

The heat in chilli peppers

24.What is another name for the ‘vegetable oyster’ or ‘oyster plant’?


25.What type of fruits are ‘Bristol Cross’ and ‘Black Worcester’?


26.What is a bullace?

Wild plum

27.What holiday is celebrated in Cardigan in April? - find out at Faithmeads trader site Glyn Elwyn

Barley Saturday

28.Pythium, Phylophthara and Rhizoctonia can all cause it - but what is it?

Damping off

29.Who said ‘Food is life, life is food. If you don’t like my approach you are welcome to go down to McDonalds’?

Keith Floyd

30.Who wrote ‘If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world” and which character said?

J R R Tolkien - Thorin Oakenshield

31.From which book does the above quote come from?

The Hobbit

32. Pork, rabbit, goose or poultry meat cooked in lard - lit ers tel (anag)


33.How many acres of countryside is Cwmoernant Farm set in? - find out at Ginkotrees trader site Cwmoernant Farm.


34.Who said ‘How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese’?

Charles de Gaulle

35. What is Ras el Hanout?

Popular blend of herbs and spices that is used across the Middle East and North Africa.

36.What flavour mini sponge cakes does Pookie’s Rose Cottage Cakes site offer?

Chocolate, Vanilla with fondant icing and lemon with fondant icing

37.Where specifically is Maytag Blue Cheese made?

Iowa, USA

38.What plant is used to make absinthe?


39.What is andouillette? and which ingredient of andouillette gives it its unique aroma?

Sausage made with tripe and intestines

40.Who is the Roman god of vines and wine?


41.Which US band sang about Pennyroyal Tea and on which album did it feature?

Nirvana - In Utero

42.What am I? - I am made of 27 different plants and spices have Deo Optimo Maximo written on my label and I am made in Fecamp in Normandy.

Liqueur - Benedictine

43.From which country do cape gooseberries originate?


44.What is the more common name for Phytophthara infestans?

Potato and tomato blight

45.What type of fruit trees are commonly affected by silver leaf?

Stone fruits

46.It can drive gardeners to distraction, but what exactly is Pieris brassicae?

Cabbage white butterfly

47.What is a fish priest used for?

Killing fish humanely

48.Put these champagne bottles in order from smallest to largest - Methuselah, bottle, magnum, rehoboam, jeroboam

b, ma, j, r, met

49.What is the title of Sally-in-Wales book about the smells of the festive season? Find out on her trader site

Seasonal Scents - A history of the smell of Christmas

50.What spices does Chinese five spice contain?

Star anise, clove, fennel, cinnamon and pepper

51.What is grappa?

Italian marc brandy

52.How much is a medium Christmas hamper from fivespuds364 trader site Vegetable Plants Direct?


53.It was created by Escoffier in honour of a famous Australian singer - what was it?

Peach Melba

54.A John Dory has a unique mark on each side of its body said to be originally created by the thumbprint of whom?

St Peter

55.I am a condiment derived from the outer coating of nutmeg. What am I?


56.What colour is Quail's organic and Fairtrade cotton 'Spitalfields Shirt'

- find out on the trader site Quailbymail


57.Which yellow flowers were once used to heighten the colour of butter?


58.What are marrons glace?

Sugar syrup glazed chestnuts

59.Which flowers buds can be pickled and substituted for capers?


60.Which band sang about ‘Carrot Cake and Wine’ and which village do they come from?

Stereophonics and Cwmaman

61.What is the unique quality of Casu Marzu cheese?

It has maggots in it

62.How much feed (pellets or mash) according to Chez on the Greenmeadow poultry trader site should you give a chicken each day?

150g (5oz)

63.Born in 1836 and died in 1865, I wrote for The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine - who am I?

Mrs Beeton

64.What year, and where did the first McDonalds open in Britain?

1974 and Woolwich

65.A shrub of the genus Ribes, cultivated for fruit - tur nerc card (anag)


66.Snozzcumbers, Fresh Mudburgers and Stink Bugs Eggs were recipes written by whom?

Roald Dahl

67.Fruit of the mountain ash tree used for jam and jellies - reworn bray (anag)

Rowan berry

68.What is saltimbocca?

Slices of veal, ham and sage braised in white wine

69.What is the literal meaning of saltimbocca?

Jump into the mouth

70.Which confectionery snack did The Undertones once sing about?

Mars bars

71.Eastern European soured cream - man se at (anag)


72.What is the culinary term for the thymus gland?


73.A citrus fruit produced by crossing a tangerine and a grapefruit - go aln et (anag)


74.A light, foamy dessert of Italian origin - gazebo nail (anag)


75.The recipe for what was discovered in the East Indies by Sir Marcus Sandys?

Worcestershire sauce

76.Which grape variety is the main grape used in sherry production?


77.What is retsina wine flavoured with?

Pine resin

78.Who am I? - born Elizabeth Gwynne in 1913 and died in 1992.

Elizabeth David

79.Brandy made from wine from a region in Gascony.


80.An aromatic umbelliferous plant from Scandanavian countries - canal gie (anag)


81.The food of the gods - brio masa (anag)


82.Allspice , also known as - jicama ne rap pep (anag)

Jamaican pepper

83.What does Gervase say is the biggest cause of damp, decay and cracking in traditional buildings? Find out on his traders website Horgan & Webb

Unsympathetic use of the wrong materials

84What are sevillano and picholine types of?


85.What is a croquembouche?

Choux bun pyramid covered in spun sugar

86.What type of pedigree lamb will you find at Rosewood Farms? - find out at RobRs trader site beefinabox

Kerry Hill Sheep

87.Where would you find dulse ?

In the sea

88.In general, how old would a Chinese hundred-year-old egg be?

A few months

89.The Genco Pura Olive Oil Company can be found in which film?

Godfather 2

90.What is Lettucewoman’s current best selling piece? - find out at her trader site meganmackneyjewellery

haematite earrings

91.What type of fruits are ‘Jiro’ and Tamopan”?


92.Which part of Cornwall does Toggle make her handspun yarns and jewellery? - find out at her traders site Bay Tree Fibres


93.What pests are french marigold said to deter?

Whitefly, greenfly and blackfly

94.What nut is otherwise known as The Queensland Nut and for which animals are they poisonous?

Macadamia and dogs

95.When was Sites by Fee officially started? - find out by visiting Fee’s trader site sitesbyfee.

May 2006

96.Which actor says the following and in which film? - ‘we elves try to stick to the four main food groups; candy, candy cones, candy corn and syrup’

Will Ferrell and Elf

97.Which ‘small’ US artist sang about ‘Starfish and Coffee’ and on which album will you find the song?

Prince and Sign O the times

98.Who is the Greek god of wine?


99.Which band had a track titled ‘Chocolate’ on their third album and what is the title of the album?

Snow patrol and Final Straw

100.Saffron comes from which flower?


101.Who released a song in 2003, which mentioned Pizza Hut, McDonalds and KFC by name in the song and what was the song called?

Fast Food rockers and the fast food song

102.Which Beatles song had the working title of ‘Scrambled Eggs’?


103.What is the common name for Crithmum Maritimum?


104.What is a pastilla?

105.Which band wrote a song, which has the title of an agave, based spirit and which West Yorkshire town are they from?

Terrorvision and Keighley

106.Which band had a song called ‘Just like honey’ on their album ‘Psychocandy” and what year was the album released?

Jesus and the Mary Chain - 1985

107.In which county and in which year was the food writer Simon Hopkinson born?

Lancashire - 1954

108.In whose books could you find a pint of butterbeer?

J K Rowling

109.What was Fanny Cradocks real name?

Phyllis Pechey

110.What did George W Bush choke on in 2002?


111.What International Association is our resident felt maker Frewen a member of? - find out on her felting needle blog at

International Feltmakers Association

112.Which foodstuff, painted by Andy Warhol graced an album cover released in March 1967? - which band released the album?

Banana and The Velvet Underground

113.Who baked the cake on the Rolling Stones album cover ‘Let it Bleed’?

Delia Smith

114.In which country did Penny get the inspiration to start the t-shirt printing business Squat Orange - find out on her trader site Squat Orange.


115.Who wrote the book Chocolat? And who played the Irish wanderer in the film version?

Joanne Harris and Jonny Depp

116.Which country has a festive fruit cake called Bolo Rei?


117.What is the difference between an angel and devil on horseback?

Angels are oysters wrapped in bacon and for devils you replace the oyster with dried fruit usually dates

118.Which pie is made in the Cornish town of Mousehole each Dec 23 in memory of the fisherman who saved the town from a hungry Christmas one stormy winter?

Stargazy pie

119.Which food writer wrote ‘In my experience, clever food is not appreciated at Christmas. It makes the little ones cry and the old ones nervous’?

Jane Grigson

120.In what year was Swallow Barn converted into bed and breakfast accommodation at Mullacott Farm? - find out at alisons trader site