AAC(Airport Credentialing Center) / Athens International Airport


-Airport Credentialing Centre’s (AAC) main operation consists of real time badging (on site card production) and issue resolution.

-The client groups serviced are :

  • Media
  • VIPs
  • Delegation Members

-Our center was fully operational from June 15th to July 4th, every day from 9:00- 21:00.

-The center operated with a sum of 5 paid staff working in 8-12 hours shifts and 4volunteers working in 6 hours shifts. From 18/6 until 21/06, 3 paid staff and 1 working station assisted the operation of DWC (Delegation Welcome Center) which is located in the Airport complex area.

-The credentialing center was organized with 2 real time badging and issueresolution working stations.

-In addition AAC accredited International volunteers and Family members in order to benefit from free public transportation (T5) that the credentialing card granted during games time.

-In general the operation of the center was smooth. Everything was well prepared, staff and volunteers worked well and there were no issues we were unable to resolve in a short timeframe.


No / Issue Description / Recommendation
1 / The AAC provided information on top of credentialing matters to all involved participants / The use of the z-card credentialing guide and OAKA map for MMC were very helpful and informative. The distribution of Public Transportation Means and Athens city maps also helped all involved participants to go to designated locations.
2 / International volunteers who arrived after the 18th of June could also be accredited at AAC in order to benefit the free transport / Exceptionally done in order to avoid the cost of transportation from the Athens International Airport.
3 / Family members arrived on the 28th and 29th of June were exceptionally accredited to AAC, in coordination with MAC, due to strike in the Public Sector. Family Members were informed and guided with maps to the Family Center / The AAC is the first direct center and can serve other client groups occasionally.

List all (if any) major issues encountered between the FAs working in the venue team during the Games and/or other issues observed during the ATHENS 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games

No / Functional Area / Issue Description
1 / ARS, FAM, GUE, MATP, MOP, TRA, VOL / Due to our location in the Main Building of Airport, AAC operated successfully as Info Booth for all participants involved in SOWG Athens 2011