INDOT Performance Data Calculation Change

The performance data calculation change was put into effect as part of a new release of PSCS that went into production on Friday the 11th. The change is to use technical performance scores from firms identified as leads for applicable prequalification worktypes. Up to now all performance scores applied in selection came from the datasets of the submitting firm. An example is that a submitting firm identifies themselves as lead for road design and a sub as lead for bridge design. The new computation will pull the bridge design score component from the firm listed as lead for bridge.

This change has been in the works for about a year and is supported by both INDOT and ACEC. I mentioned the estimated end of year implementation date in a meeting with Can-Do representatives in June and in a presentation to an ACEC INDOT committee on August 19th. Our quarterly performance evaluation summary report distributed via listserv indicates some worktypes will not be applied for turn-key type advertisements until the calculation changes are implemented. We did not publish a specific implementation date.

There are no current plans to alter the performance types identified for items on the 12 month RFP list, however we could consider adding the Environmental Document performance type for a large on-call contract item and for a large grade separation project on US 31. If we choose to leave the performance types for items already on the 12 month list the same the only effect of the calculation change would be for firms planning to subcontract road design or bridge design to another firm as lead. This would be rare.

The main change that I expect to occur for future items would be that we will consider including the environmental document performance type with some turn-key design contracts in addition to the typical project management, letting document, road design and bridge design performance types. This decision would be on a case by case basis depending on the complexity and priority in comparison to other work elements. I expect the primary result will be that submitting firms who are poorly self-performing environmental services will choose to sub the work to someone who is a better performer or will decide to improve their own performance.

Please be aware that there are likely to be new turn-key items added to our 12 month list for January, February and March for which we may want to consider including the environmental document performance type. Because they have not been published on the 12 month list yet, however, I think that teaming arrangements should not have been decided. Also, even for the January RFP submittals are not due until January 26th, so there is time for team adjustments.

We cannot easily turn-off the new calculation change and turn it back on later. Turning it off would require rolling PSCS back to the prior version and undoing the package of enhancements. -Jeff

Jeffrey B.Clanton, PE

Consultant Contracting Manager

(317) 232-4198