Grocery Bag Purse

I didn't design this purse with Earth Day in mind, but the timing seems fortuitous.

I've switched to reusable bags and was hoping to use up the plastic grocery bags that exploded from under my sink every time I opened the cupboard door. I used up all the bags I had on hand making the prototype and then had to ask for donations of more at work to make the test bag for the pattern.

You will need:
N (9mm) crochet hook (metal or plastic)
25-30 plastic grocery bags
closable stitch marker
large darning needle

This is what *my* abbreviations mean, they aren't exactly standard
sc = single crochet
st, sts = stitch, stitches
2in1 = work 2 sc into 1 st, an increase
[2in1]x2 = work 2 sc in each of the next 2 sts
dec = sc decrease, make 2 sts into one

You can find instructions for how to make the 'yarn' and another plastic bag pattern here. You can make a whole lot at once. I work bag by bag, only adding more when I've reached the last loop from the previous bag.

A note about rounds and markers:
Rounds are indicated with a marker in the last stitch of the round. When working a round, work to the last stitch, remove the marker, work the last stitch, and replace the marker in the stitch just completed.

I would recommend using a marker that closes, because open ended markers can easily slip out. This is a sad thing.

The purse is worked in a continuous spiral, so it may bias as you work each row--this is less noticeable as the bag gets deeper. Also, the end/beginning of the rounds will slowly drift to the right. The pattern takes this into account.

Begin with a slip knot and chain 18.

Round 1: Skip first chain and work two sc in next stitch. Sc 15. Sc 4 in last chain stitch. Work 15 sc back along the other side of the chain, stitch for stitch encasing the tail as you go. Work 2 sc in last stitch and place marker in last stitch of the round. (38 sts).

Round 2: Work 2 sc in each of next two stitches ([2in1]x2). Sc16, then, 2sc in each of next 3 st ([2in1]x3). Sc16, then, 2 in last st (2in1). (44 sts).

Round 3: [sc1, 2in1]x2, sc16, [2in1, sc1]x2, 2in1, sc18, 2in1. (50 sts).

Round 4: [sc1, 2in1]x3, sc17, [2in1, sc1]x3, 2in1, sc19, 2in1. (58 sts).

Rounds 5-17: work straight (13 rounds).

Round 18: sc9, dec, sc3, dec, sc8, dec, sc3, dec, 7sc, dec, sc3, dec, sc8, dec, sc3. (51sts).

Round 19: dec, work rest straight (50 sts).

Round 20: sc8, dec, sc3, dec, sc4, dec, sc3, dec, sc7, dec, sc3, dec, sc4, dec, sc3, dec last st of this round together with the first of next round, move marker. (42 sts).

Rounds 21 and 22: work straight.

Round 23: sc11, chain 8, skip 8 st in the round before, sc13, chain 8, skip 8 sts in the round before, sc2.

Round 24: sc11, work 12 sc into loop (not into the sts) sc13, work 12 sc into loop, sc2.

Round 25: work straight.

Sc5 and fasten off. Weave in ends.