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Carbondale, PA 18407

Music Evangelism Concerts - Impressions and Parodies

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Concert Pianist, Vocalist and Parody Writer For The Lord

Paid Concert Agreement by Matt Mattero Ministries.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Matt Mattero Ministries is to Glorify God and to utilize Piano Music

Singing and Impressions as a means of reaching others for Christ.

Insurance and Liability Waiver

I presently do not have any liability insurance that covers any damage to my

equipment, your establishment or injuries that have resulted in anyone getting hurt.

By signing this agreement you shall hold me blameless and you waive the right to file

suit against me for anyone hurt on your premises during my performance there that

was not intentional. I shall be responsible for all damages to my equipment unless

anyone there intentionally damages my equipment, then they shall be liable for full

restitution of my equipment in full for the entire fair market value of my equipment.

I also agree not to file suit against you for any unintentional or accidental damages or

hurt caused to anyone as inadvertently tripping over mike cords or getting hurt as a

direct result of getting hurt from my equipment. The signer and I of this Concert

Agreement at the place I am playing at shall not be responsible for any damages that

arise as the result of anyone else’s negligence, accidents or inability to act civilized or Acts of God.

Payment For Concerts Performed, Expenses Paid and Length of Time Concert Is To BePerformed

Payment for each engagement will be the fee agreed upon on my Book A Concert Page which is $______.

All Expenses paid will be the fee agreed upon on my Book A Concert Page which is $______.

Length of Concert will be the amount of time chosen on my Book A Concert Page which is ______hours.

Music Styles

Gospel, Hymns,Classical, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Country, Rock, Traditional Gospel, Original Traditional

and Contemporary Gospel.

Demo Tape or Live Audition

I will be more than happy to provide a demo or play live prior to a concertso that my musical style can properly

beevaluated or you can view and listen to my music online through the links provided on my web site.

Equipment Needed to Perform (Logistics)

Preferably a Baby Grand Piano, or other Piano that is in tune,

2 microphones, 2 microphone stands, and a PA system.

If needed I can bring my own piano, mike, PA System,drum machine,

as well as music and light to read the music.


I will gladly welcome all promotion needed to promote the concert and

will contact any Christian Radio Station to help advertise the event.

More Logistics




Duration of Concert:

Altar Call

I believe the word of God commands us to tell others about him in his word

to fulfill the Great Commission as set forth in Mark 16:15. At the end of every concert and even during the concert,

I will be referring to the Glory of God and when concluding, asking people to bow their heads and accept

Jesus Christ as their Savior if they do not know him as their Savior.

Inclement Weather, My sickness or Rescheduling Options

If there is inclement weather, it can be decided by both parties if theconcert will be rescheduled at a future date. This is also true if I am sick and am unable to make a scheduled date or appearance even if it is 1 day before the scheduled concert date. Both parties reserve the right to be able to renegotiate the concert, reschedule the concert, or cancel it. Both parties will be notified in no less than 2 weeks prior to the upcoming concert, unless I am sick as stated above the day before the concert.

Signed Agreement

I hereby AGREE to the said AGREEMENT for Matt Mattero Ministries

And Impressions and this is witnessed by our SIGNATURES attached below.

Sign and return to the above address on my header above.


Name of Client Date


Signature of Client Date


Signature of Matthew Anthony Mattero Date