Seattle MeterWatch Help Topics Summary

Change Your Password

/ 1. On the Welcome to Seattle MeterWatch screen, type your User ID and Password.
2. In the New Password text box, type your new password.
3. Retype your new password, in the Confirm New Password text box.
4. Click Login.
The Seattle MeterWatch - Display Meter Data screen displays.
Display Meter Data / 1. Select the meter you want from the Meter OR Meter Group dropdown list with Meter Number, Description, and Service Address.
2. For Meter Groups, select the Meter Group you want from dropdown list with "Group:" followed by the name of the group.
3. When you select a meter from the dropdown, SMW displays the Starts On and Ends On dates of the available meter data.
4. When you select a meter group from the dropdown, SMW displays the maximum Starts On and minimum Ends On dates of the available meter data for the particular meters in the group.
5. All customer meters and meter groups are available as Comparison options, in addition to the following standard comparisons: Baseline Date, Prior Time Frame, Same Day Last Year, Same Day of Week - 4 wk average, and Same Day of Week - 12 wk average.
6. If you select the Baseline Date comparison option, you must enter a Baseline Date.
7. The graph display is limited to 1000 data points. If the combination of dates and interval you selected results in more than 1000 data points, SMW displays an error. Choose a longer time interval or a shorter date range until you have less than 1000 data points, and the graph will display.
8. Clicking Display Graph validates the data entry fields and displays the selected graph on the bottom portion of the screen.
9. If either one of the Weather Data options is checked, clicking Display Graph will display the Weather Data Graph below the selected graph.
10. Clicking Download Data validates the data entry fields and creates a file with the usage information for the entered parameters. The file can then be opened or saved to a directory that you specify.
11. Clicking Open Usage Report validates the data entry fields and opens the Usage Report in a new window, which is slightly smaller than the current window.
12. Clicking Save User Settings displays the User Settings page with the currently selected data parameters. You can save the current settings to be used as default settings for future logins.
13. Clicking View Prior Time Period sets the Through Date to original From Date minus 1, sets the From Date to the new Through Date minus the number of days in the original date range, and redisplays the Graph.
14. Clicking View Next Time Period sets the From Date to original Through Date plus 1, sets the Through Date to the new From Date plus the number of days in the original date range, and redisplays the Graph.
Energy Calculator / The SMW energy calculator allows you to do 'what-if' calculations. Double Click on the Usage Report and then click on the Show Energy Calculator to access and use the Energy Calculator. Click the Hide Energy Calculator to close it.
Getting Started / Authorized SMW users can access the application through Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. To login:
1. Launch your Internet Browser (IE or Netscape).
2. Enter the Seattle MeterWatch (SMW) Internet Address:
The Welcome to Seattle MeterWatch screen displays.
3. Type your User ID and Password, in all caps.
4. Click Login.
The Seattle MeterWatch - Display Meter Data screen displays.
If you forgot Your Password, click Forgot Password? A message displays 'Your Password will be emailed in a few minutes'. The SMW Application will send your password to your office e-mail address.
Glossary of Terms / The SMW Glossary of Terms contains technical terms that are used in the SMW service and their explanation. Click Here to open the SMW Glossary of Terms
List of Meter Groups / Lists the Meter Groups that have been defined and saved by the customer.
List of Meters / SMW lists all the meters for the enrolled building/site in the service and have valid meter data that can be displayed, graphed, or downloaded by the customer.
List of Users / A list of users that are authorized by Seattle City Light to access the meter data of enrolled customer’s facilities. To access the screen, the user clicks the Maintain Users link on the Menu Bar navigation list. This feature is available only for Customer Administrative Users only.
Meter Group / A user-defined group of meters. Creating a Meter Group allows the user to view the combined usage of all meters in the group.
Meter Group Information / Meter Group Information includes Meter Group description given by the customer to create and maintain the Meter Groups. To group meters, select meters to be grouped and click the Save Meter Group button. The selected meters will be added to the group and any unselected meters will be removed from the group.
Meter Information / Lists all meters that are available in the SMW service for this customer. Each meter in the database is defined by a Meter # and Service Name, which are assigned and maintained by Seattle City Light.
Navigation Bar / The Navigation Bar provides common functions and appears on every screen within the application. Click the navigation Bar on the Help Topic for more information.
Quick Start Guide / The Quick Start Guide is a short version of the Users Guide to help SMW users to quickly access and use the service. Click the Quick Start Guide on the Help Topic for more information.
SCL Staff Contact Information / Provides you with name and phone number of Seattle City Light (SCL) staff that you may contact regarding the Seattle MeterWatch service.
Site Map / The SMW site map lists the links to the main screens of the service organized in hierarchical fashion. The site map helps SMW customer users to navigate easily and quickly to the screen they are looking.
SMW Suggestion Form / The SMW Suggestion Form is an electronic suggestion box that Seattle City Light uses to gather informal feedback from SMW customer users to enhance the service. To open the Suggestion Box, click the Enter Suggestion on the Menu Bar or on the Site Map. The Suggestion Box screen will be displayed. Enter your suggestion to enhance the SMW service in the Suggestion Box and click the Send Suggestion button.
Terms of Use / Your access and use of the Seattle MeterWatch (SMW) service constitutes your binding acceptance of the SMW Terms of Use. Click the Terms of Use at the bottom of the Login page or from the Site Map to open and review the Terms of Use for the SMW service.
Open Usage Report / The SMW Usage Report provides the user with:
1.  a report of the estimated energy use and costs for the selected meter and time Period;
2.  an energy calculator for “what if” analysis; and
3.  the five highest demand intervals during the selected time period.
Save User Settings / The Save User Settings saves the current settings selected by the user to be used as default settings for future logins.
Users Guide / The SMW Users Guide provides clear and easy to use step-by-step instructions on how to access and use the SMW service. The Users Guide explains all SMW screens and provides examples to make the SMW service a user friendly and useful tool.
Weather Data / The Weather Data provides a comparison graph showing hourly temperatures and/or wind velocity in a separate graph correlated by time to the usage graph. Select one or both types of weather data and the weather graph will display below the usage graph.