Honors Geometry Course Information Packet


Teacher: Mark Shafer

Voice Mail: (206) 230-6334


Office: Room 402C


Course Expectations/Policies

Course Description: Welcome to Honors Geometry! In this course you will develop reasoning skills and a logical system of thought.Honors Geometry focuses on plane geometry with integration of transformational, solid, space, and coordinate geometry.This course develops geometric concepts using formal proofs, algebraic applications, and activities.Algebra is used extensively for determining areas, volumes, lengths, angle measures, and graphing.Introductory trigonometry is also covered.The depth and scope exceeds the regular geometry course and includes a greater emphasis on problem-solving.

Required Materials:You are expected to bring the following materials to class each day:

  • Pencil and eraser (All work must be done in pencil!)
  • Lined paper
  • Ruler, protractor, and compass
  • Scientific calculator; a graphing calculator (TI-Nspire CAS) is optional
  • A three ring binder with separate sections for notes, assignments, tests and quizzes
  • IPad

Textbook:The textbook for this class is Geometry, published by Prentice Hall. You may leave this book at home. You will also be given an account to have access to an electronic copy.

Daily Assignments:There will be assignments just about every day. All of your daily assignments will be in a weekly assignment packet.Unless otherwise stated, you are expected to complete each assignment to the best of your ability by the next class period.I will allow some time at the beginning of most class periods (as time permits) to take homework questions.Your weekly assignment packets will be due on the following Monday. Each assignment will be scored based on the set of criteria stated below. An assignment packet is late if it is not turned in when they are collected in class.

Homework Scoring Criteria:A homework assignment that earns a perfect score of 10/10 points meets the following criteria:

All problems have been attempted.

Work is shown step-by-step for every problem.

A thorough explanation is provided for all problems requiring an explanation.

All work and explanations are legible.

All applicable graphs, drawings, and proofs are completed.

The assignment has been visibly corrected in pen.

The weekly package was turned in on time.

Homework assignments that do not meet all of the above criteria will have points deducted accordingly.

Tests and Quizzes:You will have at least one quiz per unit as well as a unit test. All of your tests and quizzes will be announced ahead of time and will be noted on your assignment packets given at the beginning of each unit. At the end of each semester, there will be a comprehensive final exam.

Grading:Semester grades are based on the following three weighted categories:

1st Semester2nd Semester

Assignment Packets10%Assignment Packets10%

Tests and Quizzes80%Tests and Quizzes75%

Semester Final10% Semester Final15%

The semester grade will be converted to a letter grade as follows. All grade percentages are rounded to the tenth’s place.

A= 93 – 100%B+ = 87 – 89.9%C+ = 77 – 79.9%D= 65 – 69.9%

A- = 90 – 92.9%B = 83 – 86.9%C = 73 – 76.9%F = 0 – 64.9%

B- = 80 – 82.9%C- = 70 – 72.9%

Grades are not negotiable. Your semester grade is accumulative based on your combined performance of the two quarters and the semester final.


Tests and quizzes will be used to determine levels of conceptual understanding and skill. Quizzes will be given at least once before a unit test. Retakes will not be given, as you are expected to prepare to do your best the first time. If you have an excused absence on the day of a test or quiz, you may make it up within three daysof your return. If you are absent the day before a test or quiz, you will still be expected to take it on the assigned day since all tests will be announced well ahead of time. In any case, it is your responsibility on the day you return to make arrangements to take any assessment you missed. Make up assessments will be done before or after school ONLY. Tests and quizzes missed due to unexcused absences will receive a zero score and may not be retaken.

Extra Help:An important part of my job is to be available outside of class to students who need extra help. If you are having difficulty understanding the material presented, you are strongly encouraged to seek extra help. I am typically available for help after school from 1500-1700 in room 402C. I’m always happy to assist you as needed, but you should make arrangements ahead of time to ensure my availability. Please do not wait until you are completely frustrated and confused to seek help. Staying current makes it much easier to do well in the course!

Attendance: The school’s attendance policy will be enforced. A student will be counted tardy if not in his or her seat and ready for class when the classroom clock shows class is beginning. Be responsible—be on time!

Absences and Make-up Work: It is your responsibility to ask me for any notes/assignments you missed while you were absent. Please remember to do this before or after class on the day you return.

Class Rules: There are three class rules and they are not negotiable:

1. Respect yourself.2. Respect others.3. Respect the classroom.

When everyone follows these three simple rules, the classroom environment is a happy one and learning will take place.


All of your grades will be immediately posted to Skyward. Please ensure you get your password so you are kept abreast of your success in the class.


All students are required to have an IPad available for use every day.


Feel free to contact me anytime during the school year if you have questions or concerns about the class, your progress (or your student’s progress), or if you would like to arrange a meeting. Contact information is at the top of this document.

Please detach and return this page after reading the course information packet by Friday, September 11. Keep the packet in your binder for reference.

I have read and understand the course expectations, procedures, and rules for Honors Geometry. I agree that the guidelines set before me are clear and fair. I will do my best to be a productive member of this class.

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