From our DWO PCSO Adam Charles:

Dear Residents

Please find belowthe crime record for theperiod from 16th August to 31st August.

Generally very low overall but disappointing to see three shoplifting offences in Westmoreland Road as I can't recall any being reported for a long time.

One of the thefts frommotor vehicle offences again showed why it's not a good idea to leave valuable items in your car overnight.

Also disappointing to see an incident of criminal damage to the property of innocent people and that someone's forgotten bag appears to have been found by a dishonest person. The one burglary we had could possibly have been prevented if the front door had been double locked.

HoweverShortlands remains a very safe place and will stay that way if people are vigilant.

I'd like to tell a good news story of how the combined efforts of officers from Shortlands and the response team enabled a speeding motorist to be stopped and taken off the road as their vehicle was uninsured. At around six in the evening on Saturday 19/08/17 Danny (one of our special constables) and I were on foot patrol in Shortlands Road. We saw a vehicle driving at well over 30 mph towards Shortlands Railway Station. Although we were unable to stop the vehicle we circulated a description on the radio. About five minutes later the crew of a response vehicle called us up and said they had stopped the vehicle in Highland Road just off Beckenham Lane and were seizing it for no insurance.Fortunately these sort of incidents are rare as the majority of drivers I see whilst on patrol drive carefully and at a reasonable speed. Please let us know if you see vehicles driving in a similar manner.

Finally PC Harry Mudge is joining the team on Monday so we'll now have three DWOs which is great news for everyone and we'll be working closely with our colleagues on Copers Cope and Kelsey & Eden Park wards who are also getting a new DWO PC each on Monday to fight crime and deal with anti social behaviour across Beckenham.

That's all for now. As always thanks very much for your help and support.

Kind Regards


Shortlands Crime Record 16/08/17- 31/08/17

Theft Other-:

1. 18/08/17.Shortlands Road. Table taken from communal back yard of block of flats.

2. 24/08/17. Late afternoon. Mays Hill Road. Victim left holdall on bench. When he returned it had gone.

Burglary Dwelling-:1. 19/08/17 Mid afternoon to 20/08/17 early morning.Brabourne Rise near junction with Hayes Lane. Suspect(s) forced open front door which was only locked on the latch. Carried out an untidy search. Two laptops, a television and a Macbook were stolen.

Theft from Motor Vehicle-:

1. 20/08/17 -21/08/17. Overnight offence.Pickhurst Park. Number plates stolen.

2. 28/08/17- 29/08/17. Overnight offence. Aylesbury Road. Two pairs of trainers and satnav stolen.


1. 21/08/17. Evening offence. Westmoreland Road. Bottle of Champagne stolen.

2. 22/08/17. Evening offence. Westmoreland Road. Several alcoholic drinks stolen. Suspect arrested.

3. 29/08/17. Evening offence. Two sandwiches stolen from supermarket.

Offences occurred at the same shop.

Criminal Damage-:

1. 14/08/17- 21/08/17. Mays Hill Road. Eggs thrown at front wall.