School leadership has asked a 1st-grade MCL to improve the instruction of one team teacher in particular. The team teacher is in her second year and struggled mightily as a first-year teacher. Thus far, the team teacher has shown great reluctance to align her instruction to the suggestions of the MCL. The MCL has tried working with the teacher on numerous occasions, including modeling, co-teaching, and reviewing the team teacher’s instructional practice. All of these interventions have been met with resistance. The team teacher has stated that she “is fine figuring it out on her own” and that she received more than enough training in her district professional developmentsessions. Additionally, initial student results have been poor suggesting some urgency around the matter. The MCL has reached out to school leadership to alert them to the challenge, but leadership has told the MCL that they have full confidence in her ability to resolve the issue.

How should the MCL encourage the administrative team to become more involved in resolving this challenge?


The 6th-grade MCL oversees two team teachers in all subjects. The school also has a veteran math facilitator/coach who gives feedback on curriculum for all teachers in math and has been performing the role for the past seven years at the school. While the MCL has been in the classroom of all of her teachers every week for the year, the math facilitator is very busy with a larger caseload and does not have the time to meet with teachers individually. At a team meeting that includes the math facilitator/coach, the MCL, despite having less experience than the math facilitator/coach, disagrees significantly with the direction the math facilitator wants the team to go in. Specifically, the MCL feels that the instructional strategies are too complicated for the team teachers to implement given their relative levels of experience. The team teachers have been confused by the different messages given to them by each of their instructional leaders and, as a result, student results on interim assessments are lagging. The MCL does not want to undermine the facilitator in meetings, so she has not mentioned these concerns yet.

How should the MCL resolve this issue with the math facilitator?

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