AP Language and Composition Classroom Policies and Procedures

James Clemens High School / Teacher: / Jane Herndon
11306 County Line Road
Madison, AL 35756 / Email: /
Phone: / 256-261-5313
I. / Course Requirements and Required Reading: / 1. Bell Work
2. Periodic reading quizzes
3. Essay and research writing
4. Novel and literary unit projects/tests
5. Weekly vocabulary tests
6. Reading workshop journals
7. Research paper
8. Weekly timed writings
9. Dialectical Journals
10. Reader’s Response Journals
II. / Materials and Supplies Needed: / 1.Three-ring binder with loose leaf paper divided into the following sections: Bellringers, Notes, and Vocabulary
2. Writing utensils (PENS, no pencils, black or blue ink)
3. Post-it notes
4. Three highlighters (pink, green, and yellow)
  1. Copy paper
  2. Tissues
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Clorox wipes

III. / Grading Policy: / Homework
Assignments are due at the beginning of class. If a student cannot produce the assignment at the time for which it is called, then it will be considered a zero.
Late Work
Assignments turned in one day late will be deducted a letter grade. Major projects and papers will not be accepted late.
1. All final drafts are to be typed and must be double-spaced. See me in advance if you
have problems accessing a computer or if you are having printer problems.
2. Only use 12 Font, Times New Roman.
Grading Period
This class is divided into nine-week categories. Report cards will be distributed at the end of each nine-week period. Progress reports will be distributed at three-week intervals throughout the nine weeks.
Student grades will be determined based on the following percentages:
Major Tests & Papers/ Projects70%
Quizzes/ In-class assignments & homework 30%
GradingScale: A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), D (65-69), F (64 and below)
*Cheating and plagiarism of any kind are never tolerated. The academic misconduct
policy of the school will be followed in this course.
*Please note that all requests for accommodations for this course or any school event are
welcomed from students and parents. Any student who receives failing grades during this
course is urged to discuss this with me so we can devise a plan for improvement.
IV. / Absences: / 1. If absent, see me upon your return to school to discuss make-up work or email me.
2. Homework is due the day you return from an absence. It is YOUR responsibility to
show it to me.
3. If you are absent the day a major project or assignment is due, you must turn it in the
day you return or it will be considered late. If your absence is unexcused, your project
will be considered late.
4. If you are going on a field trip, previously assigned work should be completed prior to
the trip. Work missed the day of the trip is due the day you return.
5. If you are absent the day before a long-term assignment or test, it is still due on the
assigned day since you were already aware of the deadline.
6. Always talk to me IN ADVANCE if you foresee a problem with an assignment.
*The attendance policy of the school will be followed in this course.
VI. / Make-up Test Policy:
Classroom Expectations: / Make-up tests will be given for excused absences only. The make-up test will be administered during Refuel. You must make an appointment to take a make-up test. If the make-up day is missed without prior approval, then the missing grade will remain a zero.
1. Be respectful, polite, and courteous.
2. Be prepared (bring all required materials to class).
3. Be on time and in your seat when the tardy bell rings and immediately begin working on your Bellringer for the day. (Do not wait for me to tell you to begin.)
4. Stay in your appropriate seat throughout the period unless given permission to move about the room. Do not line up at the door close to dismissal.
5. Keep all handouts, notes, graded papers, etc. in the appropriate section in your binder.
6. If given permission to leave the room, you must sign out and take a hall pass.
7. Follow all procedures and policies as outlined by James Clemens High School and Madison City Schools.
8. Do not do anything that would interfere with all of us having a successful and enjoyable semester.
VII. Discipline:
Unacceptable behavior can be categorized as disruption, disrespect, and defiance.
Unacceptable behavior will NOT be tolerated. The following are consequences for
unacceptable behavior:
1st offenseVerbal warning
2nd offenseParent contact
3rd offenseAdministrator contact
Any major offense can be sent directly to an administrator.
*Students who are not in my classroom and seated when the tardy bell rings will be
considered tardy. No exceptions.*
Choosing to follow policies and procedures will result in one or more of the following:
*Verbal acknowledgement
*A stress free learning environment
*A pleasant and secure atmosphere

VIII.Appropriate Use 1. Under no circumstances are student laptops to be wired to the network or have print Technology: capabilities.

2. No discs, flash drives, jump drives, or other USB devices will be allowed.

3. Neither the teacher, nor the school is responsible for broken, stolen, or lost laptops/iPads.

4. Laptops/iPads will be used at the individual discretion of the teacher.

5. There will be occasions where cell phone use will be allowed (research, defining words,

etc.). However, unless the teacher specifies that cell phone use be allowed, all cell phones should be put away. Failure to do this warrants disciplinary action.

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