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Catalog Training

February 6, 2009

Meeting Information

Facilitator / Sandra Beaulac
Note taker / Renee Roach
Attendees / Janie Harrell, Renee Roach, Linda Phillips, Dawne Massey, Julie Duncan


Relevant Training/Discussion Highlights:
GAPs Identified:
Decisions Made: /
  • Sandra will send information about self-service, schedule to see what information the students will view.

Decisions Required: /
  • Do we want to delete the restriction “or permission of instructor” for enrollment? Linda will check with Dr. McArthur to determine if we want to negate this. If so, an email will need to be sent to Sandra describing this information.

Other Issues and Concerns: /
  • Limit and repeat status on SCACRSE are loaded incorrectly.
  • SHAGRDE grade modes need to be changed for Remedial and Transfer courses.

Action Items / Assignments

Description / Owner / Deadline
  • There are two methodologies to use for prerequisite checking. She will show us how to create a prerequisite; if a prerequisite is 4983, you must take 4984. She will show the methodology to create it in Academic History. At
  • SFAREGFE – a place where we can assign fee information. Fees charged at the course.
  • If we have a course that is specific to curriculum rules, only people in a particular program can take this course. We can restrict the course by an attribute if we need to.
  • STVCUDA – where to create supplemental data for tom or someone else.
  • Course description tab, course text, integration partners would be schedule 25 – or some other type of scheduling software.
  • We don’t want to put anything in course text. If there is info in both course description and course text, then nothing will print.
  • LIBA – denotes liberal arts & sciences courses. We might want to include more information in the validation table. These are also distinguished on SHAGRDE.
  • Where will an advisor be able to see that a course is a liberal arts course? In baseline banner transcript does not show the attribute such as liberal arts. Some other
  • Courserestrictions – department and field of study, if I select include, and department, then I can chose that only that department will be allowed to enroll in this course. In field of study restrictions, we can restrict by major, minor, field of study as a type.
  • Departmental approval is at the class section. If we want the chair to approve at, we want to create this at the section level for permission codes. The approval or permission is at the class section level, not at the course catalog level.
SSASECT - there is no link for the “or” characteristic. It is either one or the other or both. Can’t be linked together with an “OR” in the catalog.
  • If prerequisite using the SCAPREQ it will not pull equivalent course from academic course.
  • We can create as an area prerequisite.
Go to curriculum, advising and program planning folder –
SMAAREA – area requirements under CAPREQ.
  • You will have to flip the flags CAPP areas for prerequisites on SCACRSE. If the flag is flipped and there is nothing in the prerequisite block, SCAPREQ, users will get an error – contact your contract administrator. So, if the flag is enabled and nothing is in the form, we will get this error.
  • The actual prerequisite information on self service. We cannot choose what information will be shown
We can change the verbiage under prerequisite, but not under restrictions.
2 avenues for prerequisite checking. Either we do want it to check or we don’t. This is a test question.
  • SCASRES – Catalog schedule restrictions. Term restriction.
  • SCABASE – course base maintenance. Restrict maintenance to this form. We could put start term and end term; this is a way to delete a course catalog item.
Get rid of the course at the section first, and then in this form. We don’t want to give many people access to this form.
Tom might want to look at SCACLBD – look at security on this one.
  • SCATEXT – fluffy part of the catalog. No one really enters anything in this area.
  • SCASYLB –course syllabus information.
Creating a course:
  1. SCACRSE – (CJ 4591-3)
  1. What is the subject code
  2. Course and term
  3. Course title only be 30 char
  4. ; Select what college the course is from.
  5. Division – we are leaving this part blank
  6. Department – CJSO
  7. CIP code
  8. Prerequisite Waiver – leave it blank
  9. Duration – there is no duration only for open learning, not continuing education
  10. There are no additional fees, not enabling CAPP areas for prerequisites.
  11. If variable hours, can do 1 to 3 hours
  12. SCADETL – go through all the tabs, and enter what is needed.
  13. SCARRES – any restrictions. Cannot add instructor permission until the section level is created.
  14. SCASYLB – where we want to show the long title.
  • Repeat details, Limit and repeat status on SCACRSE are loaded incorrectly. If there is a numeric value in AI, It needs to be transferred to Z column. Then take the numeric value out of AI and insert into AZ. Sandra will resubmit to Dwayne and correct the table.
  • In preprod, the schedule method is not correct. Schedule would be lecture and the instructional method would be internship.
  • We decided to put this information at the section level. Lecture, Lab information.
  • Sandra will send information about self-service, schedule to see what information the students will view.
We are back at Schedule type and instructional method.
  • Grade modes – is it web enabled, does it fall within the mode of the course. The standard grade could be assigned to a remedial course and a remedial grade could be assigned to a non-remedial course. WE do not want this!!!!!! All courses that have zeros should have different grade modes. Sandra can’t change anything until SHAGRDE is fixed. We will need to create a grade mode for remedial in STVGMOD. The R has been added.
  • Dawne will have to make the change at schedule for the remedial grade modes. Academic history was brought over as XX, so we don’t have to worry about fixing them as R.
  • Any course that ends in L should have a grade mode of L.
  • AW – needs a grade mode of W rather than a S.
  • We are having some major changes with SHAGRDE. WE need to change the grading modes for the J grades and T grades. These will need to be changed to a T mode for transfer courses.
  • We need to request that any changes made in PREPROD be uploaded to CONV and TRAIN databases.
/ 12
  • SFRPINI – a job that needs to be run on a daily or weekly basis. The pipes – that make SMAAREA form work.
  • Sandra recommends that we go to FRQ’s and download the FRQ’s for SFRPINI.
  • If it says “or permission of instructor”, do we want Sandra to negate this. Linda will check with Dr. McArthur to determine if we want to negate this. If so, an email will need to be sent to Sandra describing this information.
  • WE HAVE NO EQUIVALENCIES – needs to be put in the email.

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