Lindsay Manci,President

Tina Roberts,Vice President

Tim Cravens, Treasurer/Secretary

Round Prairie Water Cooperative


October 29, 2014


Lindsay Manci, Tina Roberts, Tim Cravens, Hartzel Bruno, Dave Coontz

Also Present:

Tony DelGiorno, Attorney and Counsel for the Cooperative, David Hays and Steve Gilbrethof Benton & Associates, Zach Thull of EJ Water

  1. Lindsay called the meeting to order at 8:35a.m. A Quorum was present.
  1. Minutes from September’s two part meeting were not ready for presentation to the board.
  1. Treasurer Report– Motion by Tim Cravens to approve, seconded by Dave Coontz, carried unanimously. Independent Audit report also presented by Tim Cravens. Motion by Tim Cravens to approve the report and pay invoice to accounting firm for same. Seconded by Tina Roberts and carried unanimously. The opinion letter that accompanied the audit report will be posted on the website with a notation that the full report is available to coop members/customers upon request.
  1. Manager’s Report – presented by Zach Thull. IDT, master meter still awaiting wireless flush with lid. Status of customer payments and receivables presented.
  1. Phase I status report

a.Extensions are complete. Water is now flowing. Operator’s permit was received on October 2, 2014.

b.Clean up of extension areas will occur in the spring.

  1. Phase II

a.Customer status

  1. Easement collection progress report
  2. Status of Right of Way notices to applicable property owners

b.Engineers report on preliminary route

c.Easement writing status

d.Motion to authorize negotiations for meter site by Tim Cravens, seconded by Tina Roberts, carried unanimously.

e.IEPA permit signed by CWLP – contract amended with CWLP and finalized on October 21, 2014.

  1. Operators Contract – A one year operator’s contract has been executed with Dean Swingler of EJ Water.
  1. There was no other new or old business to discuss.
  1. Meeting adjourned with plans to meet next on November 20, 2014.

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