THIS AGREEMENT, being made and executed on this day of , 2015 between the Capital Basketball Officials Board (“C.B.O.B.”) and .

  1. I agree that this agreement shall be valid for one (1) year to include the 2015-2016 basketball season.
  2. I agree to serve as an Independent Contractor, not as an employee of CBOB or any of its institutions.
  3. I agree to hold the CBOB, Supervisor of Officials, staff, members and served institutions harmless of any and all liability and injury, accident or damage sustained by any party as a result of any assignment.
  4. I agree that as an Independent Contractor it is my own personal responsibility to insure that I have the appropriate personal insurance to cover any and all liability and/or expense and/or loss of wages that may occur as a result of injury or damage sustained to me and/or others while fulfilling the accepted assignment(s) and/or traveling to and from the accepted assignment(s).
  5. I understand that this agreement does not carry any obligation on the part of CBOB for any specific number of assignments, if any. Also, any assignments I receive will be subject to change or cancellation by the CBOB Supervisor of Officials if he deems such change or cancellation is necessary.
  6. I agree that as an Independent Contractor it is my responsibility to ensure that I meet the proper medical and physical examinations and proper medical clearances for my accepted assignment(s).
  7. I agree to attend all required officiating meetings, camps, clinics as required by the Supervisor of Officials.
  8. I agree that the “host team” institution will be responsible for my game fee.
  9. I agree to officiate impartially and solely in accordance with the NCAA rules of basketball which I represent that I have read and studied these rules for the current year. Additionally I agree to arrive at the site of each assignment at least 1.5 hours prior to the scheduled game time.
  10. I agree to complete and return to the Supervisor of Officials any required written reports, evaluation forms and/or Arbiter revisions/additions and notifications related to the accepted assignment(s).
  11. I agree that I will visit the CAC website on Arbiter at least weekly during the season to review rules, policies, and announcements, take examinations, etc. Additionally I agree to keep current my personal information as requested by Arbiter and that I will post a current photo of myself thereto.
  12. I agree that the validity, enforceability and interpretation of this Agreement shall be determined and governed by the laws governing the State of Maryland.

ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS AND ASSIGNMENTS: By my signature below, I agree to all of the rules set forth herein this Agreement and accept membership as an official with the CBOB. This Agreement must be returned with a $125 application fee made payable to “C.B.O.B.” by August 31, 2015 and returned to:

C.B.O.B, Post Office Box 595, Great Mills, MD 20634

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