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X-Rite i1Photo Showcases Exceptional Color Management Technology,

Launches Industry’s First-Ever Personalized In-Box Training,

& Offers Show Specials At PhotoPlus Expo’07

Innovative, Two-Tiered i1Defined Training Bundle And Special i1LT Photo/ Beamer Promo – Backdrop For X-Rite Family & World Famous Photographers In Booth 918

New York, NY – October 10, 2007 – X-Rite, Incorporated – the world leader in color management and color measurement solutions, showcases its innovative line of solutions for exceptional color control in RGB and CMYK workflows as well as show specials – at PDN’s PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo (PPE). October 18-20, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Visitors to Booth 918 may learn all about all-new X-Rite i1Defined, the industry’s first-ever in-box personalized training color management. The unique program consists of two tiers: the flash-based X-Rite i1®Experience – a user-controlled interactive training CD that comes with all X-Rite i1®Solutions; and the web-based X-Rite i1®Personal Color Trainer (PCT), one-on-one remote training with a color management expert. The full X-Rite i1®Photo line of innovative color management solutions also is on display at this year’s PPE – including two levels of colorimeter-driven color excellence for monitors, the X-Rite i1®Display™ LT and the X-Rite i1®Display™ 2.

The company’s comprehensive product lineup also features a special X-Rite i1®Photo™ LT offer as well, with the option to get cash back on this award-winning system or upgrade its color control to include the X-Rite i1®Beamer’s powerful digital output benefits. The company’s product lineup also includes the automated test chart reading capabilities of the acclaimed X-Rite i1®iO and X-Rite i1®iSis, and the foolproof color-matching methodology of X-Rite ColorChecker™. At select times throughout the show, world renown photographers and color experts Seth Resnick, Eddie Tapp and Andrew Rodney offer their advice and insights on effective, predictable and accurate color-managed digital workflow from the X-Rite Booth 918.

Industry’s First-Ever Personalized In-Box Training Launched At PPE

PPE, the industry’s largest and most comprehensive photography expo and educational conference, provides an ideal setting for an all-new educational training that reflects X-Rite’s user-centric approach to the marketplace. The all-new X-Rite i1Defined’s two-tiered program () will be launched from the show floor.

The first level, The Flash-based X-Rite i1Experience is a user-controlled interactive training CD that now comes with every X-Rite i1 system. Through a unique humanized interface, users can choose the topics and pacing, learning color fundamentals, system basics, and digital workflow foundations in a customized and easy-to-understand way. The second level, the X-Rite i1Personal Color Trainer (PCT), is one-on-one remote training with a color management expert. The trainer personalizes the hour-long web-based session around the customer, and can interact directly with the user’s computer to address specific workflow issues. One PCT session is now included with i1Photo, i1Photo SG, i1Proof and i1XT bundles, with additional sessions available.Existing i1 customers will have access to i1PCT at special pricing through an X-Rite i1Defined loyalty promotion. Read more about the i1Defined program, click here.

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Brilliant RGB – Display to Print Or Digital Projectors – At Exceptional Price

PPE07 attendees also can learn the details of a special offer on the i1®Photo LT, (Download the i1Photo LT Brochure) a systemwhich won the prestigious European TIPA award for Best Color Management System in 2007. Designed exclusively for exceptional color control in RGB workflow, the i1Photo LT delivers the exclusive ability to capture ambient and strobe light measurements for color critical work. Now, for a limited time from an authorized USA/Canadian X-Rite Photo Dealer, photographers and other digital imaging professionals may choose from one of two special offers. They may elect to receive a $200 mail-in rebate when they purchase an i1Photo LT or they may choose to expand the i1Photo LT’s color control excellence with a free ($495 value) upgrade to the X-Rite i1Beamer. The i1Beamer profiles digital projectors, taking into account ambient light conditions including the images, projected surfaces, and other environmental factors. For more information on the promotion view . ToRead the full news release about the i1Photo LT[YM1] click here.

Attendees also can witness first-hand the brilliant RGB output of the X-Rite i1Beamer in digital projector presentations throughout the seminar programs where they see the X-Rite calibration signage.

Photographers And Other Creative Professionals Working With Specific Digital Media Discover Color Excellence Tailored To Their Workflow Needs In Booth 918

Throughout the show, Seth Resnick, Eddie Tapp and Andrew Rodneyoffer their advice from the X-Rite Booth 918 on leveraging the latest color management solutions for optimal output in either RGB or CYMK production environments. (See their schedule at the booth). All booth attendees who drop a card in the fish bowl automatically become eligible for a daily drawing to win a Seth Resnick D–65 Workshop, a $995 value.

Visitors to Booth 918 also may take advantage of the X-Rite products on display to explore details of the latest color management technology for themselves. X-Rite i1 Solutions are driven by the X-Rite i1PRO. This true spectrophotometer leverages its Swiss engineering to drive the entire i1Photo line, with the power to implement effective, predictable and accurate color-managed digital workflow in either RGB or CYMK production environments – from camera to display to final output. The X-Rite spectrophotometer i1 technology has been embedded into theHP Designjet Z Series, the only printers in the industry offering creative professionals seamless break-through color accuracy, consistency and superb ease of use, revolutionizing end-to-end color printing solutions. Click Here to read how internationally acclaimed photographer Andy Katz credits the HPDesignjet Z with his ability to mount a recent gallery showing at Mumm Napa. (

All X-Rite systems are designed for reliable, accurate and predictable color on-screen as well as consistent color reproduction without rework and waste in virtually any creative workflow. The following are showcased at this year’s PPE:

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X-Rite i1Photo – delivers complete color-precise digital RGB workflow, including the ability to calibrate all types of monitors and profile scanners, digital cameras and digital projectors with a white-surface backup board and highly sophisticated ruler system that enables easy one hand scanning operation. The i1Photo also captures natural light conditions with a revolutionary ambient light head. It comes complete with full RGB test chart technology plus a quick method of creating small test chart CMYK (Easy) profiles for in-house comps in a snap. Ultra upgradeable to full CMYK test chart technology via easy access code;

 X-Rite i1PhotoLT – offers core X-Rite i1Photo components, including backup board and ruler system, that enables easy one-handed scanning while it eliminates tedious “one-at-a-time” patch reading. Offering digital imaging enthusiasts brilliant monitor-to-print RGB performance at a breakthrough price point. Read more about the i1Photo LT[YM2];

The X-Rite i1PhotoSG – all the benefits of the i1Photo including the X-Rite Digital ColorChecker (SG), Semi-Glosschart for profiling the digital camera environment;

X-Rite i1 Proof – a sophisticated solution for CMYK workflows requiring more robust color needs with advanced CMYK output profiling makes this the best package for anyone using a Postscript RIP. Other great features include the ability to profile projectors, edit profiles, measure and share spot and PANTONE™ colors and measure lighting conditions;

X-Rite i1XT – a system of measuring and controlling color on digital cameras, scanners, displays and printers of all types—even projectors—with the complete i1Beamer kit included;

UV Filter bundles also available for all the above products; [D3]

The X-Rite i1®iOAutomated Scanning Table - sets a new industry standard for color quality by providing existing i1PRO users with an easy method to automate their digital workflow for the fastestmeasurements for reflective testcharts as well as an array of monitors, scanners, projectors and printers, at an incredible price point. It is the only device on the market capable of reading substrates with unlimited thickness up to 10mm.[CC4]Read more about the i1iO[YM5].

The X-Rite i1®iSis delivers unparalleled ease of use for those who need to measure color in reflection charts only, with capabilities that eliminate the most time-consuming tasks of cutting charts and feeding multiple pages. The X-Rite i1iSis delivers fast and accuratemeasurements for reflective testcharts on substrates that fall within the thickness range of .08 to .45 mm, such as inkjet, copier, coated and uncoated paper.Read more about the i1iSis[CC6][YM7]

The X-Rite ColorChecker- features a scientifically prepared method of ensuring a color match under any illumination and with any color reproduction system.[CC8]

About X-Rite

(NASDAQ: XRIT) X-Rite, which recently acquired GretagMacbeth is the global leader in color management, offering hardware, software and services for measuring, formulating and matching color. The Company serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical. X-Rite serves customers worldwide from its offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Visit for more information.

For editorial questions, please contact:CJC Strategists,

Charlé-John Cafiero (212) 777-7654


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