Boone County 4-H




October 30, 2010

Community Building Complex of Boone County

University of Illinois Extension

The 4-H Pledge

I pledge

my HEAD to clearer thinking,

my HEART to greater loyalty,

my HANDS to larger service,

And my HEALTH to better living,

for my club, my community, my country, and my world.


Earle Mailand, County Director

Pledge to the American Flag
Lauren Johnson, Federation President

Pledge to the 4-H Flag

Brianna Brockmann, Federation Vice President

Extension Council Recognition

Earle Mailand, County Director

Recognition of 4-H Fair Superintendents, 4-H Standing

Committee, and Fair Board Members

Earle Mailand, County Director

Presentation of Awards


Silent Auction

2009-2010 4-H Clubs and Leaders

Beaver Valley Clippers

Harold Behling (53)Nathalie Lyford (27)

Ron Behling (16)Robert Lyford (50)

Ruth Ann Behling (27)

Boone Farms

Steve Ellwanger (6)Becky Peters (15)

Ed Mulholland (18)Butch Peters (6)

Linda Mulholland (6)

Chief Pioneers

Cassie Lein (2)Greg Luther (2)

Julia Lein (2)

County Clovers

Heather Halgren (1)John Halgren (1)

County Progressors

Marilyn Rhode (33)

Flora Producers

Kris Beever (15)Teresa Tice (2)

Brian Brockmann (6)Julie Willis (6)

Diane Brockmann (5)Terry Willis (6)

Laura Nelson (5)

Grasshoppers /Sweet Clover

Dawn Carlson (2)Ann Turner (47)

Lyn Exner (2)Gary Turner (50)

Lynn Saso (21)

Kingdom Seekers

Becky Brinkmeier (10)Scott Gill (6)

Donna Gill (6)

LeRoy Commandoes

Kari Binski (4)Gayle Kruckenberg (1)

Diane Cleland (17)Dawn Mitchell (4)

Patricia Edwards (6)Keith Mitchell (7)

Liz Fiorenza (6)Cindee Robinson (27)

Stephanie Freimund (5)Barb Sager (15)

Steven Freimund (5)Paula Sheedlo (2)

Brenda Kastning (17)Karen Tuttle (27)

Deanna Larson (24)

Manchester Mavericks

Maleta Guthrie (6)Susan Raupp (15)

Amy Hildebrandt (6)

Making Strides 4-Ward

Christy Buse (2)Randy Hall (6)

New Edition

Angela Eisele (8)Rob Goeddeke (12)

Micki Ernest (12)

New Ideas

Jodi Didier (9)Laura Zarembski (4)

Dawn Rittmeyer (5)

Northern Lights

Elizabeth Burns (4)Lisa Griffin (4)

Stars & Stripes

Ginger Beck (2)Eve Zarndt (9)

Donna Manring (10)Jane Zeien (8)

Nancy Ramos (2)

The Challenger's

Elaine Book (9)Robin Prinner (6)

Joann Coleman (3)Elizabeth Zeller (2)

The Wranglers

Penny Kolb (18)Vicki Wenger (5)

Donna Manzer (5)

Udder 4-H Club

Karrie Kindberg (3)Kelly Kindberg (3)

Melissa Irwin (5)Robin Kindberg (12)

Visions of Excellence

David Nordman (3)Sue Nordman (9)

Young Producers

Diane Hall (9)Lori Sturm (3)

Sandra Robertson (2)

4-H Federation

Kris HallJane Zeien

Robotics Team

DeeAnn SternhagenRon Tinberg

4-H Dog Obedience Instructors

Marilyn JohnsonNancy Saunders

Sarah Murr

Horse Project Leaders

Danielle BrotzKris Hall

Dorothy BrotzTracy Pyszka

Donna BurloSandra Robertson

Jamie CotterLori Sturm

Kim DavisSarah Ward

Abby Hall

2010-2011 Extension Council

Gary BrockmannLyle Lee

Sheri CaseyRobert Lyford

Brad CrullSam Nerius

Kelsey CrullCarol Newport

Dave DunhamJoanne Rhode

Lisa GonzalezRon Tinberg

Kris HallBob Walberg

Michael KolbHeather Wick

Lars LeeBarbara Wych

2009-2010 Youth Council Members

Kelsey Crull

Michael Kolb

2010 4-H Fair Superintendents

Brad CrullRabbit

Rick FranseenDairy Steers

Kris HallHorse

Robert LyfordSwine

Melissa IrwinDairy

Marilyn JohnsonDog

Ellis MundyGoat

Mike RhodeBeef

Dan TuttlePoultry

Robert WalbergSheep

Mary WhiteCat

4-H Standing Committee

Brad CrullBecky Peters

Don EllingsonMarilyn Rhode

Scott GillMike Rhode

Kris HallRon Tinberg

Melissa IrwinKaren Tuttle

Penny KolbBob Walberg

Bob LyfordJulie Willis

Ellis MundyDon Witt

2009-2010 Boone County Fair Executive Board

Al Henninger – President

Jack Ratcliffe – Vice President

Susan Banks-Price – Secretary

Larry Colver – Treasurer

2010-2011 Boone County Fair Executive Board

Lyle Lee – President

Jack Ratcliffe – Vice President

Susan Banks-Price – Secretary

Dayle Paulson – Treasurer

Club Award Recognition
Presented by:Amy Krass

Standards of Excellence


Beaver Valley Clippers

Chief Pioneers

County Progressors

Grasshoppers/Sweet Clover

Manchester Mavericks

Stars & Stripes


Visions of Excellence

The Wranglers


Dairy Promotion Awards
Sponsored by- Midwest Dairy Association and Midwest Dairymen

1st – Udder 4-H Club

National 4-H Week Promotional Display Contest Award Winners

Top three promotional displays (in alphabetical order):

Grasshoppers/Sweet Clover


Visions of Excellence

Other participants:

Beaver Valley Clippers


Flora Producers

Making Strides 4-Ward

Manchester Mavericks

Stars & Stripes

The Wranglers

2010 Clover Contest Winners

Large Club (20 or More Members)

1st Place The Wranglers

2nd Place LeRoy Commandoes

3rdPlace Grasshoppers/Sweet Clover

Small Club (19 or Less Members)

1stPlaceVisions of Excellence

2ndPlaceBeaver Valley Clippers

3rdPlaceKingdom Seekers

State Award Recognition

Illinois 4-H Club Report Formssubmitted to the state in the following curriculum areas:

No Club Awards were submitted for the 2009-2010 4-H year

Illinois 4-H Hall of Fame

Sponsored by: The Illinois 4-H Foundation

Presented by:Earle Mailand

Recipient:Ann Turner

Outstanding Service Awards

Sponsored by: The Illinois 4-H Foundation

Presented by:Earle Mailand

Recipient:Harold Behling

Bob Lyford

Salute to Excellence Lifetime Volunteer Award

Sponsored by: Monsanto

Presented by:Amy Krass

Recipient:Bob Lyford

Salute to Excellence Volunteer of the Year Award

Sponsored by: Monsanto

Presented by:Amy Krass

Recipient:Jane Zeien

2010 Boone County 4-H Premier LCP Award Winner

Joshua Darnall — 2010 Illinois 4-H Premier LCP Winner &

2010 Premier 20 Leadership Conference Attendee

Illinois State 4-H Key Award Winners

Kaitlyn Nielson

Matt Nordman

County 4-H Curriculum Award Pins

Donated by: Friends of Illinois 4-H Foundation

Presented by:Amy Krass

*Blue Award Group - The Blue Award Group is recognition given to4-H members who have received the pin in a curriculum area once, but continue to do excellent work and improve.

**Dairy Curriculum Area - Only receives a certificate. No pins are awarded.

Rachel BoyceAnimal Science, Personal Development

Austin BrockmannAnimal Science, Environment & Natural Resources*, Plants & Soils

Brianna BrockmannAchievement*, Animal Science*,Food Nutrition & Health, Plants & Soils*

Faye BurloAnimal Science

Emma CarlsonDairy**

Kaitlyn CarlsonDairy**, Home & Family, Personal Development

Joshua DarnallAchievement*, Engineering & Technology*, Personal Development

Taylor DavisPersonal Development*

Megan ExnerDairy**

Chloe GustafsonEnvironmental & Natural Resources

Corbin GustafsonEngineering & Technology

Keeva HurshAnimal Science

Brock IrwinDairy**

Emily IrwinAchievement, Dairy**, Food Nutrition & Health

Lauren JohnsonAnimal Science

Michael KolbAchievement*, Animal Science*

Jacob KruckenbergEngineering & Technology

Emilee MorrowAnimal Science, Personal Development

Abby NelsonAchievement, Community Involvement & Global Awareness, Home & Family*, Personal Development*

Jackie NelsonAchievement*, Animal Science, Community Involvement & Global Awareness*, Environmental & Natural Resources, Food Nutrition & Health*, Home & Family*, Personal Development*

Nicole ZeienAchievement,Animal Science*

Krieg-Manring 4-H Angel Award

Donated by:Krieg & Manring Families in memory of

Victor & Mildred Krieg and Helen Manring

Presented by:Donna Manring

Recipients:Ann Turner

Karen Tuttle

Outstanding Reporter

Donated by: University of Illinois Extension Boone County

Presented by:Amy Krass

Recipient:Brianna Brockmann

Emilee Morrow

Outstanding Historian

Donated by:Boone County 4-H Federation

Presented by:Lauren Johnson

Recipients:Junior AwardChloe Gustafson (Visions of Excellence)

Senior AwardTim Kindberg (Udder 4-H Club)

Secretary of the Year

Donated by:Boone County Farm Bureau

Presented by:Scot Sell

Recipients:Junior AwardAbby Nelson

Senior AwardSamantha Magnusson

Treasurer of the Year

Donated by:Poplar Grove State Bank

Presented by:Nicole Zeien

Recipients:Ben Nordman

Outstanding First Year Members

Donated by:Boone County Home and Community


Presented by:Mary Johnson

Recipients:Emma Carlson

Jacob Kruckenberg

Outstanding Junior Members

Donated by:Boone County Fair Association

Presented by:Al Henninger

Recipients:Andrea Kruckenberg

Emilee Morrow

Outstanding Pre-Teen Members

Donated by:Crusader Clinic of Belvidere

Presented by:Lauren Johnson

Recipients:Hannah Bimmerle

Abby Nelson

Outstanding Mid-Teen Members

Donated by:Pomona Grange

Presented by:Tom Ratcliffe

Recipients:Brianna Brockmann

Emily Irwin

4-H'er of the Year Awards

Donated by:1st Farm Credit Services &

Boone County 4-H Federation

Presented by:Amy Krass

Recipients:Joshua Darnall

Jaclyn Nelson

Donald Paulson Memorial Awards

Donated by:Donald Paulson Memorial Fund

Presented by:Jerry Paulson

Recipients:Michael Kolb

Nicole Zeien

I Dare You Award

Donated by: American Youth Foundation &

University of Illinois Extension Boone County

Presented by:Amy Krass

Recipient:Michael Kolb

Aerospace Award

Donated by:Poplar Grove Airport

Presented by: Nicole Zeien

Recipient:Zion Smith

Outstanding Beef Exhibitor Awards

Donated by: Boone County 4-H Beef Committee

Presented by:Marilyn Rhode

Recipients:Age 8-11:Ashlee Fowler

Wyatt Rudolph

Age 12-14:Amberlee Fowler

Age 15-18:Lexie Shattuck

Clothing & Textiles Award

Donated by: Professional Medical

Presented by:Lauren Johnson

Recipient:Kaitlyn Carlson

Crops & Soils Award

Donated by: The Schnor Family

Presented by:Nicole Zeien

Recipient:Austin Brockmann

Outstanding Dairy Exhibitor Awards

Donated by:The Schnor Family, Foremost Farms U.S.A., Boone County Farm Bureau, Stateline Insurance Agency

Presented by:Scot Sell

Recipients:Age 8-11:Brock Irwin

Age 12-14:Laura Burns

Age 15-18:Angela Hildebrandt

Illinois Holstein Friesian Awards

Donated by:Illinois Holstein Friesian Association

Presented by:Melissa Irwin

Recipients:* Denotes previous winner. Receives only a certificate.

Laura Burns*Emily Irwin*

Emma CarlsonAngela Hildebrandt*

Kaitlyn Carlson*Ray Hildebrandt*

Megan Exner*Kevin Hildebrandt*

Wyatt Exner*Shannon Mutert*

Brock Irwin*

Dog Awards

Donated by:Professional Medical

Presented by: Lauren Johnson

Recipients:Age 8-13:Alicia Limones

Age 14-18:Michael Kolb

Electricity Achievement Award

Donated by:Energy Education Council

Presented by: Nicole Zeien

Recipients:Megan Exner

Environment & Natural Resources Award

Donated by: Boone County Conservation District

Presented by:Lauren Johnson

Recipient:Jaclyn Nelson

Food & Nutrition Award

Donated by: Making Strides 4-Ward 4-H Club & Professional Medical

Presented by:Nicole Zeien

Recipients:Age 8-13:Brianna Brockmann

Age 14-18:Addie Griffin

Goat Award

Donated by: Al & Darlene Henninger

Presented by:Al & Darlene Henninger

Recipient:Brandon Buse

Outstanding Horse Exhibitor Awards

Donated by:Boone County 4-H Horse Committee

Presented by:Abby Bye

Recipients:Age 8-11:Genna Ellingson

Diane Meister

Age 12-14:Hannah Bimmerle

Age 15-18:Nicole Zeien

Most Improved Youth in the Equine Division

Donated by:Boone County 4-H Horse Committee

Presented by:Abby Bye

Recipients:Novice:Diane Meister

Junior:Taylor Davis

Senior:Lexie Shattuck

Judy Lee Memorial Award

Donated by:The Rob Lee Family

Presented by:Abby Bye

Recipient:Nicole Zeien

Phyllis VanBrocklin Memorial Award

Donated by:Alice VanBrocklin

Presented by:Abby Bye

Recipient:Faye Burlo

Horse Scholarship

Donated by:Boone County 4-H Horse Committee

Presented by:Abby Bye

Recipient:Kelly Boyce

Horse High Attendance Awards

Donated by:Boone County 4-H Horse Committee

Presented by:Abby Bye

Recipients attending 9 or more clinics:


Hannah Bimmerle

Kelly Boyce

Rachel Boyce

Faye Burlo

Taylor Davis

Haylee Hardy

Brooke Irlacher

Lauren Johnson

Emily Lachcik

Erin Manzer

Diane Meister

Kelli Wenger


Horticulture Award

Donated by: Women’s Garden Club of Boone County

Presented by: Janet Chapman

Recipient:Andrea Kruckenberg

Photography Awards

Donated by: LeRoy Grange &

Vern Gideon, Omnicare

Presented by:Nicole Zeien

Recipients:Age 8-13:Lindsey Buse

Age 14-18:Addie Griffin

Poultry Award

Donated by:Al & Darlene Henninger

Presented by:Al & Darlene Henninger

Recipient:Emilee Morrow

Public Presentation Award

Donated by: Lisa Grady Memorial Fund

Presented by:JohnGrady

Recipient:Matt Nordman

Rabbit Awards

Donated by:Professional Medical

Presented by:Lauren Johnson

Recipient:Age 8-13:Dakota Peterson

Age 14-18:Rachel Boyce

Outstanding Sheep Exhibitor Awards

Donated by: Brockmann Shropshires, Illinois Wool & Fiber Mill


Presented by:Brockmann Family & Zeien Family

Recipients:Age 8-11:Emilee Morrow

Age 12-14:Keeva Hursh

Age 15-18:Nicole Zeien

Sportfishing Award

Donated by: Coon Creek Casters

Presented by:Lauren Johnson

Recipient:Genna Ellingson

Chloe Gustafson

Swine Award

Donated by:The Grzybowski Family, The Pat Edwards Family, Webb Farm, &

Professional Medical

Presented by:Nicole Zeien

Recipients:Age 8-13:Corbin Gustafson

Age 14-18:Samantha Norgard

Tractor Safety Award

Donated by: Stateline Toy Collectors Club

Presented by:Dave Krieg

Recipient:Scott Cleland

Veterinary Science Award

Donated by: State Street Animal Clinic, Inc.

Presented by:Lauren Johnson

Recipient:Jaclyn Nelson

Visual Arts Award

Donated by: The Nielson Family & Professional Medical

Presented by:Jane Nielson

Recipients:Age 8-13:Kaitlyn Carlson

Age 14-18:Emily Lachcik

Woodworking Award

Donated by: The Schnor Family

Presented by:Nicole Zeien

Recipient:Jacob Kruckenberg

Recognition of 2010-2011 Federation Officers

PresidentLauren Johnson

Vice PresidentBrianna Brockmann

SecretaryNicole Zeien

TreasurerMichael Kolb

Attendance SecretaryJackie Nelson

ReporterAustin Brockmann

Recreation LeaderAlicia Limones

HistorianJessica Limones

SentinelTJ Henneberry

Recognition of New Alumni


Erik Berger


Joshua Darnall

Colton Friemuth

Jennifer Gill

Michael Hildebrandt

Emily Huntington

Jerry Jeffers

Danielle Johnson

Erin Manzer

Kaitlyn Nielson

Alicia O'Connell

Portia Sturm

Nathan Zeien


Recognition of Cloverbud Graduates

Kaleb Buse

Philip Didier

Karyssa Endecott

Ty Freimund

Stephen Rucker

Boone County Project Honor Award Pins

Sponsored by: Boone County 4-H Federation

*Denotes Certificate

Hannah BimmerleAchievement, Food & Nutrition*, Horse*, Performing Arts

Cynthia Binski Cat*

Sandra Binski Horse, Poultry

Rachel BoyceHorse*, Photography*, Rabbit*, Visual Arts*

Austin BrockmannAchievement*, Plant Science, Sheep*, Wildlife & Fisheries*

Brianna BrockmannAchievement*, Food & Nutrition*, Gardening & Horticulture*, Sheep*

Faye BurloHorse*

Laura Burns Dairy*, Food & Nutrition*

Brandon BuseAchievement, Goat

Lindsey BuseAchievement, Dog, Food & Nutrition, Photography

Emma CarlsonAchievement, Dairy, Food & Nutrition, Health & Fitness,

Public Speaking, Visual Arts

Kaitlyn CarlsonAchievement, Child Care & Development, Clothing & Textiles*, Dairy*,

Fashion Revue,Food & Nutrition*, Home Environment, Industrial Arts,

Public Speaking, Visual Arts*

Scott ClelandEngines Tractors & Field Equipment

Joshua DarnallAchievement*, Citizenship*, Community Service*, Food & Nutrition*,

Leadership*, Public Speaking*, Wood Science*

Taylor DavisAchievement*, Horse*, Wood Science*

Genna EllingsonAchievement, Horse, Outdoor Education & Recreation, Photography,

Wildlife & Fisheries

Megan ExnerAchievement, Agriculture, Clothing & Textiles*, Dairy*, Electricity,

Industrial Arts, Judging, Plant Science*, Visual Arts*

Wyatt ExnerDairy*, Electricity, Industrial Arts

Amberlee FowlerAchievement*, Beef*

Ashlee FowlerAchievement, Beef*

Kayla GissClothing & Textiles, Food & Nutrition

Addie GriffinFood & Nutrition*, Photography*

Chloe GustafsonSwine*, Wildlife & Fisheries

Corbin GustafsonSwine*, Wood Science*

Angela HildebrandtDairy*

Kevin HildebrandtDairy*

Ray HildebrandtDairy*

Keeva HurshSheep*

Travis HurshSheep*, Wood Science*

Brooke IrlacherHorse, Veterinary Science

Brock Irwin Achievement, Dairy*, Food & Nutrition*, Health & Fitness

Emily IrwinAchievement*, Dairy*, Food & Nutrition*, Judging, Sheep

Lauren JohnsonHorse

Michael KolbAchievement*, Dog*, Horse*

Andrea KruckenbergAchievement, Food & Nutrition*, Gardening & Horticulture, Swine

Jacob KruckenbergAchievement, Food & Nutrition, Swine, Wood Science

Emily LachcikAchievement, Horse, Visual Arts

Vanessa Lein Achievement, Beef*, Cat*, Reporting Media*

Alicia LimonesDog

Diane MeisterHorse*

Emilee MorrowAchievement*, Food & Nutrition*, Photography*, Poultry, Sheep*

Shannon Mutert Dairy*, Food & Nutrition*

Abby NelsonAchievement*, Clothing & Textiles*, Community Service*, Dog*,

Fashion Revue*, Food & Nutrition*, Photography*, Visual Arts

Jaclyn NelsonAchievement*, Citizenship, Clothing & Textiles*, Community Service*,

Dog*, Fashion Revue*, Food & Nutrition*, Leadership*, Photography*,

Veterinary Science

Ben NordmanIndustrial Arts, Swine*

Julianna NordmanPerforming Arts, Swine*, Veterinary Science

Matt NordmanCitizenship, Public Speaking, Swine*

Samantha NorgardSwine*, Visual Arts*

Dakota PetersenRabbit, Sheep

Justin RamosLeadership, Reporting Media

Wyatt RudolphBeef

Lexie ShattuckAchievement, Beef, Horse*, Photography

Caleb SmithPets

Natalie SmithHorse*

Zion SmithAerospace, Pets

Luke SternhagenTechnology & Engineering

Nicole ZeienAchievement*, Horse*, Leadership, Sheep*

2010 Auction Buyers


1st Farm Credit Services

Ace Concrete

Alpine Bank & Trust Co.

Area Mechanical

Banks, Donald

Belvidere Motors, Inc.

Blackhawk Bank

Boone County Farm Bureau

Bottcher Farms

Bryden Motors, Inc.

Buck Brothers, Inc.

Butch Peters Family

C & D Bargain

Can-Len Construction

Central Grain Company

Charlesworth Show Hogs

Cody Book Farms

Complete Feed Service, LLC

Conserv FS

Country Side Mall

County Pride Meats

Curt Newport, Boone County Treasurer

DeKalb Implement

DeLong Co.

Dial Machine, Inc.

Drivers Edge Driving School

E.M. Heating-Heil

Edwards Orchard, Inc.

Eickman's Processing Company

Elburn Cooperative Company

Ellwanger Farms

Esco Grinding & Supply Co.

Finnegans' RV Center, Inc.

Fowler Farms

Freeman, Ken

Friendly Franseen Acres

Gallano Trucking, Inc.

General Mills

Get-A-Key Acres

Global Medical Products

Goad Auction

Gunnink Equipment

Haberstich Family

Harvest Risk Management

Hazelridge Acres Dairy Goats

Hildebrandt Farms

Hintzsche Fertilizer Inc.

Huntington Farms

Illinois Wool & Fiber Mill

J & D Oil, Inc.

Johnson, Marvin

K. & V. Sell Farm

Kim, D.D.S., John

Krieg Farm Toys & Auction Service

KRK Excavating

Lady Farm

Landmark Services Cooperative

Lane Farm Trucking

Lee Auction Service

Lischka Drainage

Logan Avenue Mobile

Luckey Farms

Magna Lock USA

Maplehurst Farms

Mark's Chemical, LLC

Meridian Implement Company

Mor-Agra Grain Handling, Inc.

Mud Creek Farm

Mueller Farms

Naber, Paul

Newburg Storage, Inc.

Northern Directional Drilling, Inc.

Northwest Pallet Company

O'Donnell, Pat

Paul, Quentin & Janet

Peabudy's North

Poplar Grove State Bank

R.J. Daniels Fuel & Tire

Ray Beetstra Dairy Farm

Reininger, Susan

River Ridge Animal Hospital, Dr. Erin Graves

Ron Nelson Agency

Schmaling Auction Service

Seegers Grain, Inc.

Sorg Farm Packing Inc.

Stevens Electric

Stillman Banc Corp.

Stongegate Farm Nursery

Swanson Construction

Temple's 5 Star Muffler

TNT Farms

Tobin & Ramon

Wind Ridge Farm

Wisconsin Cheese

Wolf Chevrolet Sales, Inc.

Woodman's Food Markets

Yates Farm

Zenz Building, Inc.


2010 Auctioneers

Kris Bryan

John Edwards

Robert Goad

Al Henninger

Dave Krieg

Lyle Lee

Col Richard Nelson

Jeff Marrs

Brian Goad

James Mason

2010Auction Clerks

Alpine Bank

Poplar Grove State Bank

2010 Auction Committee

Mike Charlesworth

Brad Crull

Buddy Klinefelter

Chuck Klinefelter

Bob Lyford

Ellis Mundy

Jim Nelson

Dennis Nelson

Max Newport

Butch Peters

Wally Reynolds

Dale Rhode

Mike Rhode

Lloyd Schellin

Dan Tuttle

Robert Walberg

Kevin Walter

Ron Werner

Thank You to the 2010

Recognition Program Sponsors:

Boone County Auction Committee

Boone County 4-H Federation